Some people love cake on their birthdays, some like goofy birthday messages, others just like present on their birthday and some people love inspirational birthday messages that will get them through another year of their life. Sending a birthday message is a great thing to do because you get to immortalize your words in someone’s heart and mind.

Happy Birthday

Inspiration birthday messages are good for they show someone why they should be thankful for the life they’ve lived and why they should look forward to tomorrow. Below are some inspirational birthday messages that can be useful for someone special on their birthday. Why not pick one of them and put a smile on some special’s face.

Birthday Messages to Motivate and Celebrate

  • You have a lot to live for my dear, look at how far you are now. May your ambitious spirit never die. Have a great birthday!
  • Each day you live is another day you get to experience something new, wishing you a hearty birthday and may you always get what you want.
  • I have always been proud of you, you are everything most people aspire to be, enjoy your birthday and all the good times it will bring.
  • You have come very far my dear, you have been an inspiration to me, and I am glad I get to share your birthday with you. I love you!
  • Only you can shape your life into anything you want it to be, be tough, live hard and enjoy each birthday as it comes. Have an awesome day!
  • Live life to the fullest, enjoy each day and count your abundant blessings, there is more to this life than meets the eye. Have a glorious birthday!

There is no one better than you because there is no one exactly like you, enjoy your birthday.

  • Life is good, living life is great but being at your best is the only thing that will matter most to you. Have a beautiful birthday!
  • You only get what you truly want by going for it full force. Have a great birthday my dear, you are a blessing to each and every one of us.
  • May you learn to give, may you be kind and may your heart grow as your age increases. Have a spectacular birthday dear one.
  • Nothing can be done without faith and confidence, may everything you’ve ever hoped for come to you and May your birthday be a stepping stone to greater things.
  • You are a great person,  and I am proud and lucky to have you in my life, you live an inspirational life and I hope that is enough for you to have a great birthday.
  • There is no one better than you because there is no one exactly like you, enjoy your birthday and all the beautiful gifts it will bring.
  • Believe in yourself because no matter how much someone may believe in you, you are the one who matters to yourself the most. Have a positive birthday!
  • With each new day comes new strength and new thoughts, have a great birthday my dear; you are special in each and every way.
  • You cannot change your past, you can only look forward to the future for it is unknown and it holds a lot of power. Hearty birthday!
  • May this birthday give you a million more reasons to be thankful for you already have a million reasons to be thankful for today. Enjoy!

You cannot change your past, you can only look forward to the future for it is unknown and it holds a lot of power. Hearty birthday!

  • Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is high. May you grow wiser as you celebrate your birthday and never let your determination die.
  • You are more than they see, you are great, you are hopeful and you are a star. Have a fabulous birthday and may all your wishes come to pass.
  • As you celebrate this memorable day, may your mind and heart be renewed with hope of accomplishments in all your endeavors. Happy Birthday, my favorite friend.
  • Life is not always a smooth path; we do have a lot of barriers you need to cross. Let faith, courage, and perseverance be your weapon and may your new age open doors.
  • Surround yourself with positive people who are willing to push you up the leather. Never listen to what people say about you. Keep on achieving your dreams.
  • You are capable of achieving greatness if you work hard towards it. Believe in yourself and your dreams will come true. On this special day, I wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday! Congratulations! Wonderful people like you are always a role model to me. Thank you for being always there for me! Please don’t change, just be you.
  • My dear friend! Living to see another birthday of yours, is a blessing to me. Don’t forget age is just a number and you growing old, still make you the most beautiful.
  • You will come across many types of people in life. Some will help you achieve, others will help you fail. Choose wisely the people you relate with. Happy Birthday my dear.
  • An amazing and a faithful, wonderful, hard working fellow like you always needs to be motivated. May you enjoy the best of all opportunities’ life is giving you.
  • May you excel and make the impossible possible. Happy birthday to the sweetest friend ever. May God bless your new age with all the good things in life. Congratulations!
  • I have always looked up to you since I was a kid. May this new age bring to your life full of positive changes as you strive towards excellence. May you keep smiling always.
  • You will surely achieve anything in this world if you don’t stop believing in yourself. Don’t be scared to try over and over again when you fail. Raise up and keep going.
  • Always stand firm to prove your critics wrong. Life and things may be out of control. But remember you have the power to change it. Never give up on your dreams.
  • Don’t let anyone determine your happiness in life. Never back down no matter how gargantuan the obstacles. Just relax, chill and see your way through it. Congratulations! Happy Birthday sweet brother.
  • I wish you a Happy Birthday! Be successful in your career and reach your fullest potential in life. You have all it takes to make it happen in a snap of a finger.
  • Happy 18th Birthday! Explore the world and remember one truth, the best things in life don’t come easy; you will need to work towards them.
  • Thanks for enduring with us through all the hard times. Wishing you the best birthday ever! As I reflect on things that has happened, you have nothing to prove that you are a brave soul.
  • Your achievements, will make people get jealous of you some will be happy seeing you fall. But never do they matter. Just keep going on and on. Happy Birthday my hero.
  • Don’t be scared growing old; it makes you wiser and more matured than before. You deserve all the best so keep moving forward. Wish you a very Happy Birthday! Don’t give up!
  • Before you feel like losing hope in life and giving up, just sit and think life through again, then you will realize people’s stories are far worse than yours. Keep the faith.
  • Birthday wishes to a deserving partner; you always tried to make a relationship a success. No wonder I love you so much and still thinking of you.
  • I am under your spell, and I do not want to be free of your hold on me. I wish you a remarkable birthday moment.


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