Birthday messages go a long way in putting a smile on their beautiful faces, send them a birthday wishes reminding them over and over again how much you love and appreciate them.

Happy birthday beautiful

They are pretty special people in our lives after all. Here are some messages you can send to that special person.

Beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes 

  • Happy Birthday to my better half, your love is always enough to turn a bad day around. I am in absolute love with you.
  • Many people fear aging but as I look at you I see grace and beauty. I treasure the wisdom in your smile and loving hands that has raised our children. Happy Birthday to you beautiful!
  • My dear son, with deepest joy we celebrate one more year to hold you close to us. Whether you are far or near, never forget we love you, son. Best wishes on your birthday!
  • Year after year, my heart has grown fond of you and I just want to show how heartfelt and deep is your presence to my life. With gladness I celebrate one more year to share my love and friendship with you. Happiest of birthdays to you beautiful lady!
  • Happy Birthday my dear lover, Thinking of giving me Goosebumps, I still cannot believe our love would be compelling to a whole extent.

Cute Happy birthday

  • The first time I held your hand I found a love I had never known. As you blow out your candles you will never have to wish for my love because it is with you wherever you may go.
  • Dear daughter, you’re growing out of your pigtails and I am already proud of the woman you will become. You are a blessing and a joy and a rare beauty to behold. Have a cute day my beautiful daughter!
  • Life can be filled with moments as tiny as a wisp of cotton floating in the wind that forge memories unforgettable at best. On your special day I just want to say that every moment with you, small or great, is golden to my very breath. Happy birthday to a beautiful friend!
  • I wish you joys untold, tender moments cloaked in the purest of love and laughter that echoes to your soul. I wish you long life, abundance, rich experiences and every good thing life can bring. Happy Birthday beautiful girl!
  • I find inspiration in the heart of the wonderful human that is you. You’re the epitome of the delight and gentle strength and all the ways love can resonate with me. So today I take the time out to celebrate how special you continue to be to me.
  • It is impossible to impress everybody on your birthday so have fun in moderation but enjoy the day. Happy Birthday beautiful sister.

happy birthday with B-day box

  • Happy Birthday to a beautiful woman! Happy is exactly what you should be because every time you smile at me has brought me joy exponentially. All the heavens rejoice and the flowers sing of love to be graced with another journey of yours around the sun.
  • I wish you a happy birthday with a total gladness from my heart. The day is all yours beautiful brother.
  • I see blessings in the way you love the souls around you and the way they hold you dear. My heart is delighted to be with you to celebrate another year of your presence with us and all the love you still share. Wishing you the very best on your birthday.
  • Growing up is an adventure and there will be times when the journey may be hard. Through the hills and valleys we will be here for you. You will always be our pride and joy. Happy birthday, my beautiful son!
  • I wish that all your scary nightmares came true today so you will remember today for the rest of your life. It will be so much fun. Have a nice day beautiful nephew.
  • Do not worry about the challenges of life, somewhat thank God for making you add another year. Happy Birthday beautiful niece.
  • As I look through the years I’ve shared with you and all the imperfections we have seen, it brings me the deepest regard to have walked this life by your side and there is nowhere else I’d rather be. Happy birthday to the sweetest on earth to me!
  • Destiny awaits you on the dawn of another year. On the horizon is the scent of new goals to attack and new wisdom to gain. So here’s to another year to be all that you aspire to be. Best wishes on your day!
  • All I can remember of you on your birthday is excess fat and old age, how did you manage to end up in such an awkward position. Happy Birthday beautiful cousin.
  • I pray that we celebrate many more of your birthday as a couple because I never want to break up with you but live and grow old as one. Happy Birthday beautiful soul.


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