Valentines is a day where people send and receive special messages from their loved ones. Its common sense to send your message to the people you will forever love no matter the circumstances that put you together. That is family. Families are the first people we genuinely love because it all comes so naturally to us, it’s almost part of a basic need. We have tried to write down messages you can send to your father, mother, daughter, son, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma, grandson, granddaughter, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece or cousin this valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine's Day

So pick out the most suitable message from the ones here below to send to that special family member, if not all, to remind them that you love them and that they will forever be your valentines. After all, valentine is a day for such a purpose, it will definitely give them a reason to smile and appreciate the day, just chose one.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Grandpa

  • You are my Valentine day crush; it’s cute to spend special moments such as today with one’s grandpa. Therefore, I choose to be with you today.
  • Special moments as the Valentine is never complete without checking up and wishing my grandpa maximum fun and enjoyment. My love for you is unconditional.
  • Sometimes, other family members can be so rebuking, but you instead offer me the practical way on how to overcome the situation. Happy Valentine to an enviable grandpa.
  • Valentine’s Day is not just a celebration for lovers but also for prominent personalities such as my grandpa who is a naturally gifted man.
  • We are sharp as a family and can make love stronger by continually appreciating one another. I am thinking of ways to make my spectacular grandpa happier on today’s Valentine.
  • We are inseparable, and I hope to improve on it by offering to be your valentine, you made me understand the meaning of right and pure love. I have the best grandpa on planet earth.

Happy Valentines day cards for father and mother

Valentine’s Day Messages for Grandma

  • Happy Valentine’s Day to my loving grandma, May the love that exists between us never go cold but wax stronger every passing day.
  • Valentine is a season to celebrate love, so I will take this timeout to reference my grandma who has proven to be exceptional in making me happy.
  • I cannot forget your selfless endeavors and commitment towards my cause; you are an accurate reflection of Valentine; I am glad to have a loving grandma in you.
  • I love you as much as I love myself not only because you feel the same way and you are my grandma, but also, you have never let me down. Today’s Valentine is yours to exploit.
  • Grandma, I hope you are feeling so loved today, Valentine is about eternal love, just like the one you show even when I fall short of expectations.
  • You make me happy by being exceptionally generous; no other person deserves to be my Valentine than you, I love you, grandma.

Valentines Day Messages for Father

  • I will forever be blessed to have a father like you in my life, and I couldn’t let valentines go by without telling you that I love you so much dad!
  • You are a role model and a father I am forever grateful for, have a hearty valentine’s dad, may this day shower you with love!
  • It may look like I take for granted each day I have you in my life, but I don’t, that is why I dedicate this valentine to you dad, you’re the best!
  • Have a grand valentine’s dad, may mom make you happy and may your love grow fonder each and every second of today, I love you!
  • Its love day and I wanted to share my love with you dad, for you are the man who’s made me who I am and I love and appreciate you. Have an epic one!
  • May this valentines fill your heart with love, your mind with peace and your tummy with chocolate, love you dad, you are an amazing man!

Happy Valentines day with heart

Valentines Day Messages for Mother

  • You grow more beautiful and more radiant each year mom and I love and appreciate you for every single thing you do for me. Have a fantastic valentine mom!
  • You deserve more than just chocolates mom, you deserve the world and the whole day to be dedicated to you for you are the woman I love most!
  • You mean the world to me and I love you mom that is why I couldn’t let Valentine’s Day go by without me telling you to enjoy each second of it!
  • Valentine is definitely a day for special and amazing people such as yourself mom, enjoy this day and may love be your driving force.
  • I celebrate the woman I love most, the woman who means the world to me and the woman who I am proud to call mom, I dedicate this valentine to you mom!
  • Have an amazing time as you celebrate valentine mom, and may you never forget that I will forever love you for who you are!

Valentine’s Day Messages for Son

  • I know you’ll be out celebrating valentine’s with your girlfriend, but I wanted to tell you I love you, and I am proud of you son!
  • My boy is growing up into a fine young man; I hope you’ll forever celebrate valentines with love. Have a grand one dear!
  • Enjoy this valentine and may it spread love among you and your friend’s son. I wanted to remind you that I love you and I care!
  • May this day give you more reasons to fall in love and to be in love, you will forever be my main man and the son I love most!
  • I am glad to be able to be part of your life son and to see you grow into a fine young man, have an amazing valentine and take that girlfriend of yours out!
  • I can’t wait for you to finally have your first valentine with a girl; I will be here if you need any help. I love you son, you rock my world!

Valentine’s Day Messages for Daughter

  • My little princess is the one I would never trade for anything, have a fantastic valentine darling, you are blessed and loved!
  • You grow more beautiful each day and I love you for the woman you’re turning into. Have a great valentine dear, I love you!
  • I promise to remind you that I love you each valentine my amazing daughter, you are more than what I’d ever have hoped for.
  • Don’t let the chocolate from all those boys confuse you, you still have time to find your prince charming, just take it one day at a time, I love you my dear!
  • I promise to be the one to forever love you my little princess, you are a gift and I will forever be thankful for it. Have a beautiful valentine’s!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day my beautiful munchkin, you are an amazing young woman and you deserve the finest, may today not give you anything less.

Valentines Quotes For Family Members

Valentine’s Day Messages for Brother

  • I know who you’ll be taking out tonight and I hope she’ll give you an amazing time that you will forever cherish. Have an epic valentine’s bro!
  • May this valentine remind you that I will forever love and adore you little bro, you are the best little man I know!
  • It’s a day full of love and more love, I hope you find that special someone bro, and may they make your day special for you!
  • It’s time to go out and find that special woman I’ll finally call sister, I hope you have a fantastic valentine bro, I love you!
  • We don’t say this very often to each other, so I thought valentines wouldn’t make it so awkward. I love you bro, have an amazing time!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day brother, you make me so happy and I wish happiness will be your forte today.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Sister

  • May you get more than you could ever bargain for sis and may it make you happy. Have an unforgettable valentine!
  • You have been my role model since the day I could understand things and I hope today you’ll show me how to celebrate valentines. Have an amazing time sister!
  • I will always be here for you and I will protect you from harm because I love you little sis, have an amazing valentines.
  • May this valentine bring prince charming to your life and may he sweep you off your feet sis, I love and appreciate you!
  • You are a woman I love and I am glad to have in my life, we may fight sometimes but you will always be my sister and I will never stop loving you, hearty valentines!
  • May this valentine remind you of all the lovely times we’ve had together and may it give you love, a hearty time and fun-filled moments. I love you sis you rock my world!

Valentines Day Messages for Uncle

  • I’m glad to have a loving uncle; I don’t know what I would have been one without your teaching and guidance. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • It’s your fault that I hopelessly love you on valentine, you are more than an uncle to me but a father, friend, an angel sent from above to keep me happy.
  • It is not a coincidence that people aside your lover wishes the best on you during this Valentine season, It’s because you are one of the best people with a good character, I am happy you’re my uncle.
  • I hope that I will have you as my uncle in my next life, so we can build upon our already strong love story. May the Valentine season make you happier than ever.
  • Happy Valentine to my dear uncle, I will call back for guests on how you spent the day with your lover. Ensure to make the season memorable.
  • By being an active uncle, you qualify for the award of the best loving uncle on Valentine’s Day. I am working towards being your protégé.


Valentines Day Card Messages for daughter
Valentines Day Messages for Aunt

  • A happy valentine day to my favorite aunty, you deserve love at its apex because your actions have always professed compassion to all and sundry.
  • This Valentine season is a reminder of love; I hope you are living in a lovely way and helping propagate the love. I look forward to seeing my beautiful aunt soon.
  • Wishing the best aunt a fantastic Valentine, may the season grant you adequate peace and happiness. Enjoy the season while it lasts.
  • I am still expecting my regular Valentine’s Day treat from you, aunty; you have never ceased to surprise me with beautiful gifts. May you experience beauty in all facets of your life.
  • My aunt is the best, so she is worth a memorable Valentine’s Day celebration; I hope you still remember that you are vital to me.
  • I sent you this Valentine day messages as a reminder of a strong family bond we share; most people would be happy to have you as an aunt.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Nephew

  • I admire your behavior even though you are my nephew; great men exhibit some notable possible characters from a little age, and you’ve done it. Enjoy a Valentine of goodies.
  • Happy Valentine to a nephew that has proven to me that age is mere numbers because your wisdom exceeds your age, ensure to be wise enough always to remember your importance to humanity.
  • You are my favorite; today’s Valentine celebration is perfect to intimate you of your worth as a nephew and person. You are highly appreciated.
  • I will use this moment to wish my nephew the best on Valentine; you deserve the best of everything right for the rest of your life.
  • I can’t imagine this Valentine day without wishing my nephew complements of the Valentine season. Have a lovely day with your lover and loved ones.
  • Thank you for being a dear nephew, make sure you enjoy today’s Valentine in a distinct way. I will always be a pillar of support whenever you need me.
  • We are inseparable; we will always be together today and forever because the same blood runs through our veins. Happy Valentine to my nephew.

Valentine’s Day Messages for Niece

  • My day would not be complete without sending a happy Valentine’s Day message to my cute little niece; you will always remain my princess.
  • I love you today, tomorrow and forever because you are my niece and pumpkin; today is for everyone so ensure to celebrate the lovely moment in your unique way.
  • I pray today’s valentine is beautiful as you; I am a proud adult to a fantastic niece because you made it possible by continually taking the right steps in life.
  • I’m sending a million hugs and kisses through this Valentine message to my angelic niece. How can I make your day brighter, at least I owe you much more.
  • Waking up with a smile on today’s Valentine is a result of the moments we shared; I woke up to the thoughts of all the beautiful moments with my niece.
  • There is always a family within a family; I cannot stand the thought of losing you to another member of my family, you are my best friend and favorite niece. Happy Valentine.

Valentines Day Card Messages for son

Valentine’s Day Messages for Cousin

  • Cousins are naughty and challenging, but such trait keeps me happy and attached to you, I love you on today’s Valentine and after.
  • We are more of siblings than a cousin; this could be the effect of our closeness since childhood. Enjoy your Valentine alone or come over, so we can both paint the town in beautiful colors.
  • Our combination for this Valentine day will make much sense, we are both single, and as cousins, we can hang out and have a lovely day. Call me for more information.
  • It’s Valentine’s Day, and I can feel the season in the air. Thanks for being a beautiful cousin. Have fun.
  • You keep me happy even at my lowest moments, that’s what cousins do for one another, and you have been excellent so far. Happy Valentine.
  • I am proud to have a lovely cousin in you. Therefore, you have an all expense paid valentine treat if you choose to spend it with me.

Valentine Day Messages for Grandson

  • It is too perfect to be a coincidence, having you as a grandson has been a tremendous experience; it is proof that God still loves me. Happy Valentine, Romeo.
  • I am grateful to have you as a blessing; I am profoundly fortunate to celebrate Val with the knowledge of having a grandson with so much potential.
  • Have an amazing valentine grandson, you are the man I love most and the man I can never do without, thank you for always being there for me!
  • Happy Valentine to the greatest grandson ever known to man, whenever I look at you, I see a responsible man in the making. Enjoy yourself.
  • Valentine would not have been so worthwhile if I had someone else as a grandson, you fill a large vacuum created by old age and loneliness.
  • I wake up every morning with a feeling of accomplishment; you are one of my greatest achievements, so as a grandson, I celebrate you on valentine and I hope you honor yourself.

Valentines day cards for grandfather and grandmother

Valentine Day Messages for Granddaughter

  • Daughters are sweet, but granddaughters are more adorable because of their higher level of innocence. Only a few people have granddaughters, and I am proud to be one of them. Happy Valentine.
  • Congratulations on making the list of the best granddaughters, this has made me very ecstatic on today’s Valentine, enjoy your latest achievement.
  • I could never trade you for anything and that is why I dedicate this valentine to you. I love you my granddaughter. May this valentine bring us closer!
  • We are supposed to protect the future by caring for children who own tomorrow; I am doing my bit on Valentine to reiterate to my granddaughter that I will be there for her.
  • Memories last for a lifetime; therefore, I will do anything within my power to make my favorite granddaughter have an experience of a lifetime on Valentine.
  • I will always choose you over wealth and other tempting things of life; you are a priceless jewel bestowed on me to keep you happy. Happy Valentine, Granddaughter.

Many More Valentine’s Messages for Family

  • Nothing is sweeter than family that is why I choose this Valentine’s Day to celebrate mine. You people are simply the best set of champions.
  • These are to my lovely family; since you people decided to treat me with the importance, I will also love you in the order of St ‘Valentine.


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