Happy Birthday Niece

Nieces are bonus daughters, the extension of your love and a joy unmatched by anyone else you may know. Remind her of all the ways she is loved with greetings and wishes as extra special as she is. Say it with distinction, conviction and pride in celebration of her birthday, her life and all the beautiful things your niece represents for you.

Happy Birthday to you Niece

  • Happy Birthday, my beautiful niece. Hoping today is filled with bright hope for tomorrow, the happiness of today and adventures with every breath.
  • I could not ask for a better niece than you and so I’m taking this time out to say happy birthday. Wishing you merriment, blessings and resounding love on your special day.
  • Dear niece, you’re a star in my eyes from the day you were born to the new heights you’ve gained in your life. Happy Birthday to you.
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  • I’m proud of the woman you’ve become and all the memories we’ve created along the way. May your birthday bring you love as radiant as your smile.
  • Wishing you a birthday that’s calm as your soul and as wonderful as your mind. Happiest of birthdays to my blessed niece.
  • Love emanates from everything you do and you carry a tender spirit. Cheers to my niece with the most beautiful soul on your special day.


  • Happy Birthday to a great girl, who’s sweeter than pink cotton candy. Wishing you a life that’s free, peaceful and dandy as you’ve always been.
  • Taking the time out to say cheers for a life that has brought us tears of joy and a new sense of happiness. Thanking God for a niece like you, especially on your birthday.
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  • Today I join in celebration with nature for a smile as bright as the sunrise and a soul as refreshing as the breeze of a new dawn. Happy birthday!
  • Sending all my love to the sweetest niece to ever grace the face of the earth. You are and will always be special, precious and beautiful to me.
  • Your time is now and your success is always on the horizon. Never forget, no matter how old you get, that you are always forging ahead new life, new hope and unlimited possibilities.
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happy birthday niece messages

  • I wish I could be there to share your presence in celebration of this new age in your life. Wherever life takes you, always know I will be here cheering you on.
  • You’re a golden girl and an inexplicable delight for sore eyes. Happy Birthday from an aunt whose life you’ve gifted much joy.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Niece from Aunt
  • The best place to be is here with you sharing in all the beautiful ways you are. I’m glad to wish you happy birthday, being grateful for your beautiful heart.
  • Woke up with feelings of celestial happiness that today marks one more year of your growth. I am proud of your power and prowess.
  • Happy Birthday dear niece, my sibling did well to have you as a daughter and a central figure of the family.

happy birthday niece funny

  • The best is yet to happen to you; there shall be great this that will accompany today’s celebration that you will wonder, why so lucky?
  • I am not exaggerating the statement of you being the best because you are my niece and I want to make you happy on your birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Niece from Uncle
  • You remind me of my mom, who is also your grandma; your birthday gives me the same feel as hers. It is probably because we all share the same blood.
  • We all pray for our offspring’s to do better for themselves than we did, so I expect my favorite niece’s birthday to trump mine.
  • I firstly send a message to your parent before wishing you a happy birthday. I thanked them for giving me a sweet and adorable niece.
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happy birthday niece images

  • Congratulations, to my niece for shattering the expectations of the evil people to add another year to her cabinet of trophies.
  • Keep a good job up, niece, as you always did. May you add many more years to your age and never die while your parents are still alive.
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  • Wear the finest of your dress and ensure to look as pretty as possible, it is the least you can do on your birthday for being my niece and alive.
  • I told you a thousand times already; nevertheless, I will do the same today again. Always remember that as my niece, you are still in my heart.
  • It is surprising why I feel happier than you for your birthday; it is likely for the great bond that exists between us; you are more than a niece to me.
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happy birthday niece poems

  • Keep being a lovely niece, and I will continue to shower you with gifts just like on today that is your birthday. I count you as my child.
  • I hope you are celebrating your birthday; it is not too early to kick the party off. It should be a whole day to celebrate my lovely niece.
  • Happy Birthday Beautiful! Sweet Wishes
  • Dear niece, There are so many things you can do to make your birthday remarkable, but in all, you do always thank God at every moment for keeping you alive.
  • Our entire family and I are happy that my niece is a year older; you are distinct and have wonderful traits that all will ever wish to have.

happy birthday to my niece quotes

  • You might only be my niece or choose to be my daughter whichever way, my thought towards you on your birthday remains pure and sincere.
  • Do not forget to send me your pretty birthday pictures so that I can store them to preview every other day as also do to your cousin’s images.
  • It is your birthday, niece. Hurray and do not forget to send my cake through whatever medium so that I can reciprocate with your gift.
  • As my niece, you reserve the right to ask me for any gift within my budget on your birthday, and I am obliged to respect your wish.

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