Top 100 Birthday Wish for Crush

A crush is someone you secretly admire, someone you really like without them knowing, or in some cases, in them knowing. She/he is the one you call a friend but deep down inside you hope there will be more to it than just the friendship they see. So what do you when their birthdays come around? You could send them a sweet birthday message to appreciate them, show them you care and maybe you’d be surprised that they end up feeling the same way you do. Take a chance on one of these birthday messages to your crush and make sure their lovely smiles never leave their faces on their special day they turn a new age.

  • I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to tell you of my feelings, but it seems that time, Words are not sufficient to express the things of the heart. Happy Birthday crush. I love you.
  • If prosperity is your desire, I can assure you of lots of it, my only request is for you to join me in this life journey, it’s a journey you won’t regret. Happy Birthday crush.
  • I promise to be someone who’ll be there for you when decisions are hard to make, I’ll stand by you and help you out always. I’m a man of my word. Happy Birthday my girl crush.
  • Waiting is not a problem to me, if it pleases you, I can wait till forever. As long as there’ll be a day that you’ll tell of your love for me. Happy Birthday sweetie.
  • My Heart is golden and a person like you deserve a partner with a golden heart. I will never betray you if you give me a chance to be yours. Happy Birthday forever crush.
  • I hope you’ll look at me and all of my patience over you, you’re the one I see in my dream, I will be glad if you become my reality. Have a beautiful Birthday.


  • I’ve been friend zoned for a long time; it’s time for you to consider my commitment to you even when you’ve not given me your consent. Happy Birthday crush.
  • I guess you can’t identify the ones that truly care about you, I’ve always cared about you like its eternity. I hope you’ll look at me one day. Happy Birthday cutie.
  • I’m an unselfish person because I’ve fashioned your future into mine even without your consent, I hope you’ll fashion mine into yours because I really care about you. Happy Birthday crush. Have fun today.
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  • There’s much fun for this special day of yours but if you give me the chance to become yours, I can guarantee you of fun beyond this day. Happy Birthday crush. Love you so much.
  • My heart has been long set ablaze by you, your love, my heart cannot contain, it’s too much, I hope you’ll share in this love with me someday. Happy Birthday dear crush of mine!
  • Impact they say, changes the life of a person, but it seems your love has changed my life forever. I hope you’ll accept my love for you someday. Happy Birthday, my favorite crush.

Happy birthday cards for crush

  • I never thought I could be so obsessed with someone, but ever since I met you, you spark a light in my heart, and right now I am simply mad over you. Happy Birthday dear crush of mine!
  • Anytime I imagine a future with you, a smile come upon my face and I just can’t wait to have you to myself. Happy Birthday.
  • This is a special day that comes only once in a year, enjoy it. Happy Birthday cutie.
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  • Whenever you feel like you are alone or you need someone to be there for you, always remember that I care about you. Have a beautiful birthday.
  • May you never be in agony. May everything nice and bright be yours from morning till night, all through the year. Happy Birthday, my favorite crush.
  • It’s your birthday my dear, make the best of it. I wish you the best of everything.


  • Your attitude, compulsion, and shrewdness make you unique. I can’t imagine a better person as my crush. Happy Birthday sweetie.
  • Today is a special day in your life. I wish you happiness, peace, and prosperity. Have a great birthday!
  • Gifts are enormous, but the one I have for you is one that I have never given to anyone; my heart. I give you my heart on this special day. Happy Birthday.
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  • I want to let you know that I like you, I need you, and I get a good feeling whenever I think about you. I will never forget your birthday because I care about you. Have a lovely day.
  • It’s your birthday so today I will be your genie. Close your eyes and wish for anything and it will be granted to you.

Birthday messages for crush

  • You may have never realized it, but you mean a lot to me. Ever since I came across you, a lot of good things have happened in my life. I guess you are an angel. Happy Birthday. I have a crush on you.
  • Nothing can replace your smile, your kindness, and your goodwill. I wish you the best in life. Happy Birthday.
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  • I wish you laughter. I wish you a million smiles. I wish you the best moments ever, so you can look back and say your birthday was a remarkable day. Happy Birthday dear.
  • I wish that the new year of your life you have stability, happiness, and overflowing blessings. Happy Birthday my love!
  • If I have the opportunity to make a wish right now, my greatest wish will be to have you by my side forever. Happy Birthday dear.


  • I want to take you to a beautiful city filled with beautiful lights and whisper to your ears soft words like “I love you.” I hope I get the chance. Happy Birthday crush.
  • I don’t know about tomorrow but I am taking advantage of now, happy birthday darling I have a crush on you.
  • Happy Birthday my dear, you have been my crush since the first time we held hands. I hope to make this birthday special for you. Have a lovely day.
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  • Shine brighter than the brightest thing, have more fun than all the others at your party, happy birthday my crush, I love you!
  • May this birthday bring you many crushes, dates and happiness, I have a crush on you btw, love you!
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  • May this birthday bring you a lot of joy laughter and cheer my crush, be happy, live long so I get to see that beautiful smile on you.
  • I am sure you know how I feel about you, you know you are special loved and blessed, I hope to see you every day crush!
  • I can never forget days that are special to you because I have a huge crush on you, I hope one day you will feel the same. Happy Birthday to you!
  • You have been my all-time crush and I wish you a jolly birthday and a grand year ahead have fun my future wife!

Happy birthday crush wishes

  • May this birthday fill your heart with great love and joy. You are my crush and that smile is the first thing that captured my attention, keep it on always!
  • You are handsome, you are awesome, you are amazing and you are my crush, happy birthday my darling, live longest!
  • Many are the times I wanted to come clean with you, many are the times I wanted to tell you how I feel, so here goes, happy birthday, I have a huge crush on you!
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  • I have had my eye on you for the longest time, have a great birthday crush, I am your secret admirer!
  • May this day never end so I can keep seeing that beautiful smile on your face, have fun my darling, I love you my dear crush!
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  • You are the most amazing person I know of and that is why I have a crush on you, have fun on your birthday my love!
  • They said it was a child’s thing; I would rather be called a child all my life because I have a crush on you. I will always be yours my love, have a fun birthday!
  • May our friendship grow like the feelings I have for you, have a great birthday my crush, I love you immensely.
  • You are the best part of living and I hope you blow more candles than your grandmother, happy birthday my crush, I love you!


Birthday Wishes for Girl Crush

  • You’ll hardly see a man that will sacrifice so much for her crush, but it seems that the love i have is so much that’s why i sacrifice the way you do. Happy Birthday my girl crush.
  • I don’t know why, but I just can’t stop crushing on you, maybe it’s because of the way you look at me with your beautiful eyes. Happy Birthday beautiful lady.
  • Your love is forever like a melody in my heart; it’s been singing for a very long time, I hope you’ll join in singing someday soon. Happy Birthday girl, I hope that day comes soon.
  • You give me goosebumps whenever you smile, the way you walk and talk, make me want to be with you all the time. Happy Birthday, girl.
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  • What is the only thing that will bring you the greatest joy today? If you name it, I’ll give it to you. Happy Birthday the best lady I could think of becoming my wife.
  • I have seen so many girls, but there is something spectacular about you that I just can’t stop crushing on you. You are one in a million. Happy Birthday.
  • If it’ll make you think of considering my humble request, I don’t mind doing your laundry. I really love you and it’s like this feeling will last forever. Happy Birthday girl crush.
  • Have the best day ahead; savor all the moments because today is your birthday. Happy birthday my lovely! Girl crush!
  • The greatest battle of a man is finding a woman that suits his taste; I think that aspect is solved for me. The next challenge is making you my woman. Happy Birthday. I have a crush on you.
  • Have a fun time with fun people on this fantastic day, happy birthday my crush, I find no right words to describe you!

Birthday Wishes for Boy Crush

  • In the part of the world where I come from, it’s like an abomination for a woman to profess love for a man, but it seems I’ll betray that belief. Happy Birthday. I have a crush on you.
  • Here’s wishing a happy birthday to the most handsome, attractive, funny and amazing personality. Have a splendid day!
  • My love has always prevailed over all the challenges that comes our way, and I hope this will mean something to you. Happy Birthday special man and crush. I celebrate you now and every day.
  • I have wanted to tell you this all along; you have been one of the most amazing guys I have ever met. The way you treat me, play with me and talk to me makes me feel special. Happy Birthday.
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  • The positivity that your presence transmit is something no one wants to miss, you’re such a lovely man to be with and I want to be known as your woman. Happy Birthday crush.
  • Even if I don’t say it, you have been my crush. You are an amazing guy with a unique character, and I see you becoming Rock star soon. Have a lovely day.
  • My thoughts are drawn together today and I can’t stop wondering what my life will be like with you and what it will be like without you. Happy Birthday pretty crush.
  • I have seen something in you that most haven’t seen. You have a big heart, and that’s what makes you my boy crush. I will always admire you. Happy Birthday!
  • It is good to always make peace with the past, but if I didn’t get the opportunity to spend the whole of my life with you, I don’t know if I’ll recover. Happy Birthday my crush.
  • Happy Birthday crush, may this day fill your life with new longing memories that you will always treasure, I have a crush on you btw.

Birthday wishes for crush

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