Every day is a blessing and getting to see your kids grow up and giving you a chance to become a grandmother is something that should definitely not be taken for granted. Blessings come in many forms, some are noticeable like the little grandchild that you love and adore and some are not noticeable like how fast they are growing, it’s only when their birthdays come around that you notice how time does really fly fast.

Happy birthday to you granddaughter. have a nice day.

On your granddaughter’s birthday, why not send her a little message conveying how much you love and appreciate her and how much you’ll never forget her. Choose one of the wishes and messages here and share with your precious little girl.

Happy Birthday Granddaughter from Grandma

You grow more beautiful each year my beautiful granddaughter and I hope someday you’ll be as old as your grandma. Happy birthday.

Beautiful wish with balloon

Cute girl with balloon and happy birthday to you


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