Happy Birthday Mom

God made mothers to be exceptional beings that posess some inert potential that the strongest and wisest man lack. They are dynamic in their ways of affection and display an unconditional love towards their children even during the hardest times, sending at least a birthday message should be the least of our problem to thank her for bringing us to life. Check our collection for the best words that will make her happy on her special day.

Happy Birthday to you mother

  • A Birthday Wish to the best mother in the world. I wish you good health and many more prosperous years amongst the living.
  • My mother is a year older; therefore, I have to rejoice for a life well spent. I look forward to some more glorious exploits from you.
  • The Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom
  • I will ensure that you have a happy birthday that is befitting of a mother and makes you feel like the angel that you are to me.
  • Mothers are unique creatures, so I will peculiarly treat you on your birthday, sit back and wait for the biggest surprise of the day.
  • There is no doubt about my most treasured asset; it is you, dear mama; therefore, I will treat you with love and care on your Birthday.


  • A mother’s love is next to nothing else, so is a child’s love for the mother. I now know why we reciprocate affection for each other. Happy Birthday.
  • All things become easier whenever I am with my lovely mother; I always believe you are an angel on a global goodwill mission. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Messages for Mother
  • The day is still bright, so we have more than enough time to plan a birthday that is befitting enough for my lovely mother. I would love to see you smile.
  • The entirety of my body feels unrelaxed in a pleasant way when I sought for a reason; I discovered that your birthday is the cause.
  • Happy Birthday, to the love of my life. You are an unconditional friend and the mother that carried me in her womb for nine-month.
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happy birthday mom messages

  • Nothing should come between a mother and a child’s plan just like ours for your Birthday; today is the d-day to execute the plan.
  • Extreme dancing and great blown fun are on a schedule for your birthday party, so mom, prepare yourself for some live action from me.
  • People say a lot of good things about you, which makes me proud of you as my mom; I cannot accept a billion pounds to trade you. Have a nice day.
  • Birthday Wishes for Mother from Son
  • Calamity and tribulation will not befall you, but you shall live a life of happiness to always be there for me, your dearest child. Happy Birthday, mom.
  • I live my life looking up to you as a mentor and an outstanding mother. I am indebted to you for your pure love towards me. Happy Birthday.

happy birthday lovely mom images

  • It is not everyone that knows the worth of a lovely mother like you on her Birthday, but I am not one of them. Have a very happy birthday mom.
  • Let us enjoy your birthday in a remarkable style just like you deserve, mummy, you are one in a million and indispensable to me.
  • Birthday Wishes for Mom from Daughter
  • I can remember all your sacrifices as a mother to make us happy even when we were over demanding you still tried to make us smile.
  • Dear mother, all your troubles will tick away with your Birthday so that you can live the type of life that befits my mummy.
  • So soon, I can not believe it is your birthday already, the excitement is already having its effect on me, and it makes me happy, mummy.
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happy birthday mom funny

  • Mother, Drop all your worries in a bin and forget them entirely because it is your birthday and you deserve happiness on your day.
  • Have a birthday fun until you feel alright because it comes up only once in a long year so make the most of the day.
  • Happy Birthday Beautiful! Sweet Wishes
  • I got your birthday on my schedule, so mother knows that I am at your beck and call for the rest of the day.
  • You are the greatest mother ever, so I say a big happy birthday to you and hope your new age attracts the best of everything right to you.
  • Cheers to the beautiful and ageless mother of mine, please, accept my message as a reflection of my bountiful love for you.

happy birthday mom cards

  • There is not a competition about the greatest mother to ever live because without any reasonable doubt; it is you. Happy Birthday.
  • Hello, mummy. I like celebrating your birthday because it is one of those days when I have the chance to pour out my heart to you.
  • Everyone will dance and drink, eat, and also be happy to show you that you are arguably the best mother in society.
  • I can sing your praises all day long, and I will not get tired of doing it not because it is your birthday but for the unconditional mothers love you show me.
  • Everything must be in place for my mother’s birthday, I will be the chief host of the day, so you don’t have to worry or lift a finger.
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happy birthday mom wishes

  • Anybody that is not happy that my mom is a year older can keep it to themselves; we don’t want any negative energy on your special day.
  • Happy Birthday, mother. You thought us to recognize key moments in our life, so I expect you to do the same and have a lovely day.
  • I look forward to your birthday party, mom. I intend to raise the roof and prove to everyone present for the occasion that I love you so much.
  • As long as there are night and day, I will always love you even when death separates us. You are my mamma, and I am happy for your birthday.
  • A grateful heart will always receive more so I want to thank you on your birthday to appreciate you for your immense sacrifice.
  • You are not the only mother celebrating a birthday today; however, you are my champion, my female personality of the day.

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