She is always beautiful, she captures your attention even when she isn’t doing something grand, she is amazing and every part of you wants her to be more than just your friend, that girl is definitely your crush. A crush is the reason why being single is not so boring, but what happens when you finally get that special someone to notice you?  What do you do when her birthday comes around?

Happy birthday to the sweetest girl in the whole world

Telling her a happy birthday is common but sending her an unforgettable message is a grand thing and will ensure she definitely doesn’t forget. Here are some birthday messages you can send to that special girl to wish her a happy birthday and ensure she puts a smile on her face as she grows older.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Girl Crush

I've never fallen for any lady like I've fallen for you, I've fallen deeper than the deepest ocean. Please let me be yours. Happy birthday.

The greatest addiction I've suffered in my life is your addiction. And the only cure for my addiction is you.

I've read and studied you more than I've read and studied any book in my whole life. You're life to me and it's important that I have you. Happy birthday to you crush.

to the most beautiful girl in this world. happy birthday.


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