Having a crush on someone is not a crime, it’s quite normal. Girls trend to crush more on guys than guys do on girls, the problem is girls are afraid of approaching a guy because they think they’ll seem desperate. But what if the guy also has a crush on you and he is almost as shy as you?

Happy birthday to the cutest boy crush in the world

We tend to know a lot about our crushes, their birthdays included and that is why we always want to give them the best out of the day without seeming weird. Why not send your crush a birthday message on their special day and wish them a hearty and amazing day. We have written some messages here for you.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Crush Male

Just like a fine wine you taste better with time. happy birthday.

There is always a Romeo for every Juliet and a man for every woman.

Happy birthday. you don't know me but, I have a crush on you.


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