Happy Birthday Cousin

It is essential always to do the needful, so stop contemplating to show a kind gesture to a cousin on their birthday, take the bull by the horn and tell them how happy you are for their new age. Words and messages might seem trivial, but they linger in the heart even if the recipient does not show it. There is no better way to show that you care enough than to choose from our carefully knitted messages for a cousin and sit back to watch the wonders that It perform.

Happy Birthday to you Cousin

  • I want to do something special on your birthday, so I decided to invite all the neighbors, even your haters to witness my majestic cousin’s big day.
  • Happy Birthday, cousin, you are like a sibling that I never had notwithstanding I still have you as a cousin and a close ally so I do not care much.
  • Hey cousin, I hope you made a reservation for me because I will be coming with my entire family for your birthday party. Let us get the party started.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin
  • I now know why people love you so much, cousin. I am not different from others because you are a big deal, just like a million dollar.
  • Cousins come in a different form and sizes bit irrespective of your looks you will always be special to me your one true friend. Happy Birthday.


  • I contemplated singing at your birthday party despite my coarse and crocodile voice. Only someone like me can decide to crash a cousins party.
  • By convention, I meant to say sweet things to a cousin on a birthday, but I am different from others. Happy Birthday to you.
  • Happy Birthday Messages for Cousin
  • Your birthday is in the air; it is all I inhale whenever I take a breath. I am not worried about the consequence because as cousins, we share like blood.
  • What type of birthday are you planning? I am patiently waiting for the day to unfold and know how good my cousin is at planning a party.
  • I always sent my favorite cousin birthday messages, and this year is not the same. May you live a happy life after reading this text. Have a beautiful day.
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happy birthday cousin wishes

  • Love should be a universal thing amongst cousins. I love you so much not for what you did but for who you are to me. Happy Birthday.
  • May the blessings of your birthday never evade you, good returns are your portion because you made me a better cousin in all ways that you could.
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  • Hello cousin, I might be a little bit crazy today, do not worry because I will be on default mode by tomorrow. That is what your birthday does for me. Happy birthday.
  • I am a stone throw away, make a call, and your birthday errands are complete. I can only do these for a cousin to make the best use of the moment.

birthday wishes for cousin female

  • Since we share the same blood as cousins, your birthday should mean the world to me, but I will instead come for the food and drive you crazy. heheh.
  • That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of all the beautiful times we have had. You have always been a reason for me to laugh. Thank you for everything dear cousin. Happy Birthday.
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  • Saying ‘I miss you’ might not really express the way I wish to see you every now and then. You always knew how to make me happy. Cheers to my favorite cousin in the world. Cheers to your new age.
  • With every birthday, comes a turning point. With the New Year, a groomed face. Happy birthday dear cousin, and may all the joys that come with this year make you a better man. Cheers.
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happy birthday cousin messages

  • Thank you for being the best cousin that I can ever imagine, I don’t know what I did to deserve you. Your birthday is a priority on my calendar.
  • I am probably the only person that would not give you a birthday gift. You can only be angry but cannot change me from being your cousin. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Beautiful! Sweet Wishes
  • I remember the times when I was younger and mother and father would leave me in your care. On this very day, let me take care of you as you celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday.
  • It gives me great joy to be able to witness another birthday with you. Being around you always makes me feel excited. Thanks for all the exciting memories.

happy birthday cousin images

  • Happy Birthday darling cousin. You are getting older now and I am expecting so much from you. You have always had the most beautiful smile in the family. Have a lovely day baby girl.
  • For a long time, I have been waiting for a day like this when I can celebrate someone who is so dear to me. Happy Birthday to a cousin and friend.
  • There are only a few times in a year when family and friends alike would gather together and smiles on their faces. Thank you for giving us one more reason to smile.
  • I wish my voice were as good as it was in my head, then I would have sung a thousand songs to wish you a beautiful day. Nevertheless, I would do what I can. Happy birthday to you, dear cousin.
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birthday wishes for cousin male

  • If there was ever a way to describe the word ‘kind’ with a person, then that person would be you. Your unrelenting love and care is part of what made me whom I am today. Happy Birthday to the gentlest soul in the world.
  • The prayer I have always had for you is that you succeed in all that you do. This year, I pray that you not only succeed, but that everyone whom you meet loves you, just as I do. Happy Birthday.
  • A very happy birthday to the coolest cousin in the world! I love the way you walk, dress, and talk. I cannot wait to see you again. Have a beautiful day cousin. I will be expecting you.

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