Happy Birthday to you Nephew

Happy Birthday to you dear nephew. The joy of life isn’t found in a lot of things or in a lot of places, you only get to find it in people you’ve poured your love on, people who got your back through thick and thin, people who will lay probably lay down their lives for you to live. Dear nephew, I want you to know today that it is a great privilege to be surrounded with positive people who will support you when it rains, not just when it shines. Nothing could ever come close to having such assurance in your life. I do hope you won’t take this for granted. Keep revering the people who surrounds you, they are your angels and it’s so certain that we are glad to have you in this family also.

Best Ways to Say Happy Birthday Nephew

  • I have always wondered the nature of spell that my lovely nephew used on me to make me love him so much, I have been waiting for today’s birthday for quite some time.
  • Congratulations to the most critical nephew on completing another tremendous year, you are destined for significant achievements in the coming year. Stay positive and work hard.
  • The world will be a better place if every family has a lovely nephew such as mine, you are not alone on your birthday, and I will make it worthwhile for you.
  • Happy Birthday to my beautiful nephew, today would not be less fun if every day is your birthday, every time I spend with you is fun-filled and exciting.
  • A year ago, we were celebrating your birthday and it is another 365 days. You mean the world to us dear nephew that is why we shower you with so much love.
  • Times I find it hard to differentiate whether you are my nephew or son, I feel so attached to you and always feel excited about your birthdays.

Happy birthday nephew funny cards

  • Happy Birthday to my little wonder, the relationship we share is unique and exciting, I would not mind if you remain my nephew in my next life.
  • Not everyone’s birthday means so much to me as yours; you have every right to my resources on your birthday because you are a dear and steadfast nephew.
  • Always believe me whenever I tell you that you are my favorite nephew, your birthday is a perfect opportunity to prove it to you so watch out.
  • I have another kid in you despite being my nephew; we will celebrate your birthday just like that of my child. I will try to make you happy for your birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the nicest nephew that ever lived amongst men, I am glad that you are mine and I would not trade you for a billion dollar.
  • A ten-page essay cannot contain my gratitude to God for making my lovely nephew witness another exciting birthday, cherish, and maximize every passing second of the day.
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Happy birthday handsome nephew

  • I hardly miss my children whenever they are away because your presence gives me equal satisfaction and love. Enjoy more prosperous future ahead of you.
  • You know that, as my nephew you can always count on me whenever you want extra resources that your parents think is extravagant like a full-blown birthday.
  • We still have many years ahead of us. However, I will not let your birthday pass without telling you how good you are to me as a nephew.
  • My shout out goes to the birthday boy; you are the perfect example of a right nephew that everybody should have in their respective lives.
  • As long as you remain, my nephew, I will always show you the care and support that you deserve on your birthday. We are stuck together for this lifetime.
  • An upright adult would never forget a nephew’s birthday, so I kept monitoring the calendar until this very day because you mean the universe to me.

Happy birthday nephew god bless you

  • I hope you have a great birthday my beloved nephew, blessings, and prosperity of the day shall be your portion from this day onward.
  • Good Nephews are scarce although most families have more than one, I am lucky that you are different from the lot. Wonderful happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to my dear nephew, you should have a great day today because you would not have the privilege to such celebration until next year.
  • There is only one of your kinds in this world; I have not seen a child as compassionate as you have, kept on with the excellent work on your birthday and after.
  • Congratulations to my nephew as he is a year older today, may all the right things of life never elude you from this day onward. Do not forget to send my cake.
  • May your birthday blessing be as numerous as the stars in the sky; I am not being Partial but being appreciative of a beautiful nephew.
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happy birthday to you nephew from aunt

  • Lots of love to my nephew on his birthday, may all your innate potential become visible to men, you are such a talented and unique boy.
  • Every moment that I spend with you confirms that you are unique and should treat you as such, may the world bring out the best in you. Happy Birthday.
  • The world celebrates your new age my dear nephew, goodness, and mercy shall be a part of your life during this New Year.
  • My nephew is indeed a bundle of wonder; I am glad that you are a year older today. you should have fun. Happy birthday to you man.
  • I have only wished for the best on you, my nephew, today is your birthday, so you deserve even more prayers. May the heavens keep you safe for me.
  • I would like to wish my dearest nephew a happy birthday; our family is the best because we have outstanding talents like you amongst us.

Happy birthday nephew beautiful gift

  • It is hard to believe that you are just a nephew to me, you tick all the boxes of a brother, son and a true friend. Happy Birthday young one.
  • Happy Birthday nephew, you are a confirmation of the adage that says children are the leaders of tomorrow, in your case; you show how integral you are to your generation.
  • My love for you is unique; sometimes I try to believe that it is because you are my nephew. Special people deserve a big birthday bash.
  • I hardly remember my birthday but I never forgot yours since when you were born. I hold you in high esteem and lucky to have you as a nephew.
  • Today marks one of the happiest days of my life because my lovely nephew is a year older, we are inseparable, and nothing can come between us.
  • Growing up can be fun when there are special people in one’s life. Happy Birthday nephew, I will always be there for you come rain or shine.
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Happy birthday great nephew

  • We are stuck together for eternity because you are my nephew. Therefore, I am obliged to love you and contribute to your happiness like today’s birthday.
  • My birthday was much fun because of your impact as a nephew; now it is my turn to reciprocate the favor. I intend to surprise you today.
  • Congratulations to the celebrant of today may your birthday mark the start of greatness and unmerited favor. Have fun my dear nephew
  • I did not think much of family members until my darling nephew was born, I fell for you naturally, and here I am today feeling so excited for your birthday.
  • Today marks another 365 days that my lovely nephew was born, just like previous times, we are in this together, and nobody should limit our fun.
  • Many people do not know why I am always excited for my nephews birthday; the answer is simple, he reminds me of myself when I was younger and much more handsome.
  • Happy Birthday sweet nephew, the moment my clock ticked 12:01 am, I woke up to send you this message. Very few people enjoy such courtesy from me.
  • My shout out goes to my nephew on his birthday; I cannot wait for you the celebration to begin; we are going to celebrate you as one big happy family.
  • Happy birthday nephew. You are such different species of person from everyone and we hope to see you at the Top of every ladder we couldn’t climb.
  • Wishing you a lifetime of prosperity, happiness and health! May your success be found in leaps and bounds, as tall as skyscrapers and crisp as the morning sun. Happy birthday to a super human!
  • Smile more, have fun and be happy on your birthday, self-love is the most important virtue.


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