Living to be old is a blessing that many people don’t realize. Getting to see you grandkids grow up into fine men and women is definitely something to look forward to with each coming second, minute, hour, day, or even season of your life. If you aren’t close to your grandkids, it high time you got to know the little men and women of the up and coming generation.

Happy Birthday Grandson. We Love You and believe in you.

Sending them a birthday message each time is something that can make you look forward to their next birthday; create that grandson – grandpa connection by at least remembering them on their special day. Use one of the messages below to spread cheer to your beloved grandson as he turns a new age.

Birthday Messages for Grandson from Grandpa

  • Seeing my grandson grow up into a better version of me is all I’ve ever wanted, wishing you a hearty birthday, may you grow to be as old as your grandpa someday.
  • Being a grandfather is one of my most significant achievements in life and seeing you add another year only makes me more proud.
  • My son gave me a beautiful gift of a beautiful grandson; I am proud to be tour grandfather. Your Birthdays gives me a happy feeling.
  • It’s funny how time flies, it feels like it was a few years back you were born, and here you are celebrating another birthday. I am grateful for the opportunity of being your grandfather.
  • I could not have forgotten your birthday even if I separated from the world; I inscribed your birthday to the sharpest part of my brain.
  • Celebrating you today sets my old heart at ease, I will love you forever and always my look alike and I hope we never lose the grandpa – grandson connection we have.

you do not know what will happen tomorrow so, we can only control what we do today.

  • I hope you grow to become a better man than I ever was my grandson, you are a strong, handsome and amazing boy and I will forever celebrate you. Hearty birthday!
  • Dear grandson, I wish you a truckload of good wishes on your Birthday, enjoy the rest of the day knowing it in mind that grandpa loves you.
  • Warm Birthday wishes to the best grandson in town; I am so lucky to have you, I cannot trade you for all the riches of this earth.
  • You are a smart, intelligent, and kind grandson; you process the qualities of great men at such a tender age, I wish you many more years to actualize your dream.
  • We may not have been close when you were growing up grandson, but I was always there for you and I promise I will be forever. Never forget your grandpa loves you, enjoy.
  • I knew I was the luckiest grandpa when they placed you into my arms grandson, you are an amazing boy and I hope we grow closer each day. Have an unforgettable birthday.

Happy birthday grandson from grandfather

  • As a grandfather, I know a reasonable and responsible child when I see one. You have always strived to be a better man as each day passes and it has paid you off. Enjoy your birthday party.
  • I love glorious moments such as your Birthday; your birth marked the beginning of our excellent relationship between a grandpa and grandson, I pray we spend more years together.
  • Birthdays are always a great time to estimate one’s blessings over the year; I recognize you as a worthy grandson who has been gifted to my household.
  • It is amazing to witness my grandson add another year today. May your new age bring good fortunes and open new doors for you in life.
  • You bested your dad and your grandpa my grandson, you are stronger than we are and you grow more handsome each day. Have a great birthday!
  • I may be old and forget a lot, but I am your grandpa and I will forever remember the joy you bring my loving grandson. Have a great birthday.
  • I not only celebrate you today, I celebrate you forever and always my grandson; you are all your grandpa needs to wake up tomorrow, have fun on your birthday.
  • Wishing you the best on your Birthday is tantamount to wanting myself because I am your grandpa and families are one. Therefore your joy is mine also.
  • How I wish I could tell the angels to play a melodious tune on my grandson’s birthday, so he can dance and party. Enjoy your birthday because today only lasts for 24hours.
  • You have been such a great-grandson to me and your grandma; we, therefore, send you warm hugs and comfort on your birthday. We got you a little gift to show our token of appreciation.

happy birthday grandson from grandpa

  • You mean a lot to me, you are the best version of your dad and I and I hope you grow to be the man I know you are. Hearty birthday my awesome grandson!
  • I pray that when I begin to forget everything, that I may never forget you. Thank you for always being there for me grandson may you live longer than your old grandfather.
  • I know you got your handsome looks and frame from me, you look bigger and better than your age, I am delighted you’ve grown so well and added another year today.
  • When I see you I know our lineage has a big chance at survival, because you are as intelligent and devoted as your father, I feel lucky to have you as a grandson. Enjoy your Birthday while it lasts.
  • Having a son and a grandson is what every man wish for, my wish came to pass on this day many years back when I was blessed with a grandson.
  • You came to me as my grandson, but you are more than that to me, thank you for making each day special for me. Save your grandpa some birthday cake.
  • As a young man, I never thought I’d live this long, seeing my grandson play and grow stronger every day is something I don’t take for granted, hearty birthday my boy.
  • May the next chapter of your life be exciting and uplifting than the former, that’s my wish on you my Grandson on your Birthday.
  • Welcome to the beginning of another year in your life, you have not only grown in age but also in maturity and wisdom. Your Grandpa wishes you well.
  • As the days pass by I miss you more each day, you are turning into a man and I am afraid you’ll forget your grandpa as the days pass by. Have an amazing birthday always.
  • Before offering you your Birthday present, I chose to use this medium to keep you abreast of how important you are to this family. You are indeed a grandson.
  • Good things are meant to happen to good people, you are a good lad, and I pray that more good things come your way in life. Happy Birthday my dearest grandson.
  • I may run out of words to say sometimes, but I know that I truly love and appreciate you my grandson, have an unforgettable birthday.
  • May this birthday give you more wisdom, love, knowledge, heart and soul my grandson. May you grow up to be better than your grandpa, hearty birthday.
  • I pray you may outlive us all my grandson, you always put a smile on your grandpa’s face and that is something I will forever be grateful for. Enjoy your birthday.
  • Stop being depressed over past failures; your birthday offers you a fresh 365 days to correct your past mistakes and record new achievements.


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