Happy birthday girlfriend. A girlfriend is a very special girl. She can never be your mother, but she acts like it. She can never be your sister, but she cares a lot. She should be the center of your world for no one is like her. She is a rare breed, she loves you for who you are and grooms you to be the best you can be, without her love, support and devotion you are lost.

to the love of my life Happy birthday girlfriend.

That is why on her birthday you have to come up with the sweetest words for her. She appreciates every little thing you do for her, here are some of the messages you can write to your special girl.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy birthday girlfriend with cake and hearts

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy birthday my lovely girlfriend

Short Birthday Wishes to my Girlfriend

Cute Messages to Impress your Girlfriend

Queen of my heart, now it's your birthday, I will be your faithful servant

Heart-Touching Messages for Girlfriend

Best Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Calling you my girlfriend never grows old, you are the love of my life, I appreciate you so much.

You give my life a meaning, I love you so much. I know without you, I would be lost

I will be here for you, I will protect you, love you endlessly. You are mine and I am yours


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