Romantic Wedding Wishes for Newly Married Couple

What do people do after the wedding is over? They go for a honeymoon, and then after that? As a married person you know that the honey moon is an exciting time after the whole wedding planning and executing season. But you also know that you never completely leave your family and friends that care; you also know that you wouldn’t mind a romantic wedding wish that encourage you to the life after.

Congratulations on your wedding. May you two never stop loving each other.

Why not send a romantic wedding wish to a newlywed couple to send the feeling you hoped for when you were getting married? Share one of the wishes below and I am sure wherever they are they will smile at the thought you put into the words you wrote down for them.

Heartfelt Wedding Wishes

  • Love is the most beautiful feeling passed between two people, the love you showed us at your wedding was enough to convince us you will last forever together. Enjoy!
  • When you fell in love, there were a lot you didn’t know of your future together, now that you’ve built something I hope you find the love, peace and joy that comes with marriage.
  • You truly display the real power of love, wishing you a happy marriage full of happy moments dear ones. Congrats on your wedding.
  • When I first heard the news that you were getting married I got hysterical, I know how blessed it feels to find someone who loves you as much as you love them. Congrats.
  • They say lucky is the man that finds a good wife, for he will have a good home. I hope your marriage works out, I wish you every bit of happiness my dears.

Just married. Romantic Wedding Wishes.

  • May the romance never die, may the love never fade and may the road that you are venturing on together yield new and lasting fruits. Have a wonderful marriage life.
  • You are truly a blessed couple and I believe you will have a blessed and successful marriage for you display the rarest form of love. Congrats on your wedding.
  • Remember the vows you will say to each other on your wedding day and stay true to them. Enjoy your wedding my dears, you are a blessed couple and I wish you all the best.
  • There is always a time for everything, a time to laugh, a time to cry but the times never get hard when you know you have someone who loves you by your side.
  • You brought us together on your wedding; we don’t know what brought you together to get married, may that reason be the love you showed us on your wedding day.
  • I am lucky to be a witness to such a joyous and blessed occasion, you will make the best married couple among us all for your love is truly never ending. Congrats on your wedding.
  • Love is most felt when it is mutual, enjoy the love that radiates between you two, have an unforgettable marriage my dear ones. Congratulations!
  • I am still happy that you are happy in each other’s arms, you are blessed and loved and I hope your marriage will be the best as you venture in it. Be blessed.
  • The cold night will never be lonely when you have each other to keep warm, have a blessed marriage life my dears, I hope you never lose the spark you had on your wedding.
  • I will never forget the day you first introduced her to us, your face lit up and you smiled as though you were a little kid, I still see the same smile on your wedding day. Enjoy your married life.

Congratulations with love

  • Remember what brought you two together and I guarantee that will be enough for you to enjoy each and every moment you’ll have together. Congrats on your wedding day.
  • You showed us how beautiful love can be, how much loyalty and respect can yield. I wish you nothing but joy and happiness as you enjoy your wed life. You are loved.
  • As you continue writing your story together, I know some days may get gloomy but with the right attitude, I believe you can surpass every bad weather together. Enjoy your married life.
  • Love is like a new day, each moment brings new experiences, new moments and new reasons to enjoy your happily ever after. Congrats on your wedding.
  • They may tell you how it goes but no one knows how you two love each other more than you two, enjoy your wedding and the years after.
  • As I look at you I see love, honor and respect for one another, I hope that is something that will never fade. Enjoy your married life sweethearts, you are loved.
  • I still see the same love that brought you together in each other’s eyes, love yields patience and so much that I know will never fade. Have a blessed marriage.
  • A wedding is the first step in making everything solid, have the best wedding ever, you are a blessed couple and I hope you enjoy each moment of your marriage.
  • Nothing feels better when you know someone is thinking of you, cares for you and is constantly with you. Enjoy your wedding and each moment after.
  • They say love is the most powerful feeling ever, looking at you both I know that is true, I hope this day will be the best for both of you. Enjoy your marriage life.
  • Time is all you need to know someone, and love is all you need to keep them forever in your heart, may this wedding day be the best day you’ll ever have.
  • You may be new to getting married but you are not new to the feelings you share, I hope your married life is the best, for then you will see how beautiful love really is.
  • Life can really bring a lot of good things, this I know for a fact. I hope you always share the love that radiates from your hearts. Have a great married life.
  • A loving heart is the truest wisdom, for it understands, cares and encourages the best out of the one it loves. Be blessed as you tie the knot dear ones.
  • Keep your romance life intact to have a lovely marriage experience because it’s the fuel that keeps the engine of your affair rolling.
  • Each day brings new things, and each moment creates new memories, I know your will be filled with the happiest times, have a blessed wedding day.
  • You people are so romantic together; the open show of love and affection at your wedding is proof. You will have lovely children together.
  • I can see a romantic happily ever after Disney characters when I look at you and your spouse. Kiss and have fun on your honeymoon.
  • May this be the best times of your life, may each new morning bring new reasons to love and keep your vows to each other. Congrats to you newlyweds, love will surely suffice.
  • Just a glance at both of you and I knew there was something special between you two. I know your wedding day will be the link that solidifies the bond you share.
  • Love is often the fruit of marriage, commitment and unbroken promises, May marriage be the love you’ve groomed till date. Congrats.
  • It takes two to tangle and a whole lot of witnesses to awe at you on your wedding day. Enjoy your marriage to each other; I am sure it will yield a lot of blessings.
  • Be the best version of the person you are marrying today, that will make your love grow more each day for the happiness you’ll share will never fade. Congrats on your wedding!


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