Step sisters are those people who need you as much as you need them. They may not show you just how much they do need you but they do. It is good to surprise your step sisters on their birthday especially if it is the first one you get to celebrate together.

To the best step sister. Happy birthday.

Small gestures like these make the bond that is created to last a lifetime. Here are some messages you can send to that special step sister of yours to make her feel appreciated and welcomed on her birthday.

Cute Birthday Messages for Stepsister

  • Happy birthday step sister may this day bring you lots of joy and cheer. I hope it turns out to be more fun than you ever anticipated.
  • This is a special day for a special someone and that special someone is you step sister. I hope this day turns out as you’ve always hoped for. I love you. Happy birthday.
  • Have a nice day step sister, may all your wishes come true. Have a blast. I love you.
  • Happy birthday step-sister, may your sadness today bring you joy tomorrow, may your failure today bring you success tomorrow. Enjoy it to the fullest.
  • We shared a lot of great moments that can never be forgotten, memories that cannot be traded for anything. I so much cherish all that we had step-sister. Happy birthday.
  • dear stepsister, you are the sister I always wanted and I am really glad you are in my life. I wish you have a great birthday.
  • Happy birthday. This is a special day for you my special, beautiful and loved step sister. I love you so much and hope this day makes you as joyous and happy as it makes me to just share it with you.

you are the sister I always wanted and I am really glad you are in my life. Happy Birthday stepsister,

  • You are my cloud and I am your sky. We are two bodies but connected each other through a bond of love. Happy Birthday, my sweet stepsister.
  • I will always look up to you for you are the sister I have always wanted. I love you stepsister, have a grand birthday love!
  • Wake up beautiful young lady; you are the most precious gem in my heart. I love you a lot and I hope things turn out as you planned. Have a beautiful birthday.
  • Happy birthday my beautiful step sister, I know it hasn’t been easy for us but I assure you I am willing to make this work. Never think I don’t love you, I do. I hope you have a magnificent birthday.
  • You are blessing for me in a disguise of love. Happy Birthday my lovely charming sister.
  • You are not only my sister; you are my companion, my crime partner, my roommate and my friend with whom I share my all secrets. Happy Birthday, my dear stepsister.
  • The beauty of having a sister is that you have someone that always has your back either you do good or bad. Thanks for always being my guardian angel.

you are my stepsister without any doubt and i never told that how much i love you and care for you

  • Looking at what perfection is, I can say you are very near it. Your kindness is awesome and your way of life is different and worth emulating. Happy birthday step-sister.
  • You are a good listener, a great sister and a beautiful one might I add. I have never been happier to have someone in my life. I hope this day brings as much joy to you as it is for me.
  • This is a beautiful day, isn’t it? A beautiful day for a beautiful young lady whom I love. I hope this day brings as much joy to you as it has for all of us. We are happy to be sharing in your birthday dear, have a blast.
  • No more jealousy, no shitty pranks, and no rude behavior. Only love and care will exist between us. Happy birthday my step sister.
  • You got better, you got wiser, you got more beautiful, and your life took a new shape that changes your totality, it’s been an honor growing up with you.
  • I will always be here for you; I will protect you, love you and care for you. It doesn’t matter that you are my step sister, to me, you are my actual sister and I am proud to be part of your life. Have a nice birthday.
  • Happy birthday step sis, May you have many more birthday so I may grow fatter eating your birthday cakes. You are cool, I love you for that.
  • Love has the potential to attract two bodies; your kindness, gentleness and devotion compel me to accept you as my stepsister.
  • If you are bitter then I am sweet, if you are intelligent then I am nerd and if you are stubborn then I am flexible. You are my opposite, but we do love each other a lot.
  • Happy birthday step-sister, I admire you so much especially for your undying courage which always makes us achieve great tasks. Remain blessed as you celebrate today.
  • One of the greatest fun and blessing in life is having someone that you can do a lot of things together with. Having you has been a great blessing unto me. Happy birthday step-sister.
  • This is your day and I am just a part of this spectacular day. I hope this day brings you a whole lot of joy. You are the best thing to ever happen to me, I love you so much step sister. ou.
  • Happy birthday dear sister, you are a great lady, a woman I am proud to be related to. I know you have the ability to be whoever you want to be. I hope that light in you never fades away.

thought we are not sisters of same parents but we have same choices, same decisions and same thoughts.

  • As you celebrate today step-sister, may your dream find fulfillment and may your ambition never be thwarted. You are more than just any sister to me, you are my best friend.
  • The flame of love that exists between sisters is great but ours in unquenchable, I hope we will have enough time to live together and do those naughty things hehehe.
  • The purpose of my wish to you on this great day of yours is to inspire you to shine bright and to ignite the best that lies within you. Happy birthday step-sister. Much love.
  • Today is your great day step-sister and we should celebrate the best that you have become overtime. May your accomplishments last long. Happy birthday step-sister. Have lots of fun.
  • Believe it or not, you are like a painkiller for me, how much I am in stress, you have the potency to make me distress.
  • Our relation doesn’t owe to genetics, but it is dependent on love and affection. Happy Birthday my sweet little stepsister.
  • We play together, we fight together, we study together and we put on same outfits, no one can say that we are step sisters.
  • Today I feel like singing for you all day long even though I have a bad voice, because you deserve it. Being my step-sister is a beautiful thing.
  • I thought staying with a step-sister will make me feel unloved, but the reverse is the case. You showed me the true essence of love.
  • You are a good listener, a good caretaker and you have a quality of being patient. Happy Birthday my sweetest stepsister.
  • You are a faithful step sister who stands by with us in everything; even if you don’t concur with something we say or do. Happy Birthday our dearest elder sister.
  • You are our beloved stepsister, we do not consider you as a doormat to whom were trampling, but you are the one who stand with us at our challenging times. Have a stunning birthday.
  • I always thought step sisters were mean and snobby, but you are the sweetest, most polite person I have ever met. I hope this day brings you as much joy as you have brought to us. Have a fantastic birthday.
  • We might not be the best of mates, or known each other all of our lives, but the fact that you are part of this family makes you part of me. I will do everything in my power to see you happy. So have a blast step sis, and remember I will always be here for you.
  • You have to suffer a lot due to my silliness; I never went any moment in vain for teasing you. I regret my past. Sorry for all my nonsense.
  • Your cheerfulness taught me that no matter how deep sadness could be, I should keep living and a brighter day will come. Thanks for those words.
  • We always took you as granted and did foolish and teasing acts to make you annoyed. But you forgive us all. Happy Birthday dearest stepsister.
  • The flowers have dew on their surface and an arc of prismatic colors appearing in the sky, this beautiful season and I give you my hearty wishes Happy Birthday dear stepsister.
  • Happy birthday to the lady of love and blessings. Have a beautiful birthday step sister.
  • Beauty has wings, but the beauty of ethics remains forever. Happy Birthday to my adorable step sister.
  • You are my stepsister without any doubt and I never told that how much I love you and care for you.
  • Today I just keep my ego aside and want to hug you. Happy birthday my sweet stepsister.
  • I made mistake about you in the past, I thought that you are one of those step-sisters that complicates life for others, but you refuted that and show that you are among the very best. Happy birthday step-sister. You’re loved.
  • Getting to finally agree that you are my sister has helped me unlock some of my hidden potential; you’re such a great and positive influence.
  • Happy birthday to a wonderful step-sister. May the journey of life get easier and better, I wish you prosperity and triumphant in all.
  • If I am a flower then you are its fragrance and if I rain then you are my umbrella. Happy birthday to my beloved stepsister.
  • You always take breathe in me like a pearl lives in the shell. Have a stunning birthday and joyful moments ahead, my sweet stepsister.
  • That time was very difficult when you were introduced to our family as my stepsister and I had a grudge for you but your innocence and purity changed me. Love you, little sister.
  • Coming together to live in the same house is one of the greatest things life has ever done for me, because you’re more than just step-sister, you are such a friend that should not be traded even for gold. H
  • Your simplicity and kindness makes me see of your tremendous and great value. Don’t change for anything, keep being very awesome. Happy birthday step-sister. Have lots of fun.
  • Happy birthday to you my beloved step sister, I hope that all your wildest dream come true very soon. Have a blessed celebration.
  • Happy birthday step-sister, can’t believe you’re still a teen, you look thirty already heheheh. Just Kidding! Enjoy every bit of your new age.
  • Happy Birthday stepsister I hope you really get to enjoy the day and all the beautiful things around it. You are a blessing in my life and I hope you know I will always be here for you.
  • Has it already been that long, I wish you a splendid birthday dear step-sister; you not only grow older, but more beautiful and more amazing. Have a juicy one!
  • It’s my step-sister’s birthday, you remain to be like a sister I never had and one I will always celebrate. Have a blessed birthday dear, you make everything awesome.
  • You are a blessing and I love you so much, I wish you a happy birthday and may you have many more step-sister for you deserve to live longer than all of us.


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