Relationships depend on the people involved. You can be someone’s ex and still be friends depending on the relationship you had between the two of you. Birthday messages to an ex can tempt you to write nasty and mean things that may ruin their day, but that won’t help you feel good about yourself, it will only make you feel worse when you realize what you have done to them.

Happy birthday. I wish you loads of fun and smiles.

Birthdays are special time for special people with special people around them, and even though she is your ex-wife, she was a part of you that is something you can never erase. Here are some messages you can send to your ex-wife wishing her a lovely birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages for Ex-Wife

the felling is still so strong we can not be together but i will always cherish you.

You weren't just my wife, you were my best friend, so when I lost you, I didn't just lose a wife but I lost my friend. Happy Birthday ex-wife.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Ex Wife

Happy birthday ex wife

Happy Birthday Greetings for Ex Wife

 Happy birthday to you ex-wife


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