Send a valentine’s wish to your ex-boyfriend to show him that You are past you two being together and that you wish him the best as he celebrates with his new profound love. Sometimes we love and lose but we lose for the right reasons, you will see things are a little bit better for you whether you are the offender or the offended.

Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-boyfriend

An ex is a special person because they are the past mistakes or blessing you passed through, so celebrate this valentine’s heartily without any bad feelings or grudges with your past by sending them one of these fine messages.

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend

  • I hope this day is as exciting for you as it is for me ex-boyfriend, may today open the door to love you’ve shut for a long while now. Happy Valentines!
  • I am glad I don’t get to share this valentine’s with you ex-boyfriend, you deserve a much heartier one and I hope you get it.
  • I loved you but I guess she loved you more ex-boyfriend, I hope you two are happy together celebrating this valentine, you truly deserve each other.
  • There was no doubt that we had a future together, it was all set and it looked brilliant. But our ship was wrecked. I won’t be able to forget you. Happy valentine’s Ex-Boyfriend.
  • I don’t want you back, I don’t want to hate you forever, I send out my valentine message with peace, harmony and a sincere wish. Enjoy your valentine ex-boyfriend.
  • I will never forget you ex-boyfriend, you took everything that was good in me and turned it into something better. Thank you for gracing my life and happy valentines.


  • The most painful experience I have ever had in my entire life is losing you. But I won’t let go even if I can’t have you back. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I thought my life would never get better without you, but look at me now, smiling on Valentine’s Day as I see my ex-boyfriend with a new girl, wishing you every bit of joy!
  • You are the ex-boyfriend every girl wants, I feel happy because I know you won’t be lonely this valentine, cheers and happy valentine’s to you!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day my Charming ex-boyfriend, I hope you’ll share with your newly found love, the kind of things you don’t share with me. It’ll mean you’re changing.
  • Sticks and stones may break my bones but an act of true love warms my spirit every time, and that is why I wish everyone including my ex-boyfriend’s a happy valentine!
  • There are some people you always want to let go of in life, but not someone like you, but unfortunately, it’s unavoidable. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • It hurt when you left me ex-boyfriend, but you did what was right for you; enjoy this valentine and every other that comes your way. I will never forget you!
  • No matter the distance, I was willing to make it work ex-boyfriend, but it’s okay; I guess you wanted to move on so badly, wishing you a valentine full of smiles.
  • Never in my wildest dream would I have thought to call someone I love so much an Ex. It’s so hurting that I now call you. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • Nothing you do or say will ever make me want to get back with you my ex-boyfriend, so enjoy your valentine and I hope you find someone better.

Cute Happy Valentine's day card

  • It’s so weird and unbelievable that you could leave someone like me; thousands of people out there would kill to have me. But it’s OK, I keep no grudge. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You will definitely make a lucky girl happy but you will also break her heart millions of times, I wish you all the best this valentine my ex-boyfriend.
  • If wishes were horses, I have already ridden on mine. I hope you enjoy this valentine and the days to come after ex-boyfriend.
  • Really don’t know why it is so hard to keep up with just a love life and a partner. But it’s just what it is and we must accept it. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • There is no better story than the love story of someone you so much cherish. I’m glad I had that story with you even though it ended fast. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • If every cloud has a silver lining, then I guessed I missed mine, happy valentine’s dear ex-boyfriend, enjoy the day fully.
  • They say there is something good in everything bad, well I hope this valentine’s will change you dear ex-boyfriend, will it be good or bad, hoping for the best.
  • The volume of love I had for you was enormous and unquantifiable. Thanks for giving me something good to always remember. I won’t stop loving you. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • Sometimes in life, expectations aren’t always going to be reality. But I really love that I think of you as my future. You’re such a gem. It’s painful I hurt you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines Ex-Boyfriend cards

  • Two wrongs don’t make a right ex-boyfriend, so I am going to be the bigger man and apologize for the wrong I did and wish you a fantastic valentine.
  • They say the pen is mightier than the sword, that is why I am jotting down these lovely message to you ex-boyfriend wishing you a blessed valentine.
  • The highest level of satisfaction I ever derived in a man was with you. I am so glad that you are part of my history. Happy Valentine’s Day my love and ex-boyfriend. Enjoy the day.
  • Such a sweet and pure hearted man you are any woman that you love is so lucky, I’m happy to have been loved by you. I regret cheating on you. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • I was thinking of this proverb this valentine, “When in Rome do as they do”, I don’t hate you ex-boyfriend, because the season doesn’t allow it, hearty vales.
  • I hope this valentine’s will be unforgettable for you dear ex-boyfriend, you are truly an amazing friend right now and I wish nothing but the best for you when it comes to love.
  • I’ve never had a boyfriend who buy me gift like you always do. I guess you’re the best man to have slipped through my hands. Happy valentine’s ex-boyfriend. Still love you.
  • It should be of no concern to you that I’m still in love with you, it’s my decision and you don’t have to do anything about it. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • It’s a mistake to place more value on my work than someone who loved me so much. I’ve learnt my lesson and I’ll have you back if you would want me. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • The story of our love is the best I’ve had and people once envied me in our relationship. I was ashamed it ended so quickly. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Loving you was hard, leaving was easy, I wish fate had some other plans for us but I guess I have to accept and move on, I hope you have too. Enjoy your valentine ex-boyfriend.
  • We shared the best moments of our lives, we danced together, played together, traveled around the world together, but now we’re no longer together. It’s saddening. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • We argued a lot and I guess that’s the root of all the problems we had, I should have not argued at all. I’ve learnt this bitter lesson for my next relationship. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • For your sake, I conquered a lot of things that had great effect on my life. It’s the greatest thing I remember about you. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • On a day like this, I have nothing to do remember order than the romantic love we shared in our relationship on this special day. I wish you happiness this day. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • If the hands of the clock could be turned back to the moment I met you, I’ll make sure I relive every moment perfectly well. It was so quick to forget. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • If I knew we would end so early, I would have made sure to get pregnant, because I really love to carry your offspring. I wish you well in your endeavors. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I never wanted you to be my ex-boyfriend, but be it as it may, I wish you a love filled valentine with everything going your way. Have fun as you celebrate the day without me.
  • When I met you, you were the best thing that’s ever happened to me, now, I can’t stand seeing you with someone new but I feel better about it. Hearty valentine!
  • The wound is still fresh and partially healed, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks for loving me and for being there whenever. I am sorry I broke your heart. Blessed valentine!
  • I hope you find someone new and I hope they treat you better than I ever did ex, have a grand valentine and may love be your guiding force throughout.
  • I am not going to taunt you or abuse you; I just wanted to wish you a super great time as you celebrate this valentine. I will never forget you.
  • Words are enough to wish you a hearty valentine and to ask for your forgiveness for the way I reacted when we separated. You didn’t treat me well; I just wish I handled it better.
  • I stopped loving you the moment you walked out on me, but I never stopped caring because we were always such good friends. Have an unforgettable valentine dear ex-boyfriend. Make today an epic Valentine’s Day!
  • I looked forward to spending every valentine with you dear ex-boyfriend, but that was never to be, I just hope you enjoy yours wherever you’ll be with whomever you’re with.
  • I will miss you, and maybe think of you occasionally, but that’s all I’ll ever o, I just hope you’ll have the time of your life this valentine. May everything work out for you ex.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day dear ex-boyfriend, you were my greatest love and it’s so sad to see us come to an end like this. I hope the memories we have together will be enough for us.
  • It is another fantastic Valentine’s Day. I hope you found love again after our breakup, any girl that got you found a rare gem just as I once did.
  • I still wish the best on you despite not being together anymore. Guys like you are unique and needed as a lover or friend.


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