Anyone who has ever dated can account to having an ex somewhere, some of them can describe their exes as devils, others as people who weren’t meant to be but one thing they can all agree on is that was the past and they have found or are looking for someone better.

Happy Valentine's Day Ex-Wife

Having an ex-wife however is different from having your regular ex, an ex-wife is someone you once married and promised you’d grow old with, no matter the terms you left your marriage at, they will forever be a part of you for those are the memories hardest to erase. Send them a valentine’s message whenever you get a chance to, it might help ease your pain or at least get on terms that are bearable with them. Here are some messages you can send to your ex-wife.

Happy Valentine’s Day for Ex-Wife

Happy Valentines Day Cards for Ex-Wife

Happy Valentines Ex-Wife Just you and Me

Happy Valentines Day Wishes for Ex-Wife

wishing ex-wife happy valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day Ex-Wife card

I love you. Happy valentines day.


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