Birthdays are those days that you can be selfish, there might be a thousand people born on the same day as you but the day is still yours. On birthdays, people expect to be shown love by those closest to them. So as a person close to those having a birthday, it is mandatory to make the most of the day for them.

Happy birthday to you

Even if your friend doesn’t appreciate the day as much as they should, give them something to look forward to, that is why, sending them a message as just a reminder can make all the difference in the world. Try out these messages for size.

Cute Birthday Wishes and Adorable Messages

you cam in my life i got everything that was missing. now only i see the dreams of your love and nothing else i want. happy birthday love.

My life is only for you and you are very close to my heart, my all paths are connected with you and you are the providence of my nightmares. Wish a joyous birthday.


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