Top 300 Valentine’s Day Wishes and Messages

When people hear the words, “Valentine’s Day” they will either smile fondly – or frown unhappily. This is because everyone has different memories of the holiday. Some remember the joy and romance. Others remember the loneliness and jealousy. But with a few well-said messages, anyone’s Valentine’s Day can be made better. So here are some messages that you can say to your beloved ones.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Messages for Lovers

  • We’re like apples and oranges. We are so different, but we are sweet in our own ways and I could never imagine life without knowing you. I love you.
  • You kind of remind me of my phone charger. You energize me every single day, and I would not be able to keep functioning without you. Happy Valentine’s Day My Love!
  • Life is like a basketball court, and with you throwing me alley-oops while I dunk the ball, I know that we can win together. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! Today may be an official holiday, but every day is a special day when I’m with you. I love You Forever.
  • Every time I look into a mirror, I see something incomplete. Every time I look at a picture of us, I see something complete and beautiful. Happy Valentine’s Day to my other half. Happy Valentine’s Day to my Love!
  • Your smile is brighter than the sun, and your laugh is like sunshine itself. No matter how dark and rainy things get, I can always count on you to make things better. I love you, and Happy Valentine’s Day.


  • It’s so funny how I can be angry one second, and then the next I am smiling like an idiot because I saw you. I hope this Valentine’s Day makes you happy, because you always make me happy.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, love. I am so thankful for all the time we spent together and I look forward to spending today with you.
  • Valentine’s Day is nothing but a load of rubbish. I mean, why does there need to be one day dedicated to loving you when I love you every single day?
  • Valentine’s Day Romantic Messages
  • There’s an emergency in the bedroom, and I will need your full cooperation to fix it on this Valentine’s Day. I love you.
  • You are like the moon, and I am a star, lovingly gazing at your beautiful face. You make my nights amazing. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • People can point fingers at us, but we won’t point fingers back. People can judge us, but we won’t judge back. We know our love is beautiful, our love is your love. One, precious, love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Best Valentines Cards for Lovers

Valentine’s Day Messages for Friends

  • Together we laughed, Together we cried, Together we cheered, Together we protected,Thank you for being my friend. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I may be dating them, but make no mistake. Our friendship always comes first. Happy Valentine’s!
  • Our friendship is like the trunk of a tree. Other relationships can easily break off like a branch in a storm. But it’s hard to cut the trunk of a tree down. Happy Valentine’s Day My Friend!
  • Valentine’s Day Messages for Friends
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to a friend who I can geek out with about TV shows and video games. We may not have our fictitious lovers come to life yet, but we can keep dreaming!
  • Romance is sweet, but friendship is like a meal that never gets tiring no matter how many times you taste it! Thanks for being my [insert favorite food]!


  • This Valentine’s Day can be the best or the worst. People can make up or break up. But I know that at the end of the day, I’ll still have you as a friend. Happy Valentine’s!
  • My favorite things about Valentine’s Day aren’t just the valentines, or the chocolate, or the kisses. Hanging out with my friends and talking about everything and anything together is the best. Happy Valentine’s Day to one of my friends.
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  • Happy Valentine’s Day to a friend that I can sing along with at the top of my lungs, and watch movie marathons together. Life would not be nearly as fun without you.
  • Very good Valentine’s. Always remember to Love. Everyone especially their friends. Never forget this and today will be a great day. I love you and remember, New Experiences are fine, but be Safe. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Friendship is like gold. Its value stands the test of time. Relationships are like cell phones. There will always be another, better one. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Romantic Valentine’s Day Messages for Boyfriend

  • I am so thankful to be together with you, and I hope that we’ll be together for a long time. Happy Valentine’s love.
  • Sometimes I get down on myself, and I start comparing myself to others. But then you make me forget about everyone else, and when I’m with you, I feel like I really am the only girl in the world. I love you and Happy Valentine’s.
  • My Love. I know how busy you are all the time, and whenever you give me your time, I know how much you love me. I am so happy to be with you, and this Valentine’s Day is going to be awesome with a valentine like you.
  • Valentine’s Day Messages for Boyfriend
  • I don’t need you to buy me dinner, or to shop with me at the mall, or to give me flowers, (it’s still appreciated though), but what really matters to me is when you give me all of your focus and love. In those moments, I know for sure that you love me. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I never found anyone who could make me smile as much as you do. you are the best boyfriend ever. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • For you, I would cross entire oceans, and travel through every continent if I ever lost you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Wishes, Quotes and Cards

  • Unlike other girls, when I see you, I don’t think, “what can he do for me?” I think, “what can I do for him?” Never before was I so in love where I just wanted to give you my everything, and never before did I meet a guy like you. I love You a lot. Happy Valentine’s.
  • You’re like a cloud that flies freely in the sky, that is fluffy and sweet. I’m a plant that would not be able to live without the nourishment that you give. I love you, and Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Valentine’s Day Messages for Boy Crush
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to my boyfriend, who is handsome both inside and out, and is more handsome than Ryan Reynolds or Johnny Depp. (In my opinion.)
  • You don’t just make me feel like a princess. You make me feel like a queen, and I would never choose anyone else except you to be my king. Happy Valentine’s.
  • To my boyfriend who is my Prince Charming, my Superman, my Captain America, and my Hercules. I love you more than anyone in the whole wide world. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Last night, I had the most amazing dream! I dreamed that I met the most spectacular guy, and that we had the best Valentine’s Day ever. Oh wait, my dream’s coming true right now!
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Romantic Valentine’s Day Messages for Girlfriend

  • You know, the only thing that would make this day more perfect is your lips on mine. I love you and Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You are more than just my princess. You are my queen. You are my sun. You are my moon. You are everything to me. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • To my Wonder Woman, I never forget how lucky I am to have a girl like you as my girlfriend. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Valentine’s Day Messages for Girlfriend
  • You and I fit together like pieces of a puzzle, and we make a picture that only we can make. A picture of a beautiful relationship. I hope that we will never break apart, and that we will continue to have a great Valentine’s Day together.
  • To me, you are like coffee without any side effects. You wake me up, energize me, and help me to get through my day. I’m addicted to you, and I don’t intend on quitting. I love you.
  • Sometimes, I can’t tell what you see in me. But one thing for sure, is that I love you and I am always astounded that such an amazing woman like you loves me too. Happy Valentine’s Day.


  • I’ve always wondered about the wings on your back, and the halo on top of your head. But then I realized you are an angel. I am so thankful that you came into my life. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Our story is like Romeo and Juliet – without the tragic ending. Nothing would ever keep us apart, especially not on Valentine’s Day.
  • We go together like peanut butter and jelly, and our love tastes just as good and sweet. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Valentine’s Day Messages for Girl Crush
  • If you asked me to give you a star, I would love to reach up into the sky, and give you the biggest and brightest one there was. But unfortunately I can’t. So I am going to give you my heart instead, which burns brightly for you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Like a love story, we’ve had our ups and downs, and twists and turns, but in the end I keep coming right back to you. I hope that we’ll keep writing our love story together, all the way up to our happy ending.
  • There’s many different kinds of sweetness. Sweetness like candy. Sweetness like cake. Sweetness like fruit. And sweetness like love. I have such a sweet tooth for all of them, and you are filled with sweetness. I can’t get enough of you. I love you.


Valentine’s Day Messages for Best Friend

  • Ah, Valentine’s Day. Another day where I will have to make my wallet cry from buying cards, roses, candy, and dinner. But at least I can rejoice about our friendship. Friendship is priceless, and you gave it to me for free.
  • If love is like a red rose, then our friendship is like a sun flower. It always brightens up my day! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Love Messages for Valentine’s Day
  • I wish all of my friends a great Valentine’s Day. If lovers are like roses, then friends are like every kind of flower imaginable, and I am so thankful that I have such a crazy, beautiful, and colorful bouquet of friends.
  • You’re like my glasses. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to see things in a new way, or make good judgments. Happy Valentine’s Day, to my friend.
  • Today, let’s go and run like crazy, laugh loudly at our jokes, and eat all of our favorite things. If your lover can’t handle it, or they think we’re weird, then they’re not the one for you. Happy Valentine’s Day to a friend who’s just as crazy as me.


  • To a friend who practically lives in my home, eats my food, and wears my clothes. I can’t complain about you because I do the same things. You’re pretty much my family, and I know that I can count on both of us to eat a pound of Valentine’s Day chocolate together. Happy Valentine’s!
  • I know that you are no magical genie, but I love the way that you give your all to me, and today I want to give my all to you, my sweet friend. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day SMS Messages
  • Days like these make me want to hold you and never let go, they make me want to show you off to everyone and be with you always and forever my valentine.
  • I hope this valentines will be better than the last, may it always make you happy and never sad. You are the only one I’d have hoped to spend valentines with.
  • Here’s one word that describes you ( Supantastawerrifazing ). I couldn’t figure out how to describe you in one word, so I put the words Super, Fantastic, Awesome, Terrific, and Amazing together. I love you, and I love that you’re my friend. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Romantic Valentine’s Day Messages for Wife

  • You know, the only reason why I survived this long is because of you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • They make a lot of movies and comics about superheroes like Batman, Captain America, and Spider-man. But I’m still waiting for the day that they make a movie about the best superhero in the universe: you. I love you.
  • The world defines success as being rich, having a big house, and having a good job. But in my opinion, I’ve already reached true success. I found you, the love of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day My Love.
  • Valentine’s Day Messages for Wife
  • Some people ask how I can be so happy all the time. My only answer is: because I have you! I love you so much, and Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • So many girlfriends and boyfriends profess to each other their “fairy-tale romance”, but we are the ones actually living up to our “happy ever after”. You will never stop being my princess or my queen. I love you Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • If I’m Pac-Man, then you’re Mrs. Pac-Man, and together, we can take on the world with all of its ghosts. I feel unstoppable when I’m with you. Happy Valentine’s.
  • Who said that romance stopped after marriage? I fully intend on proving them wrong. I love you and Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Sometimes I think about what would have happened if I never met you, and the thought makes me shudder. Thank God I don’t have to worry about that. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Meeting you was like finding an oasis in a desert. Living with you is like paradise every single day. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • To me, you are more beautiful than all of the roses in the world combined, which is why I got you something different. I want you to have everything you deserve, and more. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I can’t believe I lived for so long without knowing you. One thing for sure, is that I would not be able to live a life without you again. Now that I’ve breathed in air, there’s no way that I can go back to when I couldn’t breathe. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Life is like a really long road trip, and I’m directionally-challenged. Thank God I have you to be my GPS. I love you. Happy Valentine’s.
  • My grandfather always said, “Happy wife, happy life.” Oh, how right he was! I love you and Happy Valentine’s Day!
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Romantic Valentine’s Day Messages for Husband

  • Do you ever get tired of loud sounds like a hammer banging against a nail? Sometimes, you’re like that hammer. But without you, my whole house would break down. I love you – both your merits and your flaws. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • To a man who is happy when I am happy, I love you and I praise God every day for letting me marry you. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • When you say you love me, you never just say the words, but you prove them to me with your heart and your actions. I love you so much, and now it’s my turn to show you just how much I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Valentine’s Day Messages for Husband
  • When we married and became two hearts intertwined into one, I knew that I made the right choice. My life is so wonderful because of you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • My heart never fails to beat faster at your romantic love. This Valentine’s Day, I want to be even more romantic with you. I Love You so much. Happy Valentine’s My Love.
  • You always make me feel like a queen, but I want to make sure that you feel like a king today. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!
  • Over the years, I have learned that love is not just the feeling you get when you look at someone, but it’s the irresistible desire to make the other person happy, and to share every joy and burden with them. I definitely feel that way with you. Happy Valentine’s.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day. One day, you moved into my heart, and you never moved out. Another day, we married and moved in together. We’ve been together ever since, and I cherish every moment in our lives together. I Love You.
  • When I wake up in your arms, it’s like I woke up in heaven every single time. This morning was no different, and I know that your strong arms will hold me again tonight. Right now, I want to be the one holding you. I love you.
  • Today is a rare break from our busy life, so let’s take things nice and slow… Just the way we like it. Let’s enjoy our Valentine’s Day together.
  • You are so romantic that you put Jack from the Titanic to shame. I love being your Rose, and unlike the movie, we’re going to have a great life together. I love you and Happy Valentine’s!
  • Love isn’t something that can be recycled. It can only be built upon. And my love for you grows each and every day. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Beautiful Long Valentine’s Day Messages

  • Love is not something that can be accumulated and then cashed in all at once. Love is something that is constant, and it is not something that you can save for later. Love is something that you give with everything you have, all the time. I am so lucky to have someone like you who loves me that way.
  • Today, the focus should not be on what flowers to buy, or how much chocolate and candy to purchase. Or even what kind of holiday card to write in. The focus is all about love. Today gives you and me a day to just, love. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Early Valentine’s Day Messages
  • Love can be compared to a sandwich. A lot of people show love on the outside, without really feeling it on the outside. Their sandwich is nothing but bread, and maybe one slice of cheese. But our love is abundant both on the outside, and the inside. Our love sandwich is like a triple-decker with all of our favorite stuff inside. And I’m enjoying every bite of it. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Long Distance Valentine’s Day Messages
  • I promise that when I say, “I love you” that it is not just something automatic. When I say, “I love you” I mean that I love you. I mean that I love you both inside and out, imperfections and perfections. I love you. Nobody else, but you. I love you and Happy Valentine’s.
  • Valentine’s Day Messages for Family Members
  • I promise that when I say, “I love you” that it is not just something automatic. When I say, “I love you” I mean that I love you. I mean that I love you both inside and out, imperfections and perfections. I love you. Nobody else, but you. I love you and Happy Valentine’s.
  • Before I met you, I never thought that anyone would ever think that I was desirable, or attractive, or amazing to be around. Before this Valentine’s Day, I never thought that I would be able to have a wonderful lover like you. I love you, and I thank you for loving me.


Romantic Valentine’s Day Messages for Him

  • Just when I think that you can’t be any more romantic, you blow me away yet again! Happy Valentine’s Day, and I can’t wait to be with you!
  • Whoever doesn’t believe in love, has obviously never met you. If they did, they would never let you go. But thankfully, I met you first and you can bet that I won’t let an awesome boyfriend like you go! I love you!
  • Valentine’s Day Messages for Fiancé
  • Sometimes you act like a five-year-old, but in those times I feel like the world is simple and fun again. Sometimes you act like a jerk, but then you quickly come back to your senses and make me feel like a queen once more. You and I aren’t perfect, but together we balance each other out. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • We’re like the thumb and the index finger. We each have our own strengths and weaknesses, but most of all, we’re always closer to each other than anyone else. I love you!
  • Our love is like a good old-fashioned dinner that never gets old on the taste buds. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Last year I never thought that I would ever spend Valentine’s Day with such an awesome guy like you. You made me laugh, when I didn’t think I could smile. You protected me, when I didn’t think I had anyone on my side. You carried me, when I didn’t think I could walk. I love you, and I am excited to have the best Valentine’s Day ever.
  • Life isn’t a game. But it sure seems fun when I have a great husband like you! Here’s to Valentine’s Day, and moving fearlessly into the future!
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Romantic Valentine’s Day Messages for Her

  • No matter how many years pass, our love never fades. Like a flame of a candle, infatuation is easily snuffed out. But our love is like the sun that will continue to burn passionately till the day we die. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • To my wife, who is my one and only, my rock, my shelter, my healer, my teacher, my darling bride. May we forever prosper together. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Valentine’s Day Messages for fiancée
  • When I say that you will be my one and only, and the love of my life, I truly mean it. I won’t stop holding your hand, or giving you kiss, or singing and dancing with you. I will hold your hand up until the very end, and I truly hope that when we go, we will go together. I look forward to the many Valentine’s Days in the future, but most of all, I look forward to the Valentine’s Day today. I love you.
  • Our love is like a fine wine that gets better as it ages. Maybe that’s why I always feel drunk with happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I love you. I wish there more words that could describe how my mood lightens at the thought of you, or how my heart beats a little faster every time I see you, or how my hands shake at the thought of losing you. I wish there were more words, but there aren’t enough. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • My dear wife, I love that you are always my valentine, and I am yours. Though the sun may set, and today will pass, our romance will never end. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Every step I take, I can be thankful that you are there to take a step with me. Every sound I make, I can rejoice at the lovely harmony that you will make beside me. Every smile I fake, I can be cheered up at the sight of you giving me your all. I love you, and I am always thankful that you love me.


Romantic Valentines Day Messages for Everyone

  • You don’t need to change a thing about you, you are perfect just the way you are, I love you sweetie, happy valentines!
  • Your happiness is my happiness, your heart is safe with me, I promise to give you a valentine to remember, I love you my darling, you are my reason to breathe.
  • I never knew loving someone this much would be so pleasurable, you’ve taught me so many things, and I take the lessons to heart. I love you my valentine.
  • Funny Valentine’s Day Messages
  • I wouldn’t imagine spending the Valentine’s Day with anyone else but you, thank you for being the reason this smile is stuck on my face. I love you always and forever.
  • It’s a beautiful day to be celebrating this special event with the love I have come to own and cherish. Hope I’ll give you a splendid valentine’s sweetie.
  • Valentine’s Day Messages for Ex-Lover
  • Every February 14th, men everywhere empty their pockets for their wives, hoping to score some points. But you don’t simply give me the most expensive gifts, but you always give me something that I truly appreciate. That’s why this year, I wanted to do the same for you. I love you, dear. Happy Valentine’s Day
  • Happy valentines my woman, you make me the luckiest man in the world, I hope today will be a day you will never forget and live to remember.
  • Sweet Valentine’s Day Messages, Greetings and Cards
  • You’re like a wild whirlwind, that no one can control, yet you choose me to be the one that sees your softer side. It means so much to me that I can see every side of you, and no matter how ugly you may feel, or how much you want to hide, I see you as being every shade of beautiful. I am so glad that I get to be with a girl like you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You are my Superman, and I am so proud to have married a man who goes and saves the world – in his own way. I Love You.
  • The other day I heard a guy call you “hot” and I couldn’t believe how anyone could insult you like that. You’re not “hot”. You’re Amazing. Radiant. Goddess-like. Exquisite. Stunning. And drop-dead Gorgeous. I won’t ever let anyone insult you like that again. I love you.
  • I look forward to a romantic Valentine day with you; at least, we have been to hell and back to protect our love therefore, let us celebrate ourselves.
  • Who thinks of problems on valentine, I want to lay in bed with you all day long, I wished we could do this all year long. I love you dearly.
  • I get a tingly sensation whenever you touch me; it is even better when I lay next to you. I wonder how many shivers I will experience on today’s Valentine.
  • It wasn’t me who gave you your first kiss, but I intend to provide you with the last one for today. Its Valentine season and love are in the air.
  • Cupid’s arrow which has your name inscribed on it landed right in the center of my heart; I have helplessly attached to you Happy Valentine, Love.
  • I woke up on today’s Valentine with a smile on my face, everything about your body makes me blush with excitement, I can’t wait to explore it once more.
  • Baby, just as St Valentine, you showed me how to love and be loved truly; the totality of my body craves for you. I have big hopes for today.
  • I will be glad if you would let me kiss away the pain of your past relationships and show you the real face of love on today’s Valentine.
  • My Valentine text to you is that “Roses are red, violets are blue, and its Valentine’s Day, I want to make love to you.

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