Top 40+ Funny Good Night Messages

Getting a good night of sleep contributes to a healthy lifestyle, but not everyone enjoys a consistent sleep cycle. Whether stress, anxiety, or even fatigue interferes with their ability to end each day with an adequate amount of rest, many of us need helpful reminders to encourage us to put down our projects or worries for a little while and let our minds and bodies recharge.

Funny Good Night Messages and cards.

And since laughter is the best medicine of them all, here are some humorous good night messages to let your friends and family members know you have their nocturnal needs in mind.

Funny Good Night Messages

  • A good night’s sleep is important for your health, but not as important as waking up the next day!
  • They say insomnia stems from anxiety over personal faults and regrets. You must never get any sleep!
  • Even after a day like today, try to have a good night. Just think, tomorrow can only be better!
  • Why worry about having nightmares? They are way cheaper than renting horror films. Sleep tight!
  • You’re a very hard sleeper. You put in your eight hours of sleep each night plus overtime!
  • Why do we tell people to sleep tight? That doesn’t sound very comfortable. Good night!
  • How do you know if you’ve had a good night? Waking up the next day is a pretty good sign.
  • You know you snore loud enough to wake the dead. Good Night.

You know you snore loud enough to wake the dead. Good Night.

  • People who can count sheep to fall asleep must not have a dog. Good night.
  • You can get a device to help you sleep by clearing your airways. But do they have anything for clearing your conscience?
  • One type of person needs a little noise to sleep while the other needs complete quiet. Inevitably, they end up married to each other.
  • Have a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow you’re going to need it.
  • They say your snoring is keeping you from getting a deep enough sleep, so I’ve got the shovels ready.
  • Why do people always ask you how you slept? Are they looking for tips?
  • I hope you get a good long sleep tonight. Bed bugs gotta eat too, you know.
  • It’s not how comfortable a pillow feels, it’s how well it blocks out the racket of the neighbor’s dog barking every night!
  • Sleep is nature’s way of telling us to shut the heck up for a little while.

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Funny Good Night Wishes for Friends

  • If you die in your sleep tonight, can I have your DVD collection? Sleep tight!
  • Time to dance with the stars in my dreams! Maybe I’ll moonwalk on the moon! Sleep tight and dance away, friend!
  • It’s time to put this day away and get ready to start all over again tomorrow. Depressing, I know!

It’s time to put this day away and get ready to start all over again tomorrow.

  • Training to be a snooze button champion! Wish me luck and may your dreams be as persistent as my alarm! Good night!
  • Building the ultimate pillow fortress! May your dreams be adventurous and your pillows fluffy! Sleep tight, comrade!

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Funny Good Night Messages for Him

  • It’s not that I mind you talking in your sleep, it’s just that you never get around to the good part!
  • Sending a shooting star your way with a backpack full of sweet dreams and a dash of lunar laughter! Catch it if you can!
  • Time to out-snore Sleeping Beauty! Keep your dreams sweet and your snores melodious! Good Night.
  • Good Night, Stealing covers ought to be a capital offense!
  • Remember, if the monster under your bed bothers you, just tell him you’re too fabulous to be eaten! Sweet dreams!

A good night’s sleep is important for your health but not as important as waking up the next day!

Funny Good Night Messages for Her

  • You’ve never had a problem with snoring. It’s everybody else who keeps complaining about it.
  • Beware! Sleeping with one eye open tonight! You never know when a sleep-deprived zombie might crawl out of the bed! Nighty nightmare!”
  • Maybe if we slept fully dressed, we wouldn’t have those nightmares about being in school in our underwear.
  • Have a good night, but not too good. Your wife is liable to find out!
  • Tuning in to my snore symphony tonight! If you hear distant thunder, you know who to blame! Dream sweetly… or not!

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Last Updated on January 10, 2024