Anyone can tell you that they love spending some time with their grandparents. Most of us though didn’t when we were so young, we always saw them as old and boring, but there is no one as interesting as a grandparent. They have vast knowledge and wisdom which they have picked up over the years and are happy and willing to share them with you.

Happy birthday

The least you can do is share their birthdays with them, some grandparents may not have teeth but I bet they still want to share their birthday cakes with you, here are messages you can send to them during their birthdays to show that you remember them.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Grandparents

  • I hope you have a great birthday grandee, you are a great person and my life would definitely be dull without your light. Happy birthday to you.
  • May this day bring you a lot of joy grandpa, you are a very wise person and I love spending time with you, now, I get to spend more years with you.
  • Old age is a great blessing for living this life and we are grateful for having you as our grandmother, happy birthday grandmother.
  • It’s the biggest honor for me to celebrate the birthday of my beloved grand pa, without him my life is incomplete. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday old-timer, I am glad that I get to share in your growing older, have a grand time as you turn a new age. I love you so much!
  • You are part of me and I know you are truly a blessing, I hope you have a great time enjoying this day grandma, happy birthday!
  • I am always surprised, how you were able to retain good health after having lived for so long. You are a special grandpa. Happy birthday.

You have the biggest heart I have ever seen; you are truly a great person and deserve the very best. Happy birthday.

  • Do have a great time as you celebrate this day grandpa; I hope you remember how to dance because a lot of that is required from you. I wish you have an awesome birthday.
  • Having you around us till now is a great blessing from the Supreme Being, now we hope to have you around forever. Happy birthday grandpa, stay young forever.
  • Happy birthday. You don’t look a day older grandma; you are as beautiful as ever. I hope this day brings you a lot of joy. Have a blast grandma.
  • Happy Birthday for the person who deserves everything, love, care, dreams, devotion, honor and dignity. May you live thousands of happy years, my dear grandpa.
  • You are a truly blessing to me, I have learnt a lot from you grandee and I hope that I may get to share many more moments with you. Have a brilliant birthday.
  • Whatever I have achieved till today just because of your prayers and blessings. I wish you live a long healthy life. Happy Birthday my sweetest grandmother.
  • Happy Birthday oldie, you have been a blessing throughout my life and I don’t know how I can ever repay you for that. Eat cake, blow out those candles. I love you!

Old age is a great blessing for living this life and we are grateful for having you as our grandmother, happy birthday.

  • I wonder how you were always able to put up a smiling face even when mountain is falling, you have rubbed on us a great sense of faith and positivity even amidst trials. Happy birthday wonderful granny!
  • Dear grandee, you are the coolest old timer I know of, I love you a lot and I hope this birthday brings you a lot of cheer. You are part of me and without you; I wouldn’t be whom I am.
  • You have the biggest heart I have ever seen; you are truly a great person and deserve the very best on this day. I hope you have a great birthday.
  • Your wrinkled face, shivering hands, wretched eyes narrates the journey of your past life. May you live a happy blissful life ahead. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday my dearest grandmother.
  • How could I ever be so lucky, I don’t deserve such an awesome grandee in the world and I wish you many more years so we can spend as much time together as possible.
  • You always say that a good life is a life of kindness unto others. All of your advices unto me have found their way into my blood streams and into the depth of my heart.
  • To the best grandpa in the world. An epitome of wisdom, a pinnacle of patience, a lagoon of knowledge. May you continue to be healthy. Happy birthday grandpa.

Having you around us till now is a great blessing from god. now we hope to have you around forever. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Grandpa

  • Have the best birthday ever grandpa, you make me smile and I love you so much. Have a great time as you turn another year older.
  • Grandpa, you make living interesting and I never want to lose you, as you turn a new age, may you grow wiser, healthier and happier always.
  • Happy Birthday grandpa, you are the best thing to ever happen to me, I love you and appreciate each and everything you’ve taught me so far. Have a grand time dearie.
  • Every time you cared for me by buying me enormous gifts, my parents are always scared that I’ll get spoilt. Heheheh. I wonder what gift I can buy for you grandpa! I love you so much, happy birthday.
  • Every passing year of your life makes me closer to you. Your guidelines, instructions, directions, principles and advice are an integral part of my life. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday my grandpa!
  • You told us to never say never, you told us that we can reach the top of the world if we work harder; your words are a driving powerful force. Happy birthday grandpa!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Grandma

  • Have a beautiful birthday grandma, you are one of a kind and I just love you so much. May everything work out for you!
  • As you turn another year older grandma, may everything you ever hoped and dreamed of come to pass, you truly deserve the very best sweet grandma.
  • Have a great birthday grandma, you are a blessing and I can never imagine life without you. May this day bring you lots of happy old memories.
  • Our relationship is heavenly designed, because I keep wondering how you understand me more than my parents do. Heheheh maybe you have once been as stubborn as me. Happy birthday grandma! I love you.
  • Blood relations are amazing; they translate somewhat all qualities from person to person. It’s my good luck that I got all traits and attributes same as you. Happy Birthday my dearest grandma.
  • If at this age, you are as sharp as this, as beautiful as this, as intelligent as this and as healthy as this, then I want to thread on the path you threaded. Happy birthday granny. You are one of a kind.

Best Birthday Wishes for Grandparents

  • At old age, old people tend to have seen it all, they thread on every path that there is. No wonder getting advice from you has always helped us in making right decision.
  • The journey of life always start from being a kid, but looking at you and all that you have done, it’s quite unbelievable that you have once been a kid. Heheheh happy birthday granny! I love you.
  • My some habits are inherited from you like the way I cook and its taste and my eyes, these are absolutely similar between us. I wish you a very Happy birthday my sweet grandmother.
  • For all that you have done for us in our family, I hope this day bring you lots of joy and happiness. You deserve that and lots more. Happy birthday grandpa. Enjoy your special day.
  • The rest of your days will be filled with joy and laughter and every good things that will give your heart hope to continue enjoying living. Happy birthday granny! Have fun.
  • You told us the absolute meaning of spending life, your principles, wisdom, decisional criteria and thoughtfulness are mind blowing, I have learned a lot from you, my dear grandfather. Happy Birthday. May you live a long happy life.
  • People of your age are usually depressive and egg-headed, but you are as chill as ice and lively as kids. Happy birthday my dearest grandfather.
  • The delicacies of grandmothers are always special; they have some aroma that is very distinct from all the junks we eat this day. I’m glad to have tasted of those good food.
  • Grandparents are like angels in human bodies and I am glad to have you around grandpa, your angelic words have always guided me. Happy birthday grandpa! You are loved.
  • Happy birthday grandpa, we celebrate your greatness today, you have been a great source of inspiration to us. Stay blessed and continue living healthily.
  • May your life filled with beautiful sunshine, may you live thousands of happy hours, may your all dreams come true. Wish you a very Happy Birthday my sweet grandmother!
  • You created the empire of the fortune we are enjoying today, you are full of love, and you created a bright future for us at the expense of your own enjoyment. We love you so much grandpa.
  • You are a rare granny, you are humble, adorable, you are indefinable yet approachable, the greatness of your love is remarkable. I celebrate the best granny in the world.
  • You have taught me the lesson of obedience, love, success and enthusiasm. My whole life owes your blessings what you have granted me.
  • My grandfather is not just my grandparents but, he is my mentor, consultant, guru and more than my friend. I love you a lot. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
  • Sometimes words are not enough to thank for the person with which our life’s happiness are associated. Whatever you have done for me, I will be very grateful till the last breathe. Happy birthday, my great grandmother.
  • I can’t believe I get to share another birthday with you; I am glad to be here, right by your side grandee, I love you and wish nothing but joy on this day and every day we get to spend together.
  • Others can get inspired from listening to a motivational speaker or from reading a book, but I only get the best motivation from hearing the story of your life.
  • Whenever I am down and feel like there’s no strength to move on, I remember some of your words and how you overcame your challenges. It gives me strength. Happy birthday granny!
  • The most beautiful aim of my life is to fulfill all the dreams and wishes of my grandmother because my life is the debtor of your love, endless efforts, and prayers.
  • Stay healthy and stay happy, make a promise to consign with these two forever. I wish you a very happy birthday my dearest grandfather!
  • Happy Birthday my great grandpa, I always got a new kick from you when I lose hope.
  • Have a fantastic time grandee, you are old physically, but your heart is full and young, you challenge me. Have a great birthday and remember, you are my favorite person.
  • You are truly an amazing person and I am happy to be part of your life, have a great time grandee, you deserve it. Happy birthday dearest old timer!
  • We appreciate God for keeping you for us till this moment. If we had lost you before now, this family would have been disunited. Happy birthday grandma. Thanks for always helping us.
  • Whenever I am getting sad, I just come to you and you have magical power which turns my sadness into my happiness. May you live a long happy life. Stay Blessed.
  • You and I are forever grandee, I have known you all my life and I love you for being a part of my life. I will always be here whenever you need a care giver or just someone to listen to you. I love you grandee, happy birthday to you!
  • You are the biggest asset for your family, without your consultations, directions and mentoring we are unable to take any decisions. I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  • The embodiment of rationality, the essence of love and care, a true picture of patience, a personification of knowledge and a sea of life’s experience, I always look the perfect view of life in your real portrait. Happy Birthday my dearest grandfather.
  • You are my inspiration, my motivation and my stimulus which activates my inner intense energy, I love you a lot my dear grand papa.
  • I am glad to be sharing this day with you; you make me the happiest person in the word just by being close to you. Today I celebrate the many more memories we get to create together old timer. Have a beautiful birthday!


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