Happy Birthday Brother

It is a lovely feeling to play a crucial part in a family member’s celebration like a brother’s birthday, but despite all odds, the least we can do is to send a birthday Text to show support and remind him that you recognize the love that you share as blood. It can sometimes be an uphill task to write up the best piece that is why we wrote a lot for you to choose, it is alright to send more than one.

Happy Birthday to you Brother

  • Everyone deserves a brother like you, but there is only a copy which is luckily mine, and I do not intend to share even on your birthday.
  • I know for sure that you will experience greater blessing after your birthday because you are my brother and the signs of greatness are very visible.
  • May your birthday be unforgettable and be one of the best you ever witnessed, dear brother. Never forget that I always got your back.
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  • Words will not be enough to describe you; you are one of a kind, keep soaring. Happy Birthday! With so much love.
  • Congratulations! You’ve completed another journey around the sun without giving up on the way, we are proud of you. Happy Birthday!


  • Good siblings shouldn’t be the ones to forget a brother’s birthday. Your birthday is in my brain archive. I never forget it even for a moment.
  • The reasons why I am so close to you is gradually showing to the world, I knew you as a brother that I do not wish to replace. Have a beautiful birthday.
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  • The sky is the limit for you, brother. New doors will open for you after your birthday, and you will smile all through the year and be thankful to God.
  • On this special day, a special person was born and a special blessing is what I wish him on this auspicious day of his birth. Happy Birthday!
  • You’re a rare gem in this life and your glory will soon unfold, as you celebrate this day and forever. Have a lovely day brother!
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happy birthday brother funny

  • Ensure to enjoy yourself to the fullest because it is your birthday; I will always wish my brother the best in life despite our differences.
  • I like you just like myself because you are my brother, so I will put in total dedication to your birthday as if it is mine.
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  • Brothers can be disturbing and very annoying, but they can also be loving and fabulous just like you. It is our birthday, not yours.
  • Indeed people are created for people, your few days on earth has been filled with impacts. I wish you many years of more impacts as you celebrate your birthday today.
  • What more can I wish to a loving brother like you, than the best of life and fulfillment. Happy Birthday! My blood.

happy birthday younger brother

  • Thank you, brother, for keeping it a hundred percent with me, your impact on me is massive, and I see you as a good role model. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to a brother like no other, may your day attract riches and prosperity that you duly deserve. I am so glad for the success.
  • I am not surprised that you keep scaling new huddles of life, just as you did again today by adding another year to your age. Keep it up, brother.
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  • It’s another 365 days of your life, be happy and rejoice because this marks the beginning of many achievements for you. Happy Birthday! Brother.
  • Dearest brother, I wish you happy birthday with many happy returns, as you embark on another 365 days journey around the sun. Happy Birthday!
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happy birthday little brother cards

  • Happy Birthday, brother. There are few words that best describe the way I feel right now, and it is all because of you and the party.
  • Congratulations brother for being the most outstanding personality of the day, enjoy the ride for the next 24 hours, that’s all you got.
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  • I cannot thank you enough for the kind gestures you always express to me, I got the best brother, and I will do the same on your birthday.
  • You were born for greatness, even as you mark your birthday today; I wish you greatness and embarrassing blessings. Have a very happy birthday! Brother.
  • Thank you this day for bringing out the best in me. I wish you more blessings and prosperity. Happy Birthday! To my brother and mentor.

happy birthday brother poems

  • My brother is my world; therefore, I am happy for your birthday. I am the happiest person alive at least for the rest of the day.
  • Nobody can occupy your unique space in my heart; also, no one can take my place during your birthday because you are my lovely brother.
  • It’s still a mystery to me how you smile while in pains. It’s your birthday, no more pains and today I will be with you to make sure you never lack a reason to smile. Happy Birthday! My blood.
  • If you were not my brother, I will marry you and keep you in the most treasured place of my heart, because you’re special. Happy birthday! Special.
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happy birthday big brother

  • Send the news everywhere! A great man is born today, he is a prototype of wisdom and understanding, I wish him peace and love to fulfill destiny. Happy Birthday! bro.
  • Though we fight and quarrel nevertheless, you will always remain my brother, and not even me can change it, so your birthday is a great deal for me.
  • I am proud to have you as my brother, I appreciate everything about you and on a day like this I wish you love, peace and joy as you celebrate. Have a beautiful day.
  • I may not have money to give you; I have neither gold nor silver, but I wish you above all this day, prosperity and many more years of return. Happy Birthday! Sweet brother.

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