Valentine’s Day Messages for Daughter

Happy Valentine's Day Daughter

For a daughter to receive a dedication of love from her parents is a gesture of affection that will remain forever in her heart. From the time of birth, daughters never fail to maintain an excellent grip on their parents’ heartstrings. Thus, if you can’t find the right words to write a dedication to your […]

Long Distance Valentine’s Day Messages

Happy Valentine's Day

It’s another season for lovers and the atmosphere is dawning on us already but my special person is far away from me today, it’s as though my life existence lacks something important. What I have for you is real beyond just words, they are beyond my explanation. It’s just pure love and it’s not going […]

Valentine’s Day Messages for Family Members

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentines is a day where people send and receive special messages from their loved ones. Its common sense to send your message to the people you will forever love no matter the circumstances that put you together. That is family. Families are the first people we genuinely love because it all comes so naturally to […]

Belated Valentine’s Day Messages

Belated Happy Valentine's Day

Everyone looks forward to Valentine’s Day, a day supposedly for the ones you love and hold closest to your heart. So as it is written, “better late than never”; a saying used for generations and generations. Sending your valentine’s message late is not a crime, it is not something you should beat yourself up about, […]

Valentine’s Day Messages for Ex-Wife

Happy Valentine's Day Ex-Wife

Anyone who has ever dated can account to having an ex somewhere, some of them can describe their exes as devils, others as people who weren’t meant to be but one thing they can all agree on is that was the past and they have found or are looking for someone better. Having an ex-wife […]

Valentine’s Messages for Ex-Husband

Happy Valentine's Day Ex-Husband

Relationships can be hard sometimes but the best part of relationships is the moments you get to share with the one you love and the memories you get to create together. Getting married is never an easy step and those who have gotten married and made it work can tell you they had to try […]

Early Valentine’s Day Messages

Happy Valentine's Day In Advance

Being a New Year, valentine’s day is just around the corner and everyone would love that special message to that special someone. Valentines is a day of love, not just for lovers so be it your mom, dad or that person who means the world to you, sending them an early valentines message will be […]

Valentine’s Day Messages for Fiancé

Happy Valentine's Day. I love you.

They say the most powerful emotion is love, the feeling of wanting; being, getting and having someone by your side wishing it would last forever. For those engaged, it is already a step towards being with the one you love for a very long time. Valentine’s Day is a special day. It is a day […]

Valentine’s Day Messages for fiancée

Happy Valentine's Day. I love you with all my heart.

When you finally get proposed to or propose to the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, then it means that you want to wake up to, dream with, build with the one you call your fiancée. On Valentine’s Day sending a special message to that special someone can definitely put […]

Valentine’s Messages for Ex-Girlfriend

Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-girlfriend

I remember my friend’s first heartbreak, he was so bitter with the girl that he almost changed schools. I had to take him out of beating her up or doing something nasty to her. Heartbreaks can be very painful but all I can say is; being there, seeing people heartbroken a couple of times, it […]