Happy Birthday Wishes for Employees

Employees are really important to any organization, they are the backbones and without them the organization would be crippled that is why it is important to appreciate each and every employee during their birthday. Birthday messages are the best way to show your love, care and support to your employees, share with them a cake and make them feel special. It’s a good day for not only them but for you also, for you get to be part of their life, no matter the way, you are there and they will respect you more. So try send one of these messages to your employee and you will surely see a difference in their work ethic.

Happy Birthday Messages for Employees

  • Happy birthday my employee, you make everything easier and I appreciate you very much, thank you for being part of this team.
  • Happy Birthday to one of the best employees I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It’s been an honor.
  • Your work effort, production and presence is such a happiness moment. You are the best. Happy Birthday to you!
  • Happy birthday! I have been blessed to have someone like you working for us. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed. It is one of the best things I have ever seen.
  • This is going to be the best day ever! We get to celebrate an awesome day for you! Don’t worry, after work, this place is going to turn up. Happy Birthday to a special employee.
  • It’s time to take time off from those work clothes, put on some nice clothes and relax. Happy Birthday great employee.


  • What is the best part about working here? Honestly, it’s you guys as you make it fun to be here. Your energy is unlike any other. Happy Birthday to my special employee!
  • Happy birthday! Employees or not, it’s been great getting to know you. I am always surprised and excited to learn something unique about you.
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  • It’s a good day to celebrate your birthday employee, so don’t be shy to have a little fun. It’s your birthday!
  • Without you guys, this place would be nothing. Happy Birthday to the most loyal employees ever. Thank you forever and always.
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  • Let’s make this a birthday a memorable one. You guys deserve it. Happy birthday to an amazing employee!
  • With you guys, there is nothing I could ever ask for. Happy birthday! Thank you for making this workplace the best place, ever.


  • You are important to this company and to me, I wish you a hearty birthday, may all your wishes come true when you blow out those candles. Happy Birthday great employee!
  • Happy birthday my dear employee, you have been a great addition to this company and I couldn’t choose anyone else to be here, have it awesome.
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  • This is going to be a special day as we get to celebrate the birthday of an awesome team member. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday my dear, you are amazing and I love you so very much, enjoy the day and everything that comes with a new age.
  • I don’t know how to say this other than happy birthday! You guys work so hard every day and I don’t know what I’d do without you.
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  • You are clearly distinguished from other employees in this place because of your attitude to work; I want to celebrate your commitment today. Happy birthday to an exceptional employee. Enjoy it to the fullest.
  • There’s one thing I must confess today, you are a really special employee. You sometimes throw me off balance with your excellence. May you continue on this path. Happy Birthday to an amazing employee!
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  • I know that we are known to be very serious most of the time but for you, we will celebrate an awesome birthday! Happy Birthday. Let’s make it awesome!
  • Today, we work. Tonight, we party. Tomorrow, we take Tylenol. Happy Birthday to an amazing employee!
  • Happy birthday! This is one of the best times ever as we get to make our team stronger through one of the best parties ever. Let’s get it started.


  • I thank the Lord for you every now and again, you have helped me in so many ways, so happy birthday my fellow employee. May your wishes come true this birthday!
  • Happy birthday employee, I value you, I appreciate you and I respect you, never be afraid to speak your mind, your opinion is highly valuable.
  • You are among the few workers I never want to show bossy attitude towards, because you know what to do at every point in time, you are my true choice of employee. Happy Birthday to my special employee.
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  • Righteousness is one thing the world needs to get to the right destination, I learnt that from you and I have added it to my daily life attribute. Happy Birthday wonderful employee.
  • No task is really unachievable for you, I’m sure if you are called to be the manager today you might as well do better than me. heheheh. Happy birthday to a special employee. Have fun.


  • There is no way that I can find anybody like you. You work so hard and create so much. It’s incredible and admirable. Happy Birthday good employee. Enjoy it!
  • I told you to take the day off today but you came in any way. Now we got to make this awesome birthday happen in the office. Oh well. Let’s get it.
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  • You are a strong person and I love how hard you can work. You challenge me and I appreciate you always. Happy Birthday dear employee.
  • Today I have seen the need to celebrate a one-time employee but eventually turned to friend because he is so adorable not to be friends with. Happy birthday my good friend.
  • Words of appreciation are too cheap and it won’t be enough to say thank you for the fortune you have brought into this company. A gift awaits you at work tomorrow. Happy Birthday to the most loyal employees ever!


  • Your loyalty is hard to find anywhere in the world, you have been path of this firm for as long as eternity, may God honor you for all you’ve done. Happy Birthday to the most loyal employees ever!
  • Happy Birthday! A surprise is waiting for you at the office today. There is a ton of people waiting for you here to make this a wild birthday. After hours of course. Enjoy!
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  • Happy Birthday my dear, you are a part of this organization. Thank you for the role you play, may you enjoy the day and all that comes with it.
  • It’s your birthday, I have seen how hard you work and it’s time to take a break and enjoy the day. Happy Birthday great employee, enjoy the day!
  • Beyond working here, I have studied you and I think you are a good person and I might put you on a pay role for life. Happy birthday employee, enjoy your special day.
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  • Working here alone is so hard and stressful, but you have afforded yourself the opportunity to enhance your skills in other field. I really admire your ability to multitask. Happy Birthday industrious employee.
  • Tonight, we are going to have an awesome party. Thankfully, tomorrow is the weekend and there’s no more work. For now, let’s work hard so later is playing freely. Happy birthday!
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  • You deserve so much, because you have given this organization so much, I wouldn’t be here if I weren’t for you. Happy birthday my employee, may you grow to be older than the hills.
  • Happy birthday my employee, you are diligent, reliable and awesome and I hope you enjoy this day. May all your wishes come true!
  • May you have the privilege to spend many more productive year in this company, you are one of our top employees and we celebrate you. Happy Birthday good employee. Have lots of fun.


  • I still wondered how you were able to put up with me in all of my cruelty, I really admire your meekness, and I hope you’ll enjoy every bit of today. Happy Birthday great employee.
  • I wish I could give you this day off because it’s your birthday, but you know our productivity depends on you, so you must work. Happy Birthday awesome employee. Stay blessed for long.
  • Happy birthday my dear employee, have fun, be blessed and may all your wishes come true. May you grow older, wiser and more reliable.
  • Take the day off, go relax and enjoy your birthday but don’t forget to share the cake. Happy birthday employee, you deserve the day off.
  • Whatever you want today, name it and it will be yours. You have earned that right with me due to your hard-work and commitment. Happy birthday employee. Have a beautiful day.
  • Happy birthday my dear employee, you are a valued member and we appreciate your services. Have a hearty birthday; enjoy the day and all that comes with it.


Professional Birthday Wishes for Employees

  • As my subordinate at the office, I got to understand your beauty and good nature, it’s your birthday today, and I’m delighted because working with you has been a blessing.
  • Having to work with you for five days in every week shows how vital your happiness is to me, I choose your Birthday to express my profound satisfaction with your work ethics.
  • You have made my official duties less stressful than it should be and I am grateful for your enormous contribution at the workplace. Have a beautiful Birthday celebration.
  • Even though we disagree on some subjects, we both agree today that you’re worth all the love and attention you’re receiving today which happens to be your birthday. See you at the office.
  • What are we going to do with you? You work hard, play harder and keep so quiet. We are going to have to break this social shell. We got just the plan. Happy birthday.
  • Without you, this place wouldn’t be the same. So have a hearty birthday and may you live long. Happy Birthday to an amazing employee!
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Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Employees

  • Happy birthday my employee you are a gem and I value you so much, I hope this day turns out as you have planned, enjoy your day!
  • My company is able to survive all the hard times it faced because of people like you, I am really grateful to your restlessness to uphold this company, you’ll surely be rewarded. Happy Birthday great employee.
  • If we have a couple of other workers like you, then we will come on top of every trade no matter how difficult it may seem.  You are loved and appreciated. Happy Birthday golden employee.
  • You are such a blessing in this place of work; every of your colleague wants to partner you in every task. May you continue to be a good influence in this company. Happy Birthday good employee!
  • It’s your birthday my employee, you are going to have fun, put on that smile and put all your troubles away for it’s your day. Have fun!
  • May more people like you come to apply for job in this company, so that we can lay off many more that aren’t like you. heheheh. Happy Birthday industrious employee. Have lots of fun.

Motivational Birthday Wishes for Employees

  • I won’t lie you have challenged me to stretch my working ethics beyond limit before and that has greatly helped me to see into everything and understand what everyone needs to do. Happy Birthday employee.
  • Your good work and diligence is always admired here in our company. I hope you enjoy all your days working with us. Have a hearty birthday my dear employee, you are valued.
  • I wonder if there could be any loveable employee as you in this country blessed with so much of opportunity, you are the best to me. May your days be long on earth. Happy Birthday.
  • I don’t have the heart to really love my employees, but you have broken my law and I can say I really love you so much. May your days be long on earth. Happy Birthday to my special employee.
  • Have a great birthday my dear employee, you are an honorable member of this place and we value all your service. Have a hearty birthday and may all your wishes come true today.
  • Happy Birthday employee, you are a good person and I hope you have more years. May you blow a million and one candles. Have a great birthday.

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