Happy Birthday Daughter

Happy birthday daughter. Words can mean more important than expensive gifts to a girl child so always endeavor to say sweet words to your children most notably on their birthdays. Gifts will make them happy for a while, but the words we speak will linger for a lifetime that is why we made it imperative to compose sweet birthday messages for you to send to your darling daughter at no cost and I know that they will love anyone that you choose to send.

Happy Birthday to you Daughter

  • My lovely daughter is a year older today; it is always amazing to be part of a beautiful celebration like your birthday. Enjoy the rest of the day.
  • The princess of our house is a year older today, so every other person and I are getting ready as the event of the millennium unfolds.
  • On this day, a pretty princess was born and life has been filled with magic ever since. Happy Birthday to the fairest little girl of them all!
  • 200 Cutest Birthday Wishes for Daughter
  • Your cheeks give me life and your hugs are the best. Happy birthday to the sweetest girl on earth!
  • You deserve all the love and beauty in the world. Never forget this as you grow older. Have a very happy day.
  • One more year is added to your life today and perhaps even another inch. Wishing you a happy birthday and love that loves every inch you will ever be!


  • May the remaining years of your life be pleasant, calm, and less turbulent. I wish this on you because you are the best daughter alive.
  • Happy Birthday darling daughter, Calamity shall never come your way after your birthday; you shall progress in life with a supersonic speed.
  • Happy Birthday Messages for Daughter
  • Happy Birthday to a lovely young lady! You’re beautiful, amazing and smart. I could not have asked for more!
  • Age is just a number when I think of all the love inside there is for you. Many birthdays may pass but you’ll always be the baby girl who delightfully changed my world.
  • May this day bring you reminders that you are loved in and out of seasons, smiles that sing sweetly to your soul and arms that you can always call your home.
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happy birthday daughter from mother

  • Everything in life will come to an end but not the love that I have for my wonderful daughter. Happy Birthday to you.
  • Congratulations to you dearest daughter, you might be a year older to others, but you will always remain my beautiful little royalty.
  • From a baby girl with the brightest eyes to a woman who is fun and wise, I’ve watched you transform right before my eyes. I’m truly proud of the woman you’ve become.
  • Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom
  • Some women were made but you were created in love. I hope today celebrates all the lovely ways you are and will become.
  • To my beautiful daughter, celebrating you is my everyday joy but today is extra special. For only a few years ago I would’ve never imagined the beauty your life brings.

birthday cards to my daughter

  • I always wanted a good daughter, but to my greatest amazement, I got the best of them all on this day many years ago.
  • I fell in love with you at first sight on the delivery bed for being my daughter and processing a standout beauty. You keep getting better with age.
  • Celebrating a daughter who means a world of difference to life with her beauty and grace. Have yourself a remarkable birthday!
  • Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad
  • Wishing you a day that brings exciting calm, chocolate of your favorite kind and the reminder that you are a celebrated and integral to our lives!
  • Cheers to another year, a new milestone and the new excitement they will bring. Have a beautiful day.
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free birthday wishes for daughter

  • Daughters are to mothers as petals are to a rose – delicate, bright and certainly the most beautiful part of the picture. Happy birthday to my petal!
  • Beauty is from within and could also be by looks. However, you process both inner and outer beauty to qualify you for the prettiest daughter. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Beautiful! Sweet Wishes
  • A poem for your birthday. Roses are red; Violets are blue. There is no other daughter that is finer than you. I hope you like it.
  • You’re as vivacious and full of sparkle as the glitter that you love. Sending happy greetings to the girl that stole my heart since the day she was born!
  • Happy Birthday, pumpkin! May all your wishes come true. Stay soft, sweet and beautiful as you are.

  • You remind me of the fresh spring air and summer’s carefree breeze. I hope today will bless you with happy memories to last you in each and every season.
  • Everyone loves you not just for your outstanding qualities but also for your simplicity and brilliance. I am happy for your birthday, my dear daughter.
  • Life has truly blessed me with the special daughter that you are. Wishing you every ounce of love from every soul that you’ve touched today and forever.
  • Smile because love and light always shine down you and if only for the birthday cake, I wish you everything that is good. Happy Birthday daughter, your dad.
  • Thinking of you on your birthday, and I am amazed at how each stage has given new growth in every way. Have a terrific birthday celebration!
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heartwarming birthday wishes for daughter

  • Life has brought us through a lot and the journey is still unwinding. Wishing you patience, strength and unfailing resilience as you celebrate a new milestone.
  • It is easy to predict that the future reserved the best for my daughter judging by the excellent ways you approach issues. You are a package of brains and glamour.
  • Blessed and beyond is the way your life has touched mine. So I take this time to wish you the very best, more blessings and happiness for your birthday and all the others to come.
  • Wishing you a happy birthday, long life and all the successes beyond what you may aim for. Have a lovely day, your mom.
  • To the best daughter life has gifted me, May your birthday and all your tomorrows find loved, blessed, happy and in perfect health.

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