Growing old is a blessing, but the best part of growing old is definitely seeing your kids growing up. Grandfathers and granddaughters have a special connection that only they know of. They complement each other in the most innocent of ways making everything seem cool and relaxed. When your granddaughter’s birthday comes around, as a grandfather, you are obliged to give them an unforgettable time as they celebrate their new age.

Happy Birthday Granddaughter. You are so much loved.

Below, we have written down some messages you can send to your granddaughter on their birthday to show them that you are thinking of them and that you wish them an unforgettable time as they celebrate their special birthday with smiles and cheers.

Birthday Messages for Granddaughter from Grandpa

  • My beautiful granddaughter is growing older; I am so glad I get to see you grow. As your grandfather I promise to always be the one to protect you. Enjoy!
  • You have always been there for your grandfather my beautiful granddaughter, and I not only thank you but I celebrate you today and always. Hearty birthday!
  • It’s your birthday my sweet granddaughter and you don’t know how happy that makes grandpa; I wish you the very best as you celebrate another year of life.
  • Your birthday reminds me of my youthful days; we look like a cutout from the same picture. Have a beautiful day.
  • My granddaughter’s birthday marks the inception of an exalting and fulfilling year, congratulations on adding another positive year to your collection. Your grandma and I are thinking of ways of to make it worthwhile.
  • I am patiently observing how your look will transform in a couple of years. Nevertheless, you’ve been a fantastic granddaughter.

May all your wishes come true my beautiful granddaughter.

  • You are special granddaughter and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Have a great birthday and may all your wishes come true.
  • May your birthday bring you only good things my granddaughter, you are the reason I am a happy and proud grandfather. I love you!
  • There is nothing else I’d rather do than to celebrate your birthday with you my beautiful granddaughter. You make me the happiest grandpa in the world!
  • Right from the moment of your birth, I knew you would be a fantastic granddaughter, and here you are, years after proving me right. You have made me a happy grandfather.
  • I consider myself a lucky man to have you in my life, it’s your birthday my beautiful granddaughter, and so I am appreciative for every bit of joy you have added to my life.
  • I love you my beautiful granddaughter, you not only make me a proud grandfather but also as a man who matters in your life. May only good things come your way today.
  • You are a beautiful soul and I appreciate and love you sweet granddaughter of mine, you are the reason I enjoy being a grandfather.
  • I know I am blessed because I have the most beautiful granddaughter in the world, I am a happy grandfather and that I see my granddaughter grow older.
  • You are one of the best things that ever came my way, as a granddaughter, you have shown me another dimension to love. Your birthday should come up every day of the year. Your grandpa says hi.
  • Aging has not been as dull as I presumed; there have been several fun moments that I treasure so much, an event such as your birthday has left your grandpa’s spirit elated.

You are a beautiful soul and I appreciate and love you sweet granddaughter of mine, you are the reason I enjoy being a grandfather.

  • It’s a beautiful day to be sharing my granddaughter birthday cake and sweets, may you always be hearty, happy and lucky. Grandpa loves you!
  • I am blessed to be given the chance to celebrate my beautiful granddaughter’s birthday, you bring joy to grandpa’s life and I’d never take you for granted.
  • May all your wishes come true my beautiful granddaughter, having you in my life is a blessing I am forever happy for. Grandpa loves you so much!
  • The best things in life are free. I got you without any cost, and I will not let go even if the heavens fall. A granddaughter of your type makes life worthwhile for grandpas like me. Happy Birthday my granddaughter.
  • Good people deserve the best in life; there isn’t a reason why I would not wish the best for you on your birthday. I am proud to be the grandpa of a selfless and exemplary lady.

happy birthday granddaughter from grandfather

  • You are the most beautiful girl in the world and I hope you never forget that, you are grandpa’s blessing and I wish you the best granddaughter.
  • May everything work out for my granddaughter, I may just be her grandfather but there is nothing I wouldn’t do to see her happy. Hearty day princess!
  • Just the other day you were a toddler in my arms, now, you are growing into this amazing and beautiful woman my granddaughter. I couldn’t be a happier grandpa.
  • You are the best of your kind, and I am so grateful that you are a part of my family. I will do everything within my power as a grandpa to make you the happiest lady. Happy Birthday to you, my lovely granddaughter.
  • Birthdays come and go, but it leaves beautiful and happy memories behind, I can’t wait to take some grandpa and granddaughters selfies.
  • Your growth is like a sprouting rose, you have developed into a beautiful and gorgeous young lady. As your grandpa, I will keep showering you with care and adoration on your birthday and beyond.
  • Happy people are not always the richest, your existence as a granddaughter has been the preprimary source of my happiness. Such happiness is all I ever wished for as a grandpa.
  • May this birthday bring you more than the last, may you find everything your heart desires my granddaughter. You are grandpa’s treasure.
  • It’s your special day and grandpa wishes you nothing but the best, you are loved, appreciated and missed granddaughter. Enjoy your day!
  • I always thank your parents for birthing you; I have an opportunity at proving how strong a grandpa-granddaughter relationship can get. I got you the perfect birthday gift.
  • I can’t stress how important today is in my life; it’s more than a granddaughter’s birthday because it brings back an excellent memory of your birth and my assumption of the role as a grandpa.
  • Today is the day we anticipated, I thought of ways a grandpa can make his granddaughters birthday special aside all the fun and buzz. I learned a warm, lovely text could be worthwhile.
  • As an adult and your grandpa, I have seen indications that you will be a successful lady because you make massive progress each year, and your birthday is a confirmation of this fact.
  • I feel blessed to get to be part of your birthday my granddaughter, I may only be your grandpa but I love you more than you can imagine.
  • I still got my grandpa moves, and I am ready to rock it on the dance floor, who wouldn’t dance and merry on a granddaughter’s birthday?
  • Enjoy this birthday and all the beautiful gifts it bears granddaughter. Grandpa loves you so much!
  • I am expectant for my granddaughter to maximize her potentials, your birthdays brings you a year closer to this feat. I am counting on you to make me a lofty grandpa.
  • My granddaughter is a year older today; I believe this is enough reason for a grandpa to get her a special gift, and commend her for being a loving and kind-hearted girl.
  • Happy Birthday to a fantastic person who deserves the best in a lifetime. May your good nature open more doors of prosperity for you.
  • People will console you today by telling you age is just numbers, do not believe them, stand before a mirror, and you will realize they are only deceiving you.


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