Sorry Messages for Not Attending Birthday Party

Sorry for not being able to attend your birthday party

Being there for someone on their birthday is important because it shows how much they mean to you and how much you care about them. But sometimes, due to unavoidable circumstances, we fail to be there for them which is a really bad thing because a person who invites you to their event means they […]

Happy Birthday Wishes for Ladies

Happy Birthday. wishing you a beautiful day.

I don’t know why women love their birthdays as much as they do, I mean you are growing older beautiful not younger. I guess age makes you feel more experience, like wine, the older it gets the finer it becomes, that is definitely a phrase made for women. The older a woman gets the more […]

Happy Birthday Wishes for Guys

Happy birthday to you

Most guys don’t really give too much thought about their birthdays, to them it is just another day they let pass by or celebrate with a few beers and some friends over, as a friend or someone who knows someone is having their birthday the best thing you can do for them is show them […]

Best Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Dad

happy birthday for your dad

Every relationship is important, especially one with your parents, people sing praises for their mums what of their dads? Sending a birthday wish to your friend’s father is a good way to appreciate a man you’ve come to know and love. A birthday message can definitely lighten any mood; it can make a dull day […]

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Mother

happy birthday for your mother

This world wouldn’t be as it is if it wasn’t for moms. They are the bad cops and the good cops we need, they are the smile we want to constantly see, and they are everything anyone can hope for and more. Everyone can tell you amazing things about their moms, and I am sure […]

Happy Birthday Wishes for A Boy Crush

Happy birthday to the cutest boy crush in the world

Having a crush on someone is not a crime, it’s quite normal. Girls trend to crush more on guys than guys do on girls, the problem is girls are afraid of approaching a guy because they think they’ll seem desperate. But what if the guy also has a crush on you and he is almost […]

Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Sister

Happy birthday to your beautiful sister

Many of my friends have siblings they love and adore; they speak highly of their siblings and would do anything for them. In a way, their siblings have become my friends too. Sending a birthday wish to your friend’s sister is totally normal and acceptable, after all your friend’s sister should almost mean as much […]

Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Brother

Happy Birthday to your cool brother

If asked, brothers are the most important people in the world; they are your second father, a friend you can confide in and someone who supports you through thick and thin. I am sure your friend thinks of his or her brother in the same way, they are also sometimes the people we crush on […]

Birthday Wishes for Father from Son

Happy birthday to you dear father

Like father like son, that’s what they say and those words surely do carry some weight. I know each son has a man they look up to; most of these men being their dads. Sending a birthday wish to your dad can be one of the most awesome things for him. Each parent wants to […]

Best Happy Birthday Mom from Daughter Wishes

Happy Birthday Mom

There are many types of relationships, mother-daughter being one of the most important ones. A relationship is a connection between two or more people, but unlike this definition, if asked, I would say, a mother- daughter relationship is a bond created, especially for them so they can grow together. Any daughter can agree that nothing […]