Retiring can be the best feeling or the worst feeling depending on where you were working at, whom you have around and what you are planning to do for the rest of your days. Retirement birthday parties are rare but they can be fun and unforgettable experiences,

Happy Birthday. wishing you all the joy and happiness.

birthday messages for people who are retiring should have a little message of encouragement. Birthday messages say what is truly hidden in one’s heart in the best way possible to the one having a birthday, turning a year older. Here are some birthday messages worth sending to that special someone on their special day.

Happy Birthday Messages for Retirement

  • Happy Birthday! You’ve worked for so long and now you can finally enjoy some super down time.
  • It’s time for retirement. Let’s make the nursing home super wild. They aren’t ready for the birthday party savagery that will occur there.
  • Now all you must do is to wake up, eat and sleep. You have used your youthful days to work; now you must enjoy your rest. Happy Birthday to you.
  • What did we think about when we heard you were retiring? Party! Happy Birthday and we wish you the best!
  • Happy Birthday old timer, you are retiring and I bet you can’t wait to spend all that free time doing what you love most. Enjoy yourself sir.
  • Happy birthday darling, you have served you people well and it will be hard to fill the gap you’ve left. Have a hearty birthday, enjoy each and every retirement day.
  • This is going to be an incredible birthday party. If we are to retire, we are going to go out howling at the night. Happy Birthday my friend.

You’ve worked for so long and now you can finally enjoy some super down time.

  • Enjoy retirement my friend. I know you are going to make something amazing happen. Happy Birthday.
  • I have worked with only one manager that is so hard working and committed and that is you, I hope you will enjoy your rest now.
  • It’s your birthday. I know we haven’t known each other for a long time but you are someone worth looking up to. Have a great birthday, enjoy your day!
  • Happy Birthday! You are an incredible person with such a breathtaking career. Retirement time!
  • This may be the end of a career but it is only the start of something else. Happy Birthday my friend and enjoy retirement freely.
  • You worked so hard that everyone knows that this company became great because of your endless sacrifices. May you enjoy your retirement very well.
  • It has been a privilege with working with you. It has been everything I could have ever asked for. I hope you find peace in retirement.
  • You had an incredible career and now you get to show all us younglings your valuable lessons. Thank you so much and Happy Birthday!
  • I will always look up to you, admire you and love you even after you have retired. Have a hearty birthday; I thank God for you each and every day.
  • It’s your birthday and I know one of your wishes has come true today, have a hearty birthday dear, you are amazing and I hope you enjoy each and every second of the day and of your retirement.
  • There has never been someone as inspiring as you and it will be sad to see you go. Thank you for all the work and all the lessons.
  • It’s time for retirement. It’s time to start a new journey and conquer a new field. Happy birthday and I wish you well my friend.
  • This is the glorious time your family has been waiting for, thanks to almighty God you are alive to be with them after endless years of service.
  • Happy Birthday, it’s the beginning of thinking of you, spending on you and enjoy each moment. Have a hearty birthday.

It’s your birthday. I hope you enjoy each and every minute of this day and all the good things planned for it. You are amazing old timer, happy birthday to you.

  • May this birthday prove to be a new chapter of your life that you will enjoy and love each and every moment of your retirement.
  • Happy retirement! I don’t really know what people do when they retire but knowing you, it is going to be anything but relaxed. I hope you enjoy life after work.
  • There are too many memories for me to think of from working with you. It’s been so great that I can’t believe it’s ending. Happy Birthday my friend. Enjoy retirement!
  • Happy retirement! This is going to be an awesome time even though we have to say goodbye. Let us end it on a high note.
  • Now that you have reached the climax of greatness in your professional career and achieved a lot, it is time to rest. May your retirement be enjoyable.
  • Happy Birthday dear retirement man, you have been a good and diligent worker and your absence will surely be felt. Enjoy your birthday and your retirement.
  • It’s your birthday. I hope you enjoy each and every minute of this day and all the good things planned for it. You are amazing old timer, enjoy.
  • I can’t thank you enough for all the guidance that you have provided. Happy Birthday. You have been the biggest part of my success and I wish you the best.
  • We family have waited for this moment for so long because our mom is so sweet but she barely had time for us because of work. Thank God for this retirement. Happy retirement sweet mom.
  • Happy retirement day granny, it’s also your birthday and I am lucky to be part of both, I hope you do have fun on this special day dear.
  • Have a great retirement birthday old geezer, you are a great addition to my life and I love that I get to share a piece of your birthday cake today. Enjoy each and every day!
  • Happy Birthday dear friend, you have been a good and reliable person and I am glad to be part of the celebration. Happy retirement too, may the rest of your days be filled with joy.
  • Rest is so sweet after labor, may you enjoy your rest with so much of joy and happiness. Happy Birthday sir, the company will miss you so much.
  • We have had a long run and it has been great. Don’t worry about what’s going to happen here, we got this. Happy Birthday. Retirement waits.
  • I can’t even count the number of laughs and wild times we have had here ever since we worked together. Thank you for everything. I’ll miss you after you retire. For now, birthday time.
  • May this retirement birthday be one of the greatest times in your life, you are a special person in my life and I hope you enjoy it.
  • Well, it looks like it’s curtain call. It’s been grand. Happy Birthday my friend. You may have finished your career but I get the feeling that this isn’t the end.
  • Happy Birthday old timer, you are an amazing person that I look up to and hope to be like you someday, may you enjoy your retirement. Have a beautiful day.
  • You will be missed around the office, as you retire; you have left more than we can count. Happy birthday darling, you are a priceless jewel.
  • The rigor experience you have had during your working days deserves the best of rest. May you enjoy your rest and may you find every bit of it lovely.
  • Have a sweet and unforgettable retirement birthday my dear friend. You are special person in my life and I hope you enjoy every day of the rest of your retirement.
  • Happy Birthday dear, it’s your birthday and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be but here. Happy retirement and birthday…may all your vacation plans come to pass.
  • Happy retirement dad, I know you will miss work so much because it is together with the family the thing that makes you feel happy, but we hope you’ll enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Happy birthday and retirement, you are an awesome mentor and I am proud to look up to you. Have a great birthday, an unforgettable time and moments to cherish forever.
  • I have always followed you closely and every of your work ethics I have acquired, I hope to have a wonderful career as you did sir. Happy Birthday awesome boss. Enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Happy retirement dear, it’s a day for you, about you and with everyone that loves you here close by. We will miss you in the office happy birthday!
  • I am still very surprised how our kids have grown up to be good and wonderful children. Because we barely have time for them. Thanks God for our home. Happy retirement my love.
  • We must sing and rejoice today, because you are retired from that difficult work, we hope you will take up something easy that will make you have time for the family. Congratulations on your retirement.
  • You told us to never leave a place without leaving an indelible mark of excellence behind, what a glorious day it is for you because you have done as you thought us. Enjoy your retirement dad.
  • It’s has been a remarkable experience working with you, and I enjoyed all the years we’ve spent as contemporaries, wishing you a Happy Birthday as you retire from work.
  • If possible, I wouldn’t object working with you in another lifetime. Your birthday in retirement shows how far you have come and achieved.
  • Your experience and expertise will be greatly missed as you retire from work. However, I feel honored to have known and tapped into your vast knowledge.
  • As you retire from work, I wish you a comfortable and prosperous life after work. Happy Birthday on this day.
  • I am so happy to be called your wife today, because you are so decorated on this beautiful day. I promise to make your retirement a heaven on earth. Happy retirement love of my life.
  • If it is success, you have achieved a lot of that; you are also the master of groundbreaking breakthrough. May you enjoy your super rest as you retire today. Happy retirement role model.
  • I barely see a day that mom is not happy to go to work despite having to do all the house chores before leaving home. You are an example of a diligent woman. Enjoy your retirement.
  • As your working days are fruitful, may your rest after labor be more fruitful. Enjoy this period a lot with your family. Congratulations on your retirement.
  • It is the time to set another goal after achieving so much in the field of your profession. May God bless you with good health and sound mind to enjoy your rest. Enjoy your retirement.
  • Having fulfilled all of your desired ambitions in this field, the time has come to rest and now you must take it and embrace it with all your mind. Happy retirement. Have fun.
  • Your family suffered dearly for your absence due to your dedication to work, but now they must enjoy having you around every time, they deserve it. Have a beautiful birthday.
  • It’s the beginning of your retirement and we usher it in with a birthday cake, blow out the candles and wait for your wishes to come true. I am blessed to know you.
  • Retirement is often a scary word for most people involved with it. I can’t blame you. All I can say is enjoy this birthday and create something that will last longer than time.
  • As a wife I really missed having the time of my husband when he got employed by that company, but we always loved each other anyway. I am happy it’s finally over today. Congratulations on your retirement.
  • Your practical plan to make it work between your family and your hectic job is still a thing of wonder. You are a man of a great mental strength. Enjoy your retirement my love.


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