Anyone can tell you that they love spending some time with their grandparents. Most of us though didn’t when we were so young, we always saw them as old and boring, but there is no one as interesting as a grandparent. They have vast knowledge and wisdom which they have picked up over the years and are happy and willing to share them with you.

Happy birthday

The least you can do is share their birthdays with them, some grandparents may not have teeth but I bet they still want to share their birthday cakes with you, here are messages you can send to them during their birthdays to show that you remember them.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Grandparents

You have the biggest heart I have ever seen; you are truly a great person and deserve the very best. Happy birthday.

Old age is a great blessing for living this life and we are grateful for having you as our grandmother, happy birthday.

Having you around us till now is a great blessing from god. now we hope to have you around forever. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Grandpa

I am always surprised, how you were able to retain good health after having lived for so long. You are a special grandpa. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Grandma

Best Birthday Wishes for Grandparents


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