Beyond the need to celebrate with friends and the merriment that comes with it, birthdays are days to reflect on our lives, how good or how not so good it’s been, especially in the last one year. We should reflect on how well we’ve lived it and things that we must do and adopt to adjust or improve on, in other to have a better year ahead. If wishes were horses, beggars will surely ride. We mustn’t only accept all the wishes on our birthdays;

Happy birthday with stars

we must have a call-to-action urge for a better year. We must take into account that every birthday means old age is approaching; we must never let the chance to reflect on our birthdays pass us by. It’s actually the best thing to do on birthdays.

Best Birthday SMS Wishes for Everyone

Happy birthday to you with cute stars

a beautiful birthday wish with balloon

today is a gift not just for you but for all who know you

Have a cute day with bird and ballon

Every hour, second, and millisecond should be spent living life to the fullest

to someone who shines brightly like the sun


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