Living to be old is a blessing that many people don’t realize. Getting to see you grandkids grow up into fine men and women is definitely something to look forward to with each coming second, minute, hour, day, or even season of your life. If you aren’t close to your grandkids, it high time you got to know the little men and women of the up and coming generation.

Happy Birthday Grandson. We Love You and believe in you.

Sending them a birthday message each time is something that can make you look forward to their next birthday; create that grandson – grandpa connection by at least remembering them on their special day. Use one of the messages below to spread cheer to your beloved grandson as he turns a new age.

Birthday Messages for Grandson from Grandpa

you do not know what will happen tomorrow so, we can only control what we do today.

Happy birthday grandson from grandfather

happy birthday grandson from grandpa


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