150+ Valentine’s Day Messages for Crush

Crushes are the people whom you really like, but you feel too shy to actually tell them how you feel about them. Crushes are in everyone’s life, they are people who really mean a lot to you, but they don’t know that. How about changing that this valentines? Valentine messages  for crush go a long way in expressing words you feel too shy to talk out loud about.

Happy Valentine. I Have a Crush On You.

Valentines messages are sweet and short and will give you the attention you wanted from your crush. Let your heart talk through one of these messages, and you might find your crush turning into something else. Here are some of the messages.

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Valentine’s Day Wishes for Crush

Here are the best collection of Valentine’s Day wishes and messages for crush.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m in love with you, but are you in love with me?
  • My greatest request is that you go from being my crush to being the person I’ll spend future valentine with.
  • If love is a crime, I wouldn’t mind breaking the prison to get you. If love is a pool, I wouldn’t mind swimming to get you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I was trying to stop myself from crushing on you, but that was impossible and now, all I can think about is how to tell you how I really feel. Happy Valentine’s Day
  • Your love is making me go crazy. I hope I can help not to crush on you again, but it’s not easy for me. Save me and be my Valentine.
  • I might not be able to get you expensive things but, my feelings for you are genuine, and my heart is yours forever. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • If love was an ocean, I would swim for all eternity just to have you become a part of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Our hearts choose who we love even if our head wants to do otherwise. I follow my heart now, and it says it’s you. Happy Valentine’s Day crush. I love you so much.

Happy Valentine’s Day with hearts

  • I can’t afford to buy you diamond rings and expensive jewels, but I have a heart clean and pure, and it beats only for you.
  • I don’t want you to be someone I have a crush on, I want you to be someone who is willing to be with me forever. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day. The love I have for you is big enough for the both of us to share; I love you even though you may not love me too.
  • Happy Valentine Day. If dying for you will show my love, I’ll call friends to die with me. If singing will show my love, I’ll gather birds to sing for you. I am your crush, you’re my valentine.
  • I may not have the cutest face for you, but my heart is big enough to love you. Trust me I will love you more than my life. Happy Valentine’s Day, my crush.
  • I am not good at expressing myself, but I’ve been searching for a way to let you know that I have a crush on you. Would you like to be my Valentine?
  • You have been on my mind from the moment we met, I may not know you well, but I know I am in love with an amazing human being. Have an awesome valentine.
  • To me, you are the standard to the proper assessment of beauty in any woman, and I am glad to have been your friend, I hope to become your man one day. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You may love me or not, but I love you a lot. Wish you a very happy life. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet crush.
  • Soon you won’t be my crush but the one I will forever spend valentines with. Always on my mind, Happy Valentine’s my love.
  • Love is like an alcohol. It drives you crazy yet sharp. It keeps you strong yet weakens you. I think I’m crazy in love with you. Be mine. Happy Valentine’s Day crush.
  • There’s nothing like a Valentine’s Day without you. But with you, every day is a Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine crush.
  • I need you more than a crush. I need you more than a friend. I need you always beside me. I need you now and forever beside me. Enjoy today in the best possible way.
  • I saw myself walking in the darkest night in my dreams. But I saw one of the strongest knights who came to my rescue. Guess who it was. It was you. You’re my rescue. Happy Valentine’s Day.

happy Valentine’s and big heart

  • Anytime I close my eyes, I see you. Anytime I open my eyes, you disappear. Falling in love with you is a dream and you loving me will be a dream come true. Happy valentines my love.
  • I have had sleepless nights trying to think up the best way to say; I have a crush on you, would you please be my valentine?!
  • Someday, you’ll be my valentine dear crush, and when that day comes, I will never let you go, I will show you how to love, and we will be together forever.
  • I wish I have a magical wand to turn you to my love, because I found all I need in you and I hope you’ll see that in me also. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush.
  • Since the first day I laid my eyes on you, I have had a really huge crush on you, I was only hoping to make you my valentine today, what do you say?
  • The love I have for you is more than the love birds have for themselves, I will never relent until I have you. Happy Valentine’s Day eternal crush.
  • I know of everything you need, and I can give them to you, if you chose me, I’ll give to you an unending support and a real concern for you. Happy Valentine’s Day crush.
  • It’s painful when you love someone truly, but you are unable to approach it. You are my first crush and I love you so much. Wish you a fabulous Valentine’s Day, my baby.
  • You are really pretty, I love everything about you and that is why you are my crush, please be my valentine and I guarantee you a time of you will never forget!
  • The biggest truth of my life, I am too crazy for you and everyone in my surroundings can notice it except you. Why are you so careless. Anyways Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet baby.
  • I feel like the luckiest person in the world, I get to share valentines with the crush of my life. Happy Valentine’s sweetie, enjoy!
  • I just want to tell you on this special day, I can’t stop missing you and my love for you is eternal. Happy Valentine.
  • I have all I need in my life, but one thing could bring perfection to everything, and that is you. Come into my life to perfect it. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush. Enjoy it.

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Romantic Valentine Messages for Crush

Here are some heartfelt and romantic Valentine Day wishes for your lovely crush.

  • Your smile is the most precious thing I have ever seen, and I totally died on it. Have a blissful day. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet crush.
  • I have had my eye on you for so long, I really admire you a lot, I have a crush on you and I hope you become my valentine for the day; it would really make my day!
  • Happy Valentine’s my crush! You are the cutest person I know of, and I want to kiss that lovely face of yours over and over again, enjoy your day dear!
  • I am not afraid to tell you how I feel anymore. I’ve been crushing on you and I hope that you’ll give me a chance to be your valentine today.
  • Someone would think that old age will affect love, but when it comes to love everyone is like a little child. Happy Valentine’s Day eternal crush. I won’t stop loving you.
  • Have fun this valentine my dear crush, I have had my eye on you for as long as I can remember, the more I see you, the more in love I am with you. Enjoy the day!
  • You are all I need, the only one I can’t take my eyes off, the only one I deeply have a crush on, be my valentine and I promise you a time of your life!
  • I see you, but do you see me, you have been my crush since the first day I met you. Hope to make this mystery worthwhile. Happy Valentine’s crush!

Happy Valentines Day. I love you.

  • They say crushes are silly, but they haven’t met an angel as beautiful as you, I hope to make you my girlfriend someday but until then enjoy your valentine beautiful.
  • I may be shy, I may only feel these things deep inside, but all I wish for you on valentine is that the smile that sets my soul on fire doesn’t leave your face dear crush.
  • The way you walk and the way you flip your hair backwards are enough to drive me insane. I may just be a friend for now, but I am not giving up on you, have an awesome valentine.
  • Happy valentine’s my crush, you bring joy to my life and I haven’t even made you mine yet. Soon to meet and make this day worth remembering lovely crush.
  • There is nothing like temporary love, love is eternal, and we must always treat it that way, even though you have not chosen me, I still care. Happy Valentine’s Day crush.
  • I can’t stand the thought of losing you; you are a memory, a wish and most importantly, the one I hope to share this and every valentine with. Have an amazing time dear.
  • I really like you my crush, you are the simplest definition of beauty and I hope today, you’ll give me a chance to be your valentine.

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Valentine Messages for Boy Crush

Send your boy crush one of these beautiful Valentine’s Day messages and maybe, he will be more than just a friend to you.

  • You are the cutest, most adorable man I know, and I can’t help but fall for you every time we meet. I have a crush on you and would love to be your valentine!
  • Valentine isn’t for lovers only, it’s also for potential lovers and I believe you and I have what it takes to make this day memorable for us. Happy Valentines, please be my man!
  • Happy Valentines my crush, you are the reason smiling isn’t so hard. I hope to make you my boyfriend soon, that is, if you want me too.
  • I’ll travel to the moon with you. I’ll live in the underground with you. I love you to the moon and back. A valentine’s wish can never describe my love for you.
  • Hey crush boy, it’s either you show me that you crush on me or I allow a truck of love to crush on you. It’s Valentine’s Day; let’s get some fun, love of my life.
  • Will you be mine? Because I’ll be yours forever. I’m sick, and you’re the antidote. I’m weak and you’re my strength. It’s lover’s day, make me feel and fall in love. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Falling in love is like falling out of life. Baby, I’m in love but don’t want to fall out of life. You’re the only superman that can rescue me. Will you rescue me on this Valentine’s Day?
  • I want to be the girl to hold you down for life my crush, you are not only handsome, you are also a man worth having close. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • I have known you as my friend most of my life and I have been having a crush on you since the time I realized you are a man I’d love to grow old beside. Happy Valentine!

Happy Valentines Day lovely crush messages

  • Words don’t mean much if they are not from the heart, you are my crush and I know I will never find a replacement for such handsomeness. Happy Valentine!
  • Sometimes I wish time would freeze just for you and me, please be my man and make time freeze in the perfect moments I know we will have. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Happy valentines to my handsome crush, you always make my day from the way you say hi. Hope to be more than just a person you say hi to.
  • It takes two to tangle crush, how about you come tangle with me? I’ll be the girl of your dreams, all you have to do is say yes. I really want to spend valentines with you!
  • I hope you now know I can’t get enough of you, I think you are an awesome guy and I would love to take you out this valentine, if you’d let me anyway.
  • You make it so hard to be just a friend to you, you listen, you care and most importantly, you are always there when I need you. I hope you say yes to being my valentine today dear crush.
  • Nobody ever made me feel this fantastic way, only you will make me better by being my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine Messages for Girl Crush

If you already have a girl crush, but you don’t know the best way to express your feelings on Valentine’s Day, do not worry, use one of these wishes and messages.

  • Your look light up a passion in every man, and your love for any man will melt him down like fire melts plastic. Happy Valentine’s Day. I truly love you.
  • There is no other beautiful girl in this life I have ever seen. You are my fantastic crush and I enjoy a lot with you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet girl.
  • You are simply my dream girl, you are the standard of a decent girl for me, I hope you’ll make it easy for me because I truly love you. Happy Valentine’s Day crush. Enjoy it.
  • I’m seriously crushing on you. I’m deeply in love with you girl. Will you give me a chance to prove my love? And you’ll have your best days forever. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Having you as a friend was just a start but each day I find myself more attracted to you. I have a crush on you my girl, may this valentine’s be the start of something more.
  • I think of you on every occasion and in everything I do, you are a masterpiece and the most amazing girl I know, I hope to make your valentine magical.
  • I dream of you, I dream of us, and I know these feelings aren’t going away; I can be the best boyfriend yet. Just be my girlfriend dear crush that would really make my valentine!
  • They tell me it’s impossible to be with a girl like you, I have been crushing on you for so long and maybe today I’ll finally let you know how I feel. Lovely valentine’s sweetie.
  • I would have written the letters we see on movies (will you be my girlfriend? (Yes) (No)) But that’s too cliché, hope to be more than just a friend this valentine!
  • Saying you are beautiful is an understatement, you are an angel, and I’d love a chance to be under your wing my crush. Lovely valentine!

I may not have the cutest face

  • You are a beautiful woman, an intelligent soul and the one I will forever cherish. I hope to spend this and every valentine with you.
  • I believe I have a crush on my soul mate, you are my girlfriend for now, but I hope this valentine, I can close the gap and make you my exclusive girlfriend!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I have a girlfriend as sweet as you. Too bad you don’t know it yet. Wishing you a hearty valentine my beautiful crush.
  • What I feel for you is nothing I have ever felt for anyone else, you are the greatest part of the day my damsel. Wish you’ll be my valentine!
  • If there’s no other day to express my love then I’ll not let today go without making efficient use of it. It’s lover’s day, and I’ll love to say I love you so much.
  • I lose control whenever you are around crush, you are beautiful and there’s nothing I would want more than to be with you this valentine. Please be mine.

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Valentine Messages for Secret Crush

Here are some Valentine’s Day greeting messages for your secret crush. For lots more ideas see 50+ Valentine’s Day messages for wife.

  • I have always had a crush on you, it took me till valentines to finally realize how much I need you in life as my one and only. Will you be my valentine sweetheart?
  • I have searched, but I have never met someone quite like you dear crush, you make me happy in so many unimaginable ways. Happy Valentines!
  • Love is the easiest language, and it is understandable to everyone on earth, I know you understand that I love you. Please be mine, and I’ll take good care of you. Happy Valentine’s Day crush.
  • You ignore me, but I love to talk with you and I miss you a lot even though you wouldn’t think about me. I wish you all the best and Happy Valentine’s Day sweetie.
  • Let the feelings flow and emotions expressed. You are my first crush and living without you is a hard task. Have a wonderful life. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet crush.
  • In this world, nothing last a lifetime, but my love for you seems to last more than that. Because I never stopped loving you for once. Happy Valentine’s Day. Have fun.

I wish i have a magical wand

  • A beautiful day for a beautiful girl with a beautiful mind and beautiful dreams. I have a crush on you; will you be my valentines dearest?
  • Happy Valentine’s my crush, you rock my world and I hope someday I will rock yours too. Have a hearty day!
  • I have been searching for so long, but the chain was broken the day I saw you, be mine, and I will give you limitless pampering. Happy Valentine’s Day. I really love you.
  • I am always shy when you are around; you make me weak and give me a feeling I have never had before. Have an awesome valentine my crush, you are truly amazing!
  • We have become so aged and my love for you never dropped a bit, I always carry you in my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day crush. I hope we’ll be together somehow soon.
  • You are the only one I’d love to be near to this valentine because I know with you, I will have the most unforgettable time I have ever had. Have an amazing valentine!
  • The crush I have on you is almost crushing me to pieces; thank God that I picked myself up. I still love you though, give me a chance. Happy Valentine’s Day eternal crush. Enjoy this day.
  • Happy Valentine’s my crush! You always look pretty; I hope you won’t turn down my offer for I would really love to spend today with you. I love you!
  • We went to the same high school, and we live in the same neighborhood, but I felt strongly in love with you when we left for different college. Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.
  • Its valentines, I was hoping that you would be more than just my crush; I love you so much and hope we can make this day our anniversary.

Valentines Day Messages for Crush

Many More Valentine’s Day wishes and messages for your male / female crush. For more Valentine’s wishes, check out 60+ Valentine’s Day messages for husband.

  • Love makes a soul but it’s breaking mine. Love gives happiness but it’s giving me sadness. I love you, but you see me as a mere crush. Happy Valentine’s Day girl. I’ll wait for you.
  • What’s life without you by my side? What’s Valentine’s Day without you beside me? I can only be me if you accept to be with me on this day. Happy Valentine’s Day my secret crush.
  • Having a crush on you has been a journey that I can never regret, you are amazing, and I enjoy your company always. I hope you have a nice valentine with the ones you love.
  • You may not have diamonds, a lot of cash or notice me, but I promise you’ll have the best time if you take me as your valentine dear crush. I want you handsome.
  • You are the piece of heaven I can’t afford to lose; I hope to always be close, so I can tell you how much you mean to me. I have a huge crush on you handsome, Happy Valentines!

Valentines wishes for boy crush

  • I hope I am not getting so obsessed with you, because everything you do becomes something I naturally find pleasure in doing. Happy Valentine’s Day crush. Let’s celebrate it together.
  • No words seem adequate enough to help me express the fullness my heart feels for you. Happy valentines my crush, I really like you a lot!
  • You are the beautiful miracle of God on planet earth. Have a beautiful life ahead. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet crush.
  • You are my most desiring daydream. I love to see it with my closed eyes. I wish you a wonderful life. Have a fabulous Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart.
  • The happiness of every girl is having a loving and caring boy. The happiness of a boy is having a pretty and lovely girl. We’ve got that. We should be each other’s valentine.
  • I’ve been crushed by love because I’ve been crushing on you. For nights, I couldn’t sleep just because of you. I’ll get a heart attack if you refuse to be my valentine today.
  • It’s Valentine’s Day today. Oh, I’m loving today, and I’m asking my longtime crush out. I hope she’ll give yes as an answer. And that crush is you. Will you be my Valentine?
  • I’ve been carried away by the rivers of love; I hope I’ll survive it. There’s only one person that can save me. It’s you. I’m crushing on you. Please be my Valentine and safe me.
  • The love of you is the beginning of my folly. Since I fell in love with you, I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t sleep well. I couldn’t eat maturely. Hey, let me be your valentine.
  • I have never been a courageous person, I hope you know I am deeply attracted to you and that I would love to spend this valentine with you.
  • The moment I saw you was the beautiful moment of my life and I wish I could spend my whole life with you. I just fell in love with you at first sight. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet crush.
  • It’s your day and I hope nothing will get in the way of your happiness, I have a crush on you, and I hope you will someday be my valentine!

If love is a crime, i would not mind

  • It’s a joyful day and I want to say Happy Valentine’s day to everyone in the world. But especially a happy valentine’s day to my long-time crush. I hope you’ll consider me today.
  • Everybody celebrate Valentine’s Day in a happy mood but mine had always been in a sad mood. I hope it won’t be like that this day. I love you crush. Be my Valentine.
  • A world without you is a world I wouldn’t want to exist in my beautiful crush; I like you and hope you can be my valentine so I can show you the sweeter side of love.
  • Dreams are far away from my eyes as you have taken place to them. A special room has booked for you in my heart. I miss you a lot. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear crush.
  • My search was over when I saw you. I love you and I want you as my life partner. Happy Valentines Day, my sweet crush.
  • The day my heart gets involved in love with you, the moments of my loneliness has flushed off. Please come soon in my life. I want you as my wife. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet crush.
  • I like you a lot dear crush. Have a wonderful valentine. You’re one in a billion and no one can ever measure up to you. I hope someday you’ll be my valentine.
  • You are not a boy, you are a man I would be happy to call mine someday. Happy valentines just thought you should know I have a huge crush on you!

Happy valentines to the cutest person in the world

  • You are more of a man than any other man I know and that is why I have a crush on you. Please be my valentine, I will buy you roses!
  • Your smiles give me enough reason to fall deeper in love with you. Your words of wisdom are enough to build my life. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Be my valentine and have the most amazing time of your life, we can eat lots of chocolates and reminisce but most of all, I can finally tell you how I feel about you.
  • Today may mark the rest of our lives my pretty crush, you are one I want to grow old with. Hope to make this an unforgettable valentine for you.
  • You are better than the best my stunning crush, you make the days better and all I ever want to do is love, hold and keep you as my valentine forever.
  • You are more than enough reason for me to smile. You’re enough reason for me to live. You’re enough reason for me to love. Happy Valentine’s Day to my dear and super crush.
  • You build me up and show me the things about myself that make me special and beautiful, you’re my crush and I appreciate you so much. Have a nice valentine!
  • I’m your long-time crush who has been crushed by your love. It’s so difficult to live without you. Happy Valentine’s Day. Please take me out, I’ll go anywhere with you.
  • I thought love makes one and not break one. I thought love gives one happiness and not sadness. Hey! Your love is breaking me and making me sad. Help me by loving me.
  • Sinking inside the oceans of love. I don’t mind drowning in the ocean over and over again for your sake. Let me be your valentine and I’ll drown in you.
  • You can be yourself and not worry about what I will think of you because I love you for who you are dear crush. Please be my valentine and make me the luckiest person ever.
  • Sometimes I stare at your picture for extended periods wishing that you are mine, I look forward to us becoming a couple before the next Valentine’s Day.
  • The world has been falling. Nations have been worrying. I have been wondering why I still remain a crush. Today is Valentine’s Day. I’ll try my luck again.
  • I promise to be the happy ever after you are always hoping for, just be my valentine please.
  • Sharing valentine with you will be a dream-come-true, I would finally spend time alone with my crush and know her for the amazing person she is. Please say yes.
  • They say I should wait till you make the first move dear crush, but you are taking too long, I want you to be my valentine, I promise I’ll make it worthwhile handsome.
  • I love you in ways I can never explain, our love may be forbidden, but that’s what makes it sweetest, I hope to spend valentine night in your arms watching you sleep.
  • I may never be good enough or perfect, I just hope you know in my eyes, you are good enough to turn my world upside down and to give me thoughts that are insane. Have an epic valentine.
  • Since the first time I saw you, I felt like I’d known you all my life. I have a crush on you boy and I hope this will make your valentines.

Happy Valentine's Day. I love you so much.

Valentine’s Day is truly a memorable day for those who love each other, it is a day for not only couples but for the secret admirers, the crushes and all the people you find add value to your life, even the stalker #just kidding. Valentines should be celebrated by not only physical gifts but by the messages written by lovers to a lover from the deepest part of their heart. If you find you have a crush on a girl / a boy but don’t really know the best way to express your feelings, we’ve got you covered, use one of these valentines wishes to your crush and maybe you might end up hitting it off and find you have something in common.


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