Happy Birthday Sister

You do not want to be a reason why your sister is not happy on her birthday so do your best when playing your part as a sibling, consider it as a way of saying thank you for having your back during stressful situations. Start the day on a positive note by sending a birthday message before other formalities begin to show that you mean business. We composed terrific words for this purpose, so check our collection and send the one you love the most.

Happy Birthday to you Sister

  • Dear naughty sister, I wish you were much closer to me; I can grab your hair and give you a birthday beating just like back in the days.
  • Thank you for teaching me all the girly things life never needs to be without. You’re the greatest big sister.
  • As a sibling to the birthday celebrant of the day, I have all the right to be the first person give you a peck on both of your heavily made-up cheeks.
  • The Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister
  • My heart springs with joy to share your special day. Wishing you abundant happiness to brighten today and illuminate your tomorrows.
  • You mean the world to me my beautiful sister. Happy Birthday to you and I love you so much.
  • You cannot compare my birthday wish to you with others; you are my sister, so you deserve an hour-long prayer from someone like me.


  • I always wanted a good sister before I got you. I didn’t know that you are the best across all planets. A huge Happy Birthday to you.
  • May you grow up to be a responsible woman, on your Birthday I can’t think of another person today other than you, my sister. I love you more than the whole full world.
  • Happy Birthday Messages for Sister
  • It is an honor to have you as a sister; I cannot wait to see how beautiful you will look at your birthday outfit.
  • You’re the best sister in the world and no one could compare. Wishing you a delightful and happy birthday!
  • You’re my dear sister and with all my heart and might I want to wish you the best birthday, the most fulfilling life and happiness to keep your heart singing.
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happy birthday to my sister message

  • Celebrating life is to celebrate your wonderful heart. Stay kind, loving and beautiful as you are.
  • Since I cannot change you as a sister, I will support and do things that make you happy like sending you a Happy Birthday message.
  • I will always be there to give you support whenever you need it. Sister, I do not know your plans for the Birthday, but I also got some amazing ones too.
  • Birthday Wishes for Sister from Brother
  • Nothing makes me happier than seeing my sister crack a smile for me; I know I will get loads of it today during your birthday party.
  • To the only girl I know who’s sweet as a muffin and is the prettiest of them all dressed in pink, happy birthday!

happy birthday sister funny

  • Love is your language and grace is your style. Wishing you successes unbounded for the year ahead.
  • At this moment, I declare your Birthday open to all and sundry by the power conferred on me as the sibling to the beautiful celebrant of the day.
  • I cherish you as a sister. Therefore, I wish you the best birthday experience you ever had. Good people deserve only the best things in life.
  • Happy Birthday Beautiful! Sweet Wishes
  • Happy Birthday to you, my princess sister. I figured out being a lady is excellent after monitoring your progress over the years, it’s amazingly commendable.
  • Having you as a sister is mysterious, I wake up every day thinking about how I got an angel for a sister. Then I accept the fact that you are Gods token to me. Happy Birthday.
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happy birthday sister gift

  • Congratulations are in order for the coolest woman to walk the earth. She is poetry dancing on every rainbow.
  • Happy Birthday to a sister that has outgrown every beautiful word, who loves by being and who is unafraid of how deeply she cares. Have a wonderful day.
  • You’ve taught me to fall in love with all the things that make me unique. You are absolutely special and the best sister to me.
  • Despite your new age today, you will always remain my beautiful sweet sister and the best friend that I have. Utilize the rest of your birthday judiciously.
  • We are inseparable, probably because you are my sister and I like you so much, do not worry, I will be right behind you during your birthday party.

happy birthday sister cake

  • May you never know sorrow in the remaining days of your life because I do not know where I would be without my beautiful sister’s guidance. Happy Birthday.
  • Mere words cannot express the meaning of the beauty of your being to everyone within your reach and to those you may not know. You are truly a blessing.
  • The best is yet to come to you, my beloved sister, so see your Birthday as a step closer to your aspired goal, keep working and praying.
  • Pick up your pen and write this down. Your latter days will be better than your former because you are the best sister in heaven and on earth. Have a lovely day sis.
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happy birthday sister images and cards

  • Happiness will be the order of the day for the remaining days of your life, and may you not have a reason to be sorrowful. That is my birthday wish on you, my sister.
  • I have a confession to make to you on your Birthday. I miss you like crazy whenever we are apart, and I stare at your pictures to see my beautiful sisters face.
  • Happy Birthday, sister. Even though we are siblings by blood, it feels different. You are like the other half that I immensely miss whenever we are apart.
  • You will receive the wages of being a good sister today, so expect me to cause a steer with my dance moves during your birthday party.

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