Birthday Wishes and Messages for Nephew from Uncle

Uncles are given the duty to make their little nephews men that one day society will be proud to have, and as such it is important for any uncle to play a part in the little man’s life. No matter the age, they will always be a little man in your eyes and gifting them with a wise saying on their birthday is more than any expensive gift could do for them.

Happy birthday nephew from uncle with cake

Birthday messages go a long way in making days special for the little nephew you so adore, so why not take a chance on one of these messages for an unforgettable lasting message and a day they will forever be nostalgic about. Here are some of the messages one can send.

Birthday Messages for Nephew from Uncle

  • You are not only my nephew, you are like my own son and I feel my life is boring without you. Have a wonderful birthday, dear nephew.
  • Happy birthday dear nephew, you don’t know how happy enough that you made me an uncle, you are forever a little man I will look out for, enjoy the day my dear.
  • After several titles I got through studying, I got a really desirous one after your birth. An uncle. I really love the way you relate with me. Happy Birthday your uncle.
  • Happy Birthday sweet nephew, I just hope you’ll keep this good attitude on forever as long as you live. I love you a lot. With Love from Uncle.
  • My nephew is the ‘batman who will come save us all from tragedy, have a hearty birthday my dear, you make me feel blessed to be your uncle.
  • Happy birthday to a very special nephew, it is the right time for biggest celebration. Lots of gifts, surprises and events are waiting. Have a great day, my dearest nephew.
  • I hope whenever I’m going to have my own child, he/she will have some of your witty attitude. Happy Birthday nephew.

You are more than a nephew to me. you are my best friend and i hope i am too. happy birthday.

  • You are more than a nephew to me, you are my best friend and I hope I am too. Happy birthday dear nephew, sincerely, your uncle!
  • I’m still surprised about our connection till date; you’re such a blessing to my boring life. I hope to see more of you soon. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • Include yourself in those who at least try to do something but fail not in those who do not even try to do anything. Wish you a very happy birthday, my sweet nephew.
  • Make your own dreams and follow them, not chasing the others. Have a great birthday, my sweet nephew.
  • Your sweet uncle wishes you a very happy birthday. May you have the great things in your life. Have a blissful life, my darling nephew.
  • If the world was different I would watch you run around with no worry, but since things turn out as they are, I hope I can protect you from all harm nephew. Have a hearty birthday!
  • It’s your birthday little nephew, I hope I can be an uncle you will be proud to associate yourself with. I will always be here for you, never forget that. Have fun nephew.
  • I can’t believe you know so much but your parents are not aware. Hehehe. Naughty boy, your secrets are safe with me. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • Oh how I want to see you on this special day of yours, but distance won’t allow me. I hope you’ll have a very lovely day today. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • I wish my nephew the best birthday celebration today, have fun for the rest of the day and make it worthwhile.
  • Enjoy a fabulous year ahead as you add another year today. You’re loved, nephew.
  • I will always be the uncle you can count on, the one you can share each and every moment with and the one who will always have your back. Happy birthday dear nephew!
  • Unsuccessful years are the treasure of a successful man, so never worried about your failures. Keep trying and get what you aspire. Happy birthday, my dear nephew.
  • You’re a year older today, nephew, it’s been fantastic having you around, everyone feels delighted over here.
  • Have a great and unforgettable birthday my dear nephew, you make me a happy and proud uncle.

You are not only my nephew, you are like my own son and I feel my life is boring without you. Have a wonderful birthday,

  • A family without beautiful people isn’t a complete one; I’m delighted for having such an amazing nephew on this day.
  • Happy birthday to my nephew who genuinely deserves to be happy today, we’re all caught up in your happiness.
  • Your success size is always dependent on the size of your judgments. All your dreams come true.
  • I hope you’ll be my best man when I’m getting married because you’ve been my best buddy. Happy Birthday nephew. May God bless the rest of your days.
  • Manage your thoughts, focused consideration and planned actions give you ultimate success. Wish you a very happy birthday, my sweetest nephew.
  • Criticism can distract you. You should be steadfast and face the world. Have a great life ahead. Happy birthday, my sweet nephew.
  • May your guardian angel watch over you as you celebrate your new age, you are almost a man now and I hope, as your uncle; I can show you the right path.
  • Forget the lies, the hate or the disappointment, you are made of so much and I know you can be better than your uncle. Happy birthday my nephew!
  • I know a very excellent boy and he is my nephew, your time for stardom is on the way, patiently wait for it boy. Happy Birthday nephew. You’re the best.
  • The last time you can to spend your holiday with me was my greatest period as an uncle. It’s really interesting how good you are at various things. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • Slow and steady wins the race. Take stairs, not elevators to reach the destination. Shortcuts have no warranty. Have a beautiful day. Happy birthday, my nephew.

You are the greatest nephew an uncle could ask for; you make me proud, happy and so alive, I hope I can always protect you from harm.

  • When you start believing yourself, you can reach the higher points of success. Have a wonderful birthday, my sweetest nephew.
  • I am blessed to have a nephew like you; you make me feel like the luckiest uncle in the world, I am proud of you, happy birthday buddy.
  • Words can’t begin to describe the amount of joy and pride I feel to be among the lucky few uncles in your life. Have a hearty birthday my nephew, you make it all seem worth it.
  • It’s unfortunate that I only relate with people that have some of my trait and it’s fortunate that you are intelligent, smart and talented. No wonder we’re friends. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • A nephew like you brings happiness and joy to the heart of people even if they don’t see you. You’re such a delightful kid. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • I’m always proud to be beside you because you’re so handsome and intelligent. Such a great-nephew. I wish you many more years. Happy Birthday to you.
  • You are a sharp-minded boy with adorable personality. I am feeling so proud to have a nephew like you. I wish you peace and happiness in your life. Happy Birthday, my boy.
  • Determination leads to success and overtakes the failures. Just do it to believe it. Have a wonderful birthday, my sweet nephew.
  • May you never luck, may you always be full, may favor follow you, that is my wish for you this birthday my nephew. Always with love, your uncle!
  • I hope you’ll be there to give my children when I have them some lessons you have that have made you an awesome person you are today. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • I got so bored with work and I never knew what could get me out of boredom until you came to spend some time with me. I really value that period. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • Attaining greatness in life is my plan for you, and I hope with your determination and my commitment to you, we’ll bring out the best in you. Happy Birthday nephew. Stay blessed.
  • You are the greatest nephew an uncle could ask for; you make me proud, happy and so alive, I hope I can always protect you from harm. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday dear nephew, have the time of your life as you celebrate this day, it only comes once a year and I know you are going to make the most of it, of course with your uncle right beside you.
  • If I could get my next promotion, spoiling you with lots of goodies is not questionable for me and I won’t let your parent stop me. I cherish you. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • Find happiness even in little things, one day you will be realized these were the really great things. Have a wonderful life. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • God knows you’ll be my best friend when you come around. Happy Birthday my beautiful nephew. Have lots of fun.
  • May God bestow all his blessings, victory wakes you up, enthusiasm makes your feast and destiny give you plan.  Enjoy the life. Happy birthday, dear nephew.
  • Great things come in every person’s life, but what we need to do is the hard working and have patience. Enjoy your day to its fullest. Happy Birthday, dearest nephew.
  • Never forget how blessed and lucky you are for with every single birthday I will always be here to celebrate with you. I love you my nephew, you’ve made me a proud uncle.
  • I’m glad I could see a nephew with my football gene, it’s really delightful to see you play football, but you’re still not as good as me. Heheheheh. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • You’ve taken a very big step in your life and been guarded to get its fullness is my job, and I’ll be there for you. Happy Birthday nephew. Enjoy your special day.
  • You are the sweetest and intelligent boy as ever I met. I really enjoy your company and feel relaxed. Wish you a very happy birthday, my sweetheart nephew.
  • Today is your special day, but it’s not the only day to appreciate your delightful being. I cherish you every time, whether it’s your birthday or not. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • Life without you is no life my nephew, I am happy to be sharing this day with you kiddo. I am a proud uncle to an amazing birthday boy.
  • I don’t have my own son, but God has gifted me a cute and obedient nephew like you so as I wouldn’t get any desire of my own son. Happy Birthday, my dear nephew.
  • Before now you were my little boy, but now I can call you my little man. I hope you’ll grow up to become greater than I presently am. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • I really owe you a great deal and I promise I’ll pay you in multifold because you’ve been an exceedingly good nephew to me. Happy Birthday. May God bless you.
  • Growth is good but sometimes it takes away some things. I remembered your little age, your chuckle and your smile are awesome but I hope you’ll smile more now. Happy Birthday nephew.
  • Never take revenge to your enemies, just get higher achievements and success, your enemies would burn in the fire of jealousy. That is the best revenge. Happy Birthday, my adorable nephew.
  • Your surroundings should have positive people then you can get achieve the real benefit of life. Have a fabulous birthday, my dearest nephew.
  • The fullness of living is found in relating with all family members, especially a special family member like you nephew. Happy Birthday nephew. May you live long.
  • Happy Birthday my dear nephew, you make me a proud uncle and I hope you grow to be one of the best men in the world my sweet little boy.
  • I may be your uncle, but you mean more to me than just being my nephew. I hope to always be here whenever you need me. Have a great birthday!


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