Happy Birthday Messages for Brother

Brothers can be the most annoying creatures ever created, but no matter how annoying they may be they are the best people in the world. I am always thankful for my brother because he is a man worth more words than I can utter. He is my rock, my soldier, and he always has my back whenever I feel down. I love appreciating my brother because he is always there. If you love your brother and want him to have the best birthday yet, why not send him one of the birthday messages below and put a smile on his face. After all, where would we be without such great men in our lives?

Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • Thank you for always being there for me dear brother, you are special to me and that is why I couldn’t miss today. Have a grand birthday!
  • I can never replace you, I wouldn’t even dream of it, have a special birthday dear brother. You will always be my favorite man!
  • Happy Birthday to you Brother
  • I count the days to your birthday every time, because your birthday is that important to me. Have a hearty one bro!
  • I am sorry I could come up with a gift for you; I hope my presence and love will be enough to give you a memorable birthday. Enjoy yourself bro!
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  • May this birthday give you more reasons to smile and be glad dear brother. You make me proud and I love you so much. Be blessed!
  • You are a man I would love to keep for the rest of my life; you give me so much to be thankful for. Enjoy your birthday my dear brother!


Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • You will definitely grow to be an old, grumpy, toothless man dear brother. But don’t worry; I will always be there to laugh at you. Enjoy your birthday!
  • You always have a way of making me feel old, I don’t like it but I know I have to live with it. Here is to another year of us growing old. Enjoy your birthday brother!
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  • Have a grand birthday bro, I may not say this a lot because it’s weird but I love you and I care. Enjoy your birthday!
  • I would love to throw a cake at your face brother, not because I hate you; just because I want to annoy you. So stay alert. Have a grand birthday bro!
  • I can’t wait to see you walk with a cane, yell at people for being annoying and lose your boyish charms. The older you get bro, the more that dream comes alive. Enjoy!
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Birthday Wishes for Brother from Sister

  • I learned the importance and usefulness of a brother to a sister from you; I choose your birthday to remind you of your significance in my life.
  • Growing up with you has been quite an experience, even though we are of different, I always count on your support and assistance. Happy Birthday, brother.
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  • I love our parents for giving birth to you because not all brothers bring a smile to their sister’s face. I am going to turn up to your birthday with my beautiful friends.
  • My friends keep asking me for an opportunity to be with you because you are a responsible and matured young man. I consider myself a fortunate sister to you. Happy Birthday.
  • Every brother and sisters relationship should be as charming as ours, the thought of your birthday kept me awake all night. Today will be lived in your merry.


Birthday Wishes for Brother from Brother

  • I look up to you as an icon and wish the best for you on your birthday.  May the good things of life be the highlight of your new age? Happy Birthday to you from your brother.
  • Today is of much importance because we are brothers; you have worked very hard over the year, therefore, your birthday should be lived counting your achievements.
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  • Words cannot express my excitement for your birthday; you are simply the best brother across all continents. We should give you a plaque on this day.
  • My condolence goes to my brother for aging by a year today; I represent the younger and stronger version of you since you consider yourself as my blueprint.
  • Brothers should only wish the best on each other, my wish for you on your birthday is for you to be more fulfilled on your next birthday.
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Short Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • Have a great and amazing birthday my brother, you will always be in my heart!
  • As you turn a year older today, may all your dreams come true and may cake never run out. Enjoy bro!
  • Having a man like you in my life is a blessing, and that is why I celebrate you. Enjoy your birthday!
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  • May this birthday be all you’ve ever hoped for. Have a fantastic birthday and may all your wishes come true!
  • You are my pillar and the most important man in my life dear brother. Have a great and memorable birthday!
  • May you stay blessed on your birthday and may each wish come to pass for you. Hearty birthday bro!
  • Happy Birthday brother, may your days be filled with happiness and joy. I love you!


Birthday Wishes for Older Brother

  • Your presence in my life is like that of a father, as an elder brother, you have shown me how important it is to lead by example. Happy Birthday merriment to a great leader.
  • I feel more secured whenever I remember I have you as an elder brother. I choose your birthday to thank you for your undying love and support. Thank you for everything.
  • Getting through today would have been quite easy for you, elder brother; but just like old times, I will make your birthday party bigger than you want it.
  • I will be coming with my complete squad of friends so get ready to be subdued in support. My elder brothers birthday celebration should always be as loud as a firecracker.
  • The only chance I get at manhandling you is during your birthdays; you’re older and stronger than me and I wouldn’t try it on a normal day. Happy Birthday to my bully of a brother.


Birthday Wishes for Married Brother

  • You are very lucky to be married, brother; I count on your wife to make your birthday worthwhile. We all will be joining in the celebration later in the day.
  • I wish to be comfortably married as you someday; it is nice to wake up next to ones love on a birthday. Enjoy the rest of today as envisaged.
  • Happy Birthday brother, take good care of your wife and kids. I have been expecting this day for a very long time.
  • Today marks the birth of a brother like no other. Kudos to you and your family for the food and hospitality. I wish your birthday is celebrated every week.
  • Hopefully, I will receive the same level of attention you received today on your birthday, everyone testified to your importance in their lives. Your wife must have been very proud.
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Birthday Wishes for Adult Brother

  • I will spend the rest of my life annoying you and disturbing your peace. Enjoy your birthday for today though bro!
  • I had to stay awake in order to be the first person to wish my lovely brother a happy birthday, have infinite fun, and always remember your sister loves you.
  • More blessings and achievements to you on your birthday, you have always shown me how to do things by example. I look forward to being a man in your mold.
  • Having a brother who cares like a mother is scarce; you have exhibited great leadership qualities which makes you a successful father, husband, and sibling. Happy Birthday to you.
  • The family is very important to you and I happen to be your brother so in reciprocating the love, I have a blueprint of how your birthday will be celebrated in a grand style.

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Cute Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • On this particular day, make sure not to think of your problems but make the most of the day while it lasts because it only lasts for 24 hours.
  • Birthdays come up once yearly but do not forget to celebrate yourself every other day because only you can indeed make yourself happy.
  • Today is your birthday; so, let us paint the town in lovely colors. Have a very happy birthday my dear brother.
  • It’s your birthday, be happy and rejoice, your better days are ahead and I wish you long life. Happy Birthday dearest!
  • You came, you saw, and you conquered. What more can I say, than to wish you more wins and blessings. Have a very happy birthday brother.

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