Happy Birthday Son

Are you keen to send your wonderful son a birthday message but do not know how to fuse the words correctly? Do not get yourself stressed out because that is why we are here all day long at your service. Check out our list of amazing messages to send to him. As a parent, you owe him the best of everything, so pick the word that expresses your innate emotions and tells him how indispensable he is to you.

Happy Birthday to you Son

  • You never cease to make us happy; it is always a happy moment after another. I’m glad it is your birthday, so I can reciprocate in cash and kind to a deserving son.
  • I experienced a void in my heart until I had you as my son; whenever you are around, there is always a reason to laugh. Today is yours, and we are happy to play a part.
  • You are my son, my best friend, someone I dearly treasure and I am happy to celebrate with you today and every day.
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  • There’s nothing left for me to say but I love you every day, every year and every inch you grow. Happy Birthday.
  • The memories of your birthdays are still fresh in my mind; fortunately, I will be adding another to my collection. I am so excited for you, my son.
  • I am not a perfect parent because they do not exist, but I will always try to do my best to make you happy as a son, especially on your birthdays.


  • Happy Birthday son, whenever my friends complain to me about their sons, I bow my head to smile because you are the best and I got you all to myself.
  • From toy horses to tying your first time, I have beamed with pride that you are a part of my life. I will always love you.
  • Happy Birthday Messages for Son
  • Many men roam the earth but none can compare to you. I’m happy to have a son like you.
  • Love is your smile and your wonderful hugs. On your special day, may you be reminded of our love as much as you’ve blessed us with love.
  • The atmosphere is different from other days, and it’s probably because of your birthday, it is a sign that my son is extraordinary from the rest.
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happy birthday wishes to my son

  • Remember to say a wish before you blow your birthday cake, so the angels give you a birthday present, trust me, son, it works, but you have to believe.
  • I thank God the sun shines on you each day. Happy Birthday to a wonderful son! We all love you.
  • Loving you throughout the years gives me a deep sense of joy my world could not do without. Happy Birthday!
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  • Celebrating a son any mother would be blessed to have. I’m proud of the man you are and will become.
  • To the little boy who stole my heart at first glance and whose smile is as sweet as cake, happy birthday. You are great!
  • Best Birthday Messages for Son from Mom
  • No matter how tall you get or how your hands no longer fit, you will always be my little boy. Cheers to being a year older!
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happy birthday son funny

  • An upright son deserves commendation on his birthday, so I take this once in a year opportunity to commend you for managing your life very well.
  • There is a need to spoil you today because birthdays only happen once in a year and it is your turn, nevertheless, ensure you celebrate like a responsible son.
  • Birthday Wishes for Son from Father
  • Happy Birthday to my lovely son, do not believe any lies people tell to tarnish your image. You are one of the best humans that I know so relax and enjoy the day.
  • The sky sings sweetly as I gaze on your playful laughter zooming in the shade. You are my joy alive and loud. Have a great day.
  • It is indeed a pleasure to have the opportunity to share every joy, pain, success and sorrow with you. Thanking my lucky stars for one more year to care for you.

happy birthday son images

  • Grateful for one more year to love you, lift you and be here for you. Happy Birthday, my son.
  • Your life was my greatest gift and I hold you close to my heart. May today and your tomorrows hold as much hope as you’ve given me.
  • Happy Birthday to my growing boy! I often pinch myself to see if it’s a dream but every gym sock reminds me that your presence is real.
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  • Love, life and laughter to the brightest boy I have ever known. Today is your day and with love we celebrate the wonderful person you are!
  • On this day umpteen years ago, the world rejoiced to welcome the life of a royal boy. Happy Birthday to the prince in my life.
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happy birthday son poems from dad

  • Your radiance is far-reaching, a true delight to my soul. May today be as happy as you have made me. Happy Birthday!
  • My heart believes that you are every bit as beautiful as the flaws you sometimes frown on. You are celebrated as you are but most of all with love.
  • I see greatness in your shouts and even in the gentle way you are. Happy Birthday to my superstar.
  • As you get older I want you know that my love will walk with you wherever life takes you. You will always be my baby boy.

happy birthday son from mom

  • Some call it fate but you’re a beautiful dream that my heart finds delight in coming true. Happiest of birthdays to you!
  • You’re big and strong and beautiful. I love all the ways you are different from every little boy. Celebrating my unique son, today and always!
  • Time with you is always time well spent. Wishing for many more years to have more time to love you, my boy!
  • With every birthday comes new experiences and new reminders that no matter how finite may be, at every step of the way you can find my love.

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