Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter

What can we say to those amazing little girls and young women who take care of us when we are old on their birthdays? Our granddaughters have a way of making us smile; making us feel young and glad that we are here and we are with them. So it is mandatory to make their birthdays as amazing as possible. Every girl looks at their birthdays as days to glow and might spend a week celebrating them, so why not send them a message, reminding them that they are in your heart and that you appreciate and love them with all the fiber of your being. Here are some messages you can send to your granddaughter.

  • You are a rare and precious gem, a woman worth a thousand princes and the finest lien. I know you will have the best birthday granddaughter, happy birthday!
  • I have some of the best people in the world in my family. That includes you my special granddaughter. Happy birthday. Stay bright as the sun.
  • Oh my dear granddaughter, if you only knew how much I love you. Happy birthday.
  • You are the beautiful flower of my garden that holds my heart. Have a wonderful birthday my sweet granddaughter.
  • I have lived a long time my dear, but in all my days, I have never known such a fairer girl as you. I will be here for as long as you need me granddaughter, but for today have fun my dear.
  • The look on your parents face when they have you is something I will never forget. Happy birthday my granddaughter. You are more than a blessing.


  • My heart got crazy when you call me ‘grandma’ by your broken words. I wish you a very happy birthday my sweet little granddaughter.
  • My dearest granddaughter, I am just an old person, but my wisdom is vast. I have been through a lot and I know you can use me to ease all the bad days. Have a happy birthday!
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  • Just do your best I am at your back for your support. Have a wonderful birthday my sweet granddaughter!
  • Happy birthday my granddaughter. You are a blessing on this earth who will impact many lives in many different ways. Go on and enjoy it.
  • A sweet granddaughter like you is the gift from my Lord; one to relish and to feel love. Have a wonderful birthday my sweet baby.


  • As old as I am, I know we only get one chance to do what we want, the second chance always comes with a price. So my dear, have a great birthday and future ahead granddaughter.
  • This world is big, it is wide and it is full of people with all characters, I am glad I have a sweet amazing girl to always be proud of, happy birthday my dear granddaughter.
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  • Granddaughter, I got one thing to tell you. Are you ready? Happy birthday!
  • My granddaughter, you are just a ray of sunshine who makes me smile every day. Happy birthday. Stay bright and sunny.
  • It is time to celebrate the birthday of the youngest one in our family. Happy birthday my granddaughter. I know that right now all you can think about is today. But the day will come when you start making grand plans and ideas.
  • The day when I listened about your arrival is the most outstanding day of my life, this day completed my entity and I feel so proud to have a granddaughter like you. Happy birthday my Sweet child.


  • The best feeling is when I hold you in my lap and swings you in backward and forward directions, it gives an immense pleasure. I wish you a very happy birthday, may you live a happy life!
  • Close your eyes, see that wish and blow out those candles, I assure you it will come true. I love you my granddaughter and wish nothing but the best for you darling. Happy birthday to you.
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  • The most important thing I want you to know on your birthday my dearest granddaughter is; enjoy your life, be happy my child and have a beautiful birthday. That is all that matters.
  • To my granddaughter, you are such a lovely little girl who has one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen. Happy birthday.
  • Dear granddaughter, I don’t remember running around with the bustle and energy like you do but it has been a long time ago. Happy birthday little one. It is time for cake.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter

  • May God brighten your fate and smooth all the ways that lead towards success. I wish you a wonderful birthday.
  • Your single smile makes me ecstatic for the moments and I forget all my tensions that time. Thank you so much for making my life full of radiance. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • The joy that fills my heart is when I see my granddaughter happy, when she comes to me with a smile and tells me that her day was lovely. Happy birthday!
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  • I am all out of sayings, but all I want to do today is celebrate the birthday of my granddaughter. The woman who lights up my world and cares for me with good intentions.
  • Happy birthday granddaughter. We are going to have the best birthday party ever just for you!


  • My wonderful granddaughter, you may be young but I am learning plenty from you. But just because I am old doesn’t mean I don’t have a few tricks up my sleeves as well. Happy birthday! Maybe I will teach them to you for your birthday.
  • Every passing year of life makes you older, but for me, you will remain a sweet little angel to whom I love you a lot. Wishing you a very happy birthday!
  • May all the paths go towards your final destination become hurdle less and smooth. Have a wonderful birthday my great granddaughter.
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  • If I could control the world, I would do it just for you, be careful my dearest granddaughter. You are amazing and I know you will have an amazing time at your birthday party.
  • Thank you for sharing you with me my granddaughter that is the greatest gift I have ever received. I hope your birthday won’t lack the joy of those closest to you. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday my granddaughter. You and I are going to have a great time celebrating. Music will be playing, family and friends will be here and best of all presents
  • We do not know what our lives will have in store for us, but it is important to give it everything we got every day. Happy birthday my granddaughter. I know that you will get far in life as long as you are willing to fight for it.
  • You are unique, you are beautiful and you are my intelligent granddaughter. I wish you a very happy birthday.
  • You are a pleasurable blending of laughter, obedience, and caring deeds. Have a wonderful birthday my dearest granddaughter.
  • You are my best accommodation granddaughter with whom I enjoy the rest of my life. I wish you a wonderful birthday. May you have thousands of happy years.
  • “Life is what you make of it” I wish you make it as a beautiful rose so you can enjoy its fragrance and beauty. I hope you make it as David so you can bet all the Goliaths. Happy birthday my granddaughter!


  • May you live long, to enjoy the beauty of the earth. The warmth of the sun, the smile of the moon and the shelter of the trees. I love you to the moon and back, happy birthday my granddaughter.
  • May you have many more, a lot more birthdays to dress up for and enjoy. I love you my granddaughter. Happy birthday.
  • I have to say that I have never met someone with such a positive attitude at a young age. Do not let anyone ever take that from you. Do not let that attitude go, ever. Happy birthday my granddaughter.
  • I love you dearly my granddaughter. I will be here for you as long as I can whenever you are down. I may be old but I am more than strong enough to pick you up you little doll.
  • My dear granddaughter, you will have many ups and downs in life. Know that just comes with the ride that we call life. Happy birthday! Remember that when there are downs, you will always go back up. Trust me.
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  • Happy birthday granddaughter! Your grandparents love you and want you to be so happy today that your cheeks hurt.
  • Hugs, kisses, wishes and lots of love for my sweet granddaughter who has completed one year of her life. Have a wonderful birthday my granddaughter.
  • When your tiny hands hold my finger and tend to walk by broken steps, it gives beautiful feelings that I have ever felt. I wish you a very happy birthday
  • You are nothing but the most authentic reason of my smile, my pleasure and my existence. Hope your life filled with all the beautiful sunshine and your days become brighter. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • To fulfill all your wishes and dreams are the foremost duty of mine. You are as precious as rubidium. Have a blissful birthday!
  • You are such a handful to take care of granddaughter. But those cheers of laughter make everything completely worth it. Happy birthday.


  • To my granddaughter, I know that you may be young and you are bouncing off the walls but don’t forget about your old folks. We love you dearly.
  • Life is unpredictable and when I was first introduced to you, I had no idea you would grow to be such a courageous and loving little girl. But, I am pleasantly surprised. Now we get to surprise you on your birthday.
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  • Happy birthday granddaughter. Today marks a special day in your young life. Time to party and show you how these old bones move.
  • You have given me plenty of memories and you have only been on this earth for such a little amount of time. Happy birthday dear. You have a long way to go.
  • The mischief of my sweet granddaughter is the joy of my life. May this birthday bring tons of happiness. Happy birthday my sweet child!
  • You are my second generation and our love will multiply generation to generation. Have a wonderful birthday my sweet granddaughter!
  • You are the Xerox copy of your mother, same shining eyes, same talking style, same color and same smile. I got again the childhood of my daughter. Happy birthday my granddaughter!
  • Grandkids are essential for grandparents with whom they feel happy all time. I wish my granddaughter get all the world’s pleasure and happiness. Happy Birthday!
  • You have turned into a fine girl of eighteen years and this your peak time whether you make it or mess it. Success will be yours if you are consistent and never care for failures as they are next step towards success. Happy birthday!

Birthday Messages for Granddaughter

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