Contribute towards making an adorable baby girl happy by showering love to her on her special day. We might be short of cash to buy expensive gifts, but we should not be short of the right words to say to our little princesses who are the future of tomorrow.

Happy birthday baby girl. May god bless you.

Irrespective of the age, it is always great to receive birthday wishes from family and loved ones; it helps to put a smile on the celebrants face with a sense of belonging. Here is a list of beautiful heartwarming messages for texts, cards, e-mails which can describe your innermost feelings, send one of our texts, and see how it works wonders on the recipient’s mood and confidence.

Happy Birthday Messages for Baby Girl

  • Nothing compares to a mother’s love for her daughter, I am Happy that you added another year today, continue to grow in wisdom.
  • Even as you grow older today, it is evident that you are of gold, you have no feminine flaws, and that makes me proud as your father.
  • You look weird for a baby girl but family’s sticks and support one another so, we will always support you despite your looks when you are much older.
  • Everything has a beginning, you are a year old, but I see you growing to become a force to reckon with in the society dominated by men.
  • The last two years feels like yesterday to me. You are growing so fast for a young woman; I thought you were older.
  • Whenever your parents refuse to buy you candies or chocolate, tell me, and I will buy you whatever, starting from today your third pink birthday.

I would not complain if your birthday come up every month, the joy that I feel, as the mother of the princess celebrating is enough to excite me.

Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl from Mother

  • Princesses come in your form; I found my angel in you, so I will cherish you to my dying days, I am proud to be your mother.
  • I now have a little princess like myself who I can train to avoid my mistakes and learn from them, Happy Birthday to you dear.
  • The princess of the whole world is a year older, and I am happy to be her mother. I will wait patiently for you to grow up and take your throne.
  • Daughters are little mothers without the experience and all, so it is essential that I guide your path until you are of age. Happy Birthday, baby.
  • I would not complain if your birthday come up every month, the joy that I feel, as the mother of the princess celebrating is enough to excite me.

Happy birthday

Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl from Father

  • Have a happy birthday my dear daughter, as your father; I should be the most excited parent of the day because you are so beautiful.
  • I always believed that I would not be a complete father if I Don’t have a daughter; I am glad that I have you and you are a year older today.
  • Fathers need daughters to teach them the peaceful side of life, the peace you bring to our family at a tender age is impressive. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the greatest daughter to a father like me, nothing will change my love for you, and this is my vow to you on your special day.
  • Happy Birthday my precious daughter, you deserve an accolade from me your father, do not worry I got your expenses covered, name the brand of chocolate.

Fathers need daughters to teach them the peaceful side of life, the peace you bring to our family at a tender age is impressive.

Funny Birthday Messages for Baby Girl

  • You are little, sweet and the envy of other baby girls, I hope you keep your good charm because most fine babies look the opposite when they are much older.
  • Happy Birthday to another future Nagger and a future pain in the backside; it is funny how they transform from sweet to mean.
  • It does not matter if you are a hundred years old today, you will remain that little girl that likes sleeping without underwear, and we need more memories of you.
  • Do not make candies and chocolate your favorite snack because you would look like a bag of tomatoes before you are five. Learn from your mummy.
  • I would have done anything to make you remain a baby girl for life because adulthood is like seeing bogeymen in a dream.

Short Birthday Messages for Baby Girl

  • My favorite baby girl is a year older, may the happiness of the day last until infinity.
  • It is your special day, so I am looking forward to seeing you in a happy mood. I love you baby girls.
  • You will always remain my special baby girl even when you are old enough to use makeup.
  • You always crack me up with your tender smiles; I look forward to an exciting day. Happy Birthday.
  • May you never miss your path when you grow enough to make decisions, happy birthday baby girl.
  • I fell in love the moment your mom bore you, you are still little, but you process the charm of Princess Diana.

Princesses come in your form; I found my angel in you, so I will cherish you to my dying days, I am proud to be your mother.

First Birthday Messages for Baby Girl

  • Congratulations on joining the female birthday gang, we gladly welcome you to our midst and hope you have numerous wonderful experience.
  • You are a year old today, may you never lack the good things of life and be a responsible wife and mother to your family.
  • I hope you quickly adapt to the buzz and attention of birthdays since this is your first, Hold on girl and enjoy the ride.
  • You are the most beautiful female celebrant of the day, your first birthday is special so be ready to receive me.
  • One year is not an easy feat, so I congratulate you on making the first year, do you know that as a girl you have to work even harder to compete with men.

Second Birthday Messages for Baby Girl

  • You are just two years old today, but I feel like we already spent a lifetime together. Grow up baby girl so we can also have adult memories
  • Hurray! My chocolate, peanut butter cheeked little princess is two years old, nothing will stop you from attaining greatness.
  • Like the morning sun, you shine and glow always; it is a privilege to know you despite being 2 years of age.
  • Second birthdays hold much significance; it delights me that my lovely little girl is today’s celebrant, much love from me to you.
  • My baby girl, I love to see you smile and I know your 2nd birthday will make you laugh throughout the day.

Third Birthday Messages for Baby Girl

  • Three is an essential number, so I will not be surprised to see beautiful changes in your life, Happy 3rd birthday my little princess.
  • You are an adorable three years old girl; I cannot wait to show your birthday pictures to my friends, they will all love you.
  • The young shall grow most. Importantly to be a good citizen, I count on a little girl like you to be the difference in your generation. Happy third celebration.
  • You are an intelligent little 3-year-old girl; you seem above your peers in maturity, keep the pace and you are destined for greatness.
  • I thought of different ways to make your 3rd birthday special, and I think I have the perfect idea for the princess of the day.

Fourth Birthday Messages for Baby Girl

  • You are four years older, wiser, and smarter than when you were a female fetus. It is worth eating many caves over on a birthday.
  • I hope you are ready for one of the most exciting days of your life; your fourth birthday party must have a sauce because you are now a big girl.
  • I carefully selected a befitting 4th-year birthday gift for my lovely princess; I hope you like it and find happiness in today’s celebration.
  • I say a wish for you on your fourth birthday, may you have the wisdom of Deborah and resilience of Esther until you are dying days.
  • Shut out to the latest four-year-old girl in town, nothing should stop you from having a bright and accomplished birthday party and celebration.

Cute Wishes and Messages for Baby Girl

  • This is to you on your birthday, goodness and mercy will remain with you beyond for the rest of your life.
  • The world will be better off without some people just like today’s celebrant; your appearance terrifies everyone that is around you.


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