Valentine’s Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-boyfriend

Send a valentine’s wish to your ex-boyfriend to show him that You are past you two being together and that you wish him the best as he celebrates with his new profound love. Sometimes we love and lose but we lose for the right reasons, you will see things are a little bit better for […]

Valentine’s Day Messages for Ex-Lover

Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Love

Sending an ex-lover valentine’s messages might be the hardest thing to do yet, but it doesn’t have to be so, especially if all the bad blood between you two is buried or, you are planning on burying it. Valentine’s wishes are special to any person who receives them and as much as you may not […]

Happy Valentine’s Day SMS Messages

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentines to me is a day when two or more people express the love they have for each other with flowers and candies. It is a special day in that people wear red and the goofs goof around happily. Sending a short message to the ones you love is really a great way of celebrating […]

Valentine’s Day Messages for Boy Crush

Happy Valentine's Day. I love you so much.

happy Valentine’s boy crush. I sometimes remember the crushes I’ve had, and I wish I did more than just feel it, I wish I’d spoken up and maybe I would have one of my crushes beside me. Crushes are the little blessing that show you are human and that you feel something for someone else […]

Valentine’s Day Messages for Girl Crush

Happy Valentine's Day. To the most beautiful girl.

Valentine’s Day is truly a memorable day for those who love each other, it is a day for not only couples but for the secret admirers, the crushes and all the people you find add value to your life, even the stalker #just kidding. Valentines should be celebrated by not only physical gifts but by […]

Top 100 Funny Valentine’s Day Messages

Happy Valentine's Day

Anyone who has celebrated valentines with that special someone will tell you it is one of the most romantic times to ever come around especially with the feeling of love that spreads throughout. Seeing other people celebrating the same day is common but what if you added a little twist to your valentine surprise for […]

Romantic Valentine Day Messages for your Crush

Happy Valentine's Day to the cutest person in the world

Crushes are the people whom you really like but you feel too shy to actually tell them how you feel about them. Crushes are in everyone’s life, they are people who really mean a lot to you, but they don’t know that. How about changing that this valentines? Valentines messages go a long way in […]

Best Valentine’s Day Messages for Friends

Happy Valentine’s Day dear friend

The best way of celebrating Valentine’s Day is with a friend, how special that makes everything!! Friends will always be with you to the very end, real friends are loyal and loyal friends are hard to find. If you have that special friend whom you know always got your back, then send them a little […]

Best Valentine’s Messages for Husband

Happy Valentine’s Day sweet husband

They usually say valentines are for women but that is wrong, valentine’s a day you appreciate that special love in your life. The person you cannot do without, the person you are happy to be sharing the day and maybe even forever with. Husbands like to be appreciated, they like being noticed and they like […]

Sweet Valentine’s Day Messages for Wife

Happy Valentine’s Day to my dear wife

Valentine’s messages are the best way of expressing your love to the woman you chose to spend the rest of your life with. Love is a beautiful feeling, especially when it is mutual. It is the feeling that fills you up inside and makes you feel like exploding. The feeling that lifts you up so […]