Every day we live we find new people that give our life meaning, new things that entice us but most importantly, gifts from our siblings that change our title from sister to aunt. Being an aunty is a great feeling, any aunty will tell you that the angel they found in their lives was forever and that they wouldn’t want any other.

Happy birthday niece. I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Celebrating their birthday is an important act and a message to them should be on top of your to-do-list. Luckily, we have made it easier for you by writing down some of these wonderful messages you can send to your lovely niece.

Birthday Messages for Niece from Aunt

  • Happy Birthday my little niece, seeing you grow up is a blessing I forever want to remember. I hope you blow out a million and one candles.
  • May the angels continue to protect you my little niece, you are auntie’s favorite and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Hearty birthday!
  • I’m glad that a nice niece like you is not just found anywhere else than with us in this family. May your life continue to give us joy and lots of excitement. Happy an awesome day niece.
  • The dictionary calls the niece the daughter of one’s sister. But I call my niece the most exciting addition to the family. That’s just the way I see you. Happy Birthday delightful niece.
  • May my beautiful niece grow hearty, healthy and strong and may her heart glow brighter and it grows fonder aunt’s girl. I wish you a beautiful birthday sweetheart.
  • You are my princess and that is why I love you so much, you are aunt’s favorite because your heart is so large. Have a beautiful birthday my niece.
  • Who wouldn’t like to be called your friend. Even I wouldn’t love to be called your aunt; I prefer to be called your friend. You’re such a delight to be around.
  • Would you find the best aunt-niece relationship anywhere else in the world like what we have here. We’re the perfect duo in the world. Happy Birthday best friend and niece. Enjoy your super day.
  • As you grow older my dear niece remember, “No man is an island” you need friends and family to make each day special for you, even me, your aunty. Have an amazing day!
  • Be bold my beautiful niece and fortune will favor you, you are a strong little girl and I know you will grow to be an amazing woman, hearty birthday from your aunt.
  • It’s normal that every aunt loves their niece, but I have double love for you. Firstly, as my niece and secondly as a perfect human that you’re. Happy Birthday wonderful niece. You’re so much loved.
  • I know your charm and beauty will make your parents to be so stern with you, but don’t ever forget to call on me anytime they’ve started. Lols. Happy Birthday niece. Aunt loves you much.
  • May the stars shine extra bright for you as you turn a new age my niece, you are a blessing to your auntie, never forget that!
  • I wish I could give you more than words my dear niece, but auntie knows nothing better than telling her precious girl that she loves her and wishes her the happiest birthday.
  • The daughter of my sister is simply my daughter, but it’s amazing how you so much behave like my mother. Hehehe. So my daughter is also my mother. Wonderful! Have a nice day.
  • It is so easy to see the reason why everyone would love to associate with a person like you. You’re so excellent in all the things you do. Happy Birthday niece.
  • Dear niece, “hope for the best but always prepare for the worst” as your aunty I hope to always be here for you when the worst is about to come.
  • Better late than never, I hope my warm birthday wishes as late as they are reach my beautiful niece warmly. Aunty loves you so much my dear!
  • Happy Birthday beautiful niece. You’re so full of love that I find it difficult to see hate in you. You’re a blessing to everyone around you. Have a lovely day.
  • Anytime I hear some words like beautiful, amazing, sweet, charming, and lovely, the only person that comes to my mind is you. It’s very easy to see the reason why.
  • As you grow older, I hope you pick the right crowd, remember “birds of the same feather flock together” hearty birthday my niece, aunty will always be in your squad.
  • Take lots of birthday pictures my beautiful niece, they will forever remind you of how much fun you had, and I hope I appear in one of them too, aunty loves you.
  • The generosity of an aunt shall be felt on a super niece like you. I just can’t stop being kind to you. I love you so much. Happy Birthday lovely niece. Enjoy your special day.
  • A niece that appears as the replica of an aunt will always be cherished. I’m glad everyone called us twins. I could see myself in you. Happy Birthday niece. God bless you a lot.
  • You are perfect in every way my beautiful niece, hope to always be the one aunt you can’t do without, cause I can’t do without you, hearty birthday!
  • As we celebrate you dear niece, we celebrate everything good you’ve brought into our lives with just a smile. I love you, aunty!
  • Congratulations to the world’s best niece. I hope as you grow up, you won’t change being the loving niece you’ve always been. I wish you all these best on this special day.
  • You’ve grown to a magnificently fine and cute woman. I lack words that express the level of my pride as I gaze on you today. Enjoy the beautiful day.
  • Words are too trivial to express my wish for you. I’ll just pray that all my heart wish for you come to fulfillment by God’s super grace. Happy Birthday lovely niece.
  • May home be the place you find immense peace, love, joy and support like never before dear niece, you are aunt’s favorite and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you sweetheart. Happy Birthday.
  • As you blow out those candles, I make a wish too, that my niece’s wishes will come true and that she may be more beautiful than her aunty. Love you lots!
  • If a ruby could measure your perfect worth, I’ll get lots of them but rubies can’t even tell of how much you meant to our world in this family.
  • A gorgeous niece like you, properly dressed and wonderfully made deserves a gorgeous birthday party. May your life be filled with energy and drive to live fully.
  • Anytime your parents tell you to study hard to become great in life, tell them I’m your role model. I only study smart not hard.
  • Every niece in the world is good, but you’re just perfect for me. I want to wish you all the best in life Niece. Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy the special age and the special day.
  • As the sun sets over the sleepy moon, I hope the birthday events were engraved in your memories always, you deserve the best my niece, aunty.
  • It may sound expensive, but without a niece like you, I wouldn’t feel perfectly complete. Your cuddling excites me even after a long time. I’m happy for your new age.
  • My wish is that you don’t grow so fast, in fact I wish something will pause the time. Because if you grow up now, some exciting things in your character will disappear. Happy birthday niece.
  • I won’t ever forget the way you run from your mother as she keeps chasing you and you saw me from afar and jump at me. It’s my best moment with you.
  • On your birthday, may you receive a double portion of the love, care, and affection you showed me because karma also catches up with the right people.
  • Birthdays are sweet but life not always a bed of roses, may you receive the strength to overcome the challenges associated with your new age.


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