When you love someone, you try to make each and every moment of their life memorable. You spend days, weeks, months and years with them but there is always that special day for them. The day they were born. You feel happy to share their birthday with them, you love seeing them enjoy their day.

Happy birthday to you my love

It may not necessary be your lover, everyone has that one special someone in their life. It may be a family member, a best friend, or just any special person in your life. Why not send them a little message to show how much you appreciate them, here are some examples.

Birthday Love Messages for your Beloved Ones

  • You are simply amazing… I love you so much sweetheart. Happy Birthday!
  • I love you from the bottom of my heart, I am glad I get to enjoy this day with you.
  • I will spend eternity with you because you are my forever. I love you and I wish you have a great birthday.
  • I love you so much. Kisses, hugs and many blessings. Happy Birthday.
  • I could write a whole book of you, but I fear it would not contain everything I would love to tell you.
  • I will do everything in my power to keep you happy and proud of me. I love you, happy birthday.
  • I could never ask for more, you have given me all I need. I love you sweetheart.
  • You are truly heaven sent. Thank you for accepting me to be part of your life. Happy birthday, I love you.
  • As time goes by, I learn that you are the most important part of me. Happy birthday my only love.
  • With my head on your shoulder, feeling that nothing can affect me. But I want some of your cake.
  • You were out of my league, but the love I have for you was real, trying my luck is one of the bravest thing I’ve done in my life. Happy Birthday Love of my life.
  • The love you’ve given and shown unto me, I am sure I cannot give it back. Thank you so much for everything and I wish you the Happiest Birthday my heart.

Happy birthday with heart and stars

  • The day is here, the one I have been waiting for, singing you happy birthday only proves one thing; we will share such moments forever. Have a hearty birthday my love!
  • Happy Birthday to your lips, to your eyes, to your smile, to your skin. Have a sweet day.
  • I love you from here to the next galaxy through all the planets. Have a glorious birthday.
  • My beautiful dandelion, you are the only flower in my garden, I won’t pluck you, I will watch you age, take care of you and make sure you stay beautiful.
  • You should have opted to be a doctor in your career line, because our relationship would have gone into extreme coma if not for your sacrifices. Happy Birthday love.
  • You are important to me; I can never take you for granted. I love you so much, Have a beautiful birthday.
  • Happy Birthday my love, you make such days’ worth looking forward to. Have a great time celebrating with those you hold dearest.
  • Thoughts of you set my body ablaze, you make me feel supernatural every time you stare into my eyes, have a hearty birthday dear, you are my ray of sunshine.
  • The kind of inspiration you passed onto me is electrifying. I go to sleep every night knowing that I have a sustainable support. Happy Birthday my woman.

Happy birthday i love you

  • I am glad you have another year of making me smile and laugh, you are truly a gift and I hope you have fun today. I love you!
  • Another year full of love, blessing and good times, that is what I wish and hope for. Have a great birthday my love, you light up my world.
  • Today is a good reason to thank god, for your life, for your birth, because I met you and you are in my life.
  • You are my greatest hello and hardest goodbye, it may sound cliché but I mean every word of it. Happy Birthday my love, you make each day brighter than the last.
  • Happy Birthday dear, thank you for letting me share this day with you. I love you so much. Have a lovely day.
  • Thoughts of you always make me giddy inside; I wish to spend forever with you so I can get to sing you this awesome song you make me sing. Have a great birthday my love.
  • The whole story of my life wouldn’t have been the same if you had missed an episode; you came into my life and changed the whole story into a very lovable one.

You are the smile of my life; you are the light of my heart

  • You are turning a new age, I will love you still, I will be here. Happy Birthday, I am here for you.
  • It is a beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful girl who I proudly call mine, I will love you now and when you are old and wrinkly, you mean the world to me sweetheart.
  • Sorry for any disappointment I may have caused, you make me a better person and I love you for that. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • There’s nowhere else I’d rather be nothing else I’d rather do, than to be here as you grow old and tell you how special you are to me. Happy Birthday my one and only!
  • You are an amazing person; I hope I tell you that often. Have a good time dear, I love you.
  • When a man loves a woman cannot have your mind on something else. You make me lose my mind. Have a memorable day.
  • I can’t help but feel lucky that you are part of me, that I get to share the day with you and that I get to be the one you have fun with. I love you darling, have a fantastic birthday!
  • There is nothing in the world more precious than love, and my love for you is priceless, Happy Birthday my love.
  • I can’t see a day without you, because if I don’t see you, I’ll lose my head. May you live longer than I, so I can get to admire you more each day. I love you!
  • Words mean a lot and that is why I am looking for the perfect words today to wish you a great birthday and a happy new year of age #still haven’t found them yet.

everything in life has a limit except my love for you

  • You make me feel something I have never felt before. I just hope I make each and every birthday worthwhile for you, I love you.
  • Happy Birthday. I love you dear; you are the only warmth I need during a dark and stormy night. Have a lovely day.
  • Happy Birthday my sweet man, you are all I need and more, you definitely make each day worth smiling for, I love you so much. Have a hearty birthday!
  • I love you for your principles and values, and your sweetness and tenderness for your patience.
  • You have made me a better person, a person worth your love. I love you. Have a great birthday!
  • Have a great birthday my one and only, each day is definitely blessed with you near; you have my heart, soul and body now and forever.
  • I am proud to be part of you. I love you darling, Have a lovely day.
  • If today is my last day on earth, I will say I lived a worthy life, I had you, I saw you age and I felt what it was like to be loved by you. Have a hearty birthday my love!
  • This will be the most amazing day of your life. I hope you know how much you mean to me. Happy birthday love of my life.
  • This birthday will definitely beat all others, have a fantastic time my dear one, I hope I make this different that all the rest!
  • I can proudly call you my kryptonite because every time you are around I grow undeniably weak.
  • You have everything I could ever hope to have. I will never stray away from you. I love you much, Have a great birthday.
  • As time passes by, I cannot help but feel lucky to have you in my life. Enjoy this day. Happy birthday, I love you.

I could never ask for more, you have given me all I need. I love you sweetheart

  • With each passing year, you become more beautiful. Have a blast!
  • May this birthday be one of the best my love, I am definitely hoping I will be a reason you smile tonight, I love you!
  • I’m happy to share my life with you every day and every time you meet another year I realize how much I love you.
  • Happy Birthday and thank you for every minute. Every evening. Every morning. Thank you for all the times that we spent together.
  • I love your smile, your heart, Everything, Every moment that passes with you.
  • You and I will not have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Happy Birthday my only love.
  • Together we can enjoy every evening. See every star that shines in the sky, walking on every full moon that illuminates our nights.
  • My voice searches for words to tell you how much I love you. Have a wonderful day.
  • Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person in the world, you deserve a big cake. May all your wishes come true. I love you.
  • I have loved you for a thousand years and will love you for millions more. Have a wonderful birthday my love.
  • You are the smile of my life; you are the light of my heart, Happy Birthday to you my sweetheart.
  • They say you never get to know a person at all but I would devote myself to know you better.
  • You’re a special angel; you will always be in my heart and thought, Happy birthday my love.
  • My voice search for words to tell you how much I love you.
  • Every time when I close my eyes, I see you in my dreams. Happy Birthday my love.
  • In every corner of my heart there is a picture of you. I love you . Have a great day.
  • I love you so much; I love you more than any person in the world,
  • You have a heart of gold and you are the queen of tenderness. Happy Birthday my queen.
  • Thank you for being someone I can always talk with him/her. Have a great day!
  • The heart that loves is always young. I wish you a year full of love and happiness.
  • Having a friend like you; it’s like having a sunny day. Have a great birthday.
  • Eat and drink all you want because today is your birthday.
  • Happy Birthday! Best wishes to you in your coming days, with love and admiration.
  • Happy Birthday my love. I never imagined I would meet the woman of my dreams; you’re the most beautiful thing that God has given me.
  • On your birthday I wish Your life full of joy and happiness. I will be always there for whatever you need.
  • With each passing year you become more beautiful. Happy Birthday. I wish you all the best in your life.
  • I love you like I’ve never loved before; I wish you the happiest of birthdays. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Of the seven billion persons, you are the one who makes me happier.
  • Happy Birthday. This is the most sincere way to say I love you with all my heart. Have a lovely day.
  • On night like this I want you in my arms to celebrate. Happy Birthday.
  • Love, in this day your birthday, I want you to know that I want to spend many years with you, right now I’m thinking about you, that you are the most vital reason.
  • I hope that the years to come are full of good fights, victories, successes and happiness. Happy Birthday.
  • Today is a very special day for you; I wish you love and happiness on your birthday.
  • My love on this special day I thank God for giving me the fortune to have you with me.
  • I cannot stop thinking about you and all the birthdays I have been fortunate to enjoy with you. .
  • Happiness and success is always on your side. Strive a lot to achieve your dreams. Now it’s time to celebrate. Happy Birthday my love.
  • Today is the birthday of the man I love with all my heart, I love you. Have a beautiful birthday.
  • We will celebrate in a big way because it has come your birthday today; I wish you a beautiful day.
  • This is a very special day for you and for me, you meet another year and I’m glad to be your girlfriend to celebrate with you.
  • It is a beautiful sunny day and the birds did not stop singing, it’s your birthday and I want to have a great time with me.
  • Happy Birthday my love, each day with you is surely a blessing, hope to grow old with you and finally see you toothless.
  • Today is my favorite day because the love of my life was given birth to by a wonderful woman, always on my mind. Have a lovely day.
  • May this day bring you immense joy, intense surprises and lots of love, you are my one and only and I hope to always be with you. Have a wonderful birthday.
  •  You are a fallen angel brought into this earth to save me from my devilish ways, always and forever grateful. Happy Birthday my love.


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