Top 200 Birthday Wishes for Mother

Mothers’ have been there since the beginning of time, without her no one would be here. Who is she? She is the woman who has been with you through your phases, a woman strong enough to stand with you at your worst and smile with you at your best. The woman who makes each moment memorable, each day worth living and each trail simpler with her wise words, without her, life is hard. She loves, cares and keeps you in her heart selflessly. What message can you surely share with her on her birthday? Here are some ideas that might put a smile on her face:

Happy Birthday Messages for Mother

  • Happy Birthday mom, I love you so much. I hope you get to enjoy this day very much. I appreciate all you have done for me; I am honored to be your child.
  • Happy Birthday mom may this day be joyful, peaceful and amazing, because you deserve the very best. I love you mom.
  • You gave me life, advice and a shoulder to lean on. You are a beautiful, strong and intelligent woman, I could never ask for more. I love you mom. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Messages for Mother
  • Every single moment I have spent with you are the most amazing in my life. You have given me so much love, trust and I love you so much for always being there for me. Happy Birthday mom.
  • When I look back at all the memories we share, when you held me as a child, and now as you hold me mom, I cannot help but love you more. You are an amazing woman. Happy Birthday.
  • I wouldn’t trade your love for anything in the world. I appreciate everything you have done for me; you are what is right in this world. I love you mom. Happy Birthday.


  • You light up my days, your wise words comfort me when I am mad. I hope that I become as strong and as sweet as you. I love you mom. Happy Birthday.
  • A woman is so many things, you are more than a woman mom, you are a god. You have cared and loved me selflessly and I do not think I could ask for more. Happy Birthday, I love you.
  • I feel blessed each time I think of you, you have been there for me at my worst and shaped me up to be my best. I might not always get what you say or do for me, but that is proof enough to confirm your love for me. I love you mom. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to you Mom
  • You are my mom, my friend and my mentor; you are the woman who I look up. I know I may not be the best in their eyes, but you have made me a person I am proud of being. I love you mom. Happy Birthday.
  • You are in me, and I am your flesh and blood. I am proud of being your child for you make me proud. I love you a lot mom, Happy Birthday.
  • Your care and love makes me a better person, you make me smile and I am glad for each day I spend with you. I love you my mother. Happy Birthday.


Cute Birthday Wishes for Mother

  • You are the light of my life, my protector and strength. You are important to me and I love you so much mom. I hope you get to enjoy this day for you deserve all the good the world has to offer. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday mom, I hope I get to spend eternity with you. I am a piece of you and I hold that piece very dearly. I love you mom.
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  • I wish the world would share you with me so they can know how spectacular you are. I am too mean to share you though because we only get one chance to have someone as special as you. I love you. Happy Birthday.
  • You are the reason for my existence, you raised me right. I can never take you for granted mom; I love you. Happy Birthday.
  • Top 200 Happy Birthday Wishes
  • There are so many things I would like to say to you. So many things I want to thank you for. So much to apologize for, but for today. Happy Birthday, may you enjoy this day. I love you.
  • She lights up my world, the woman strong enough to hold us all in her arms, the woman with a warm heart and a big soul. I love you mommy. Happy Birthday!

funny birthday wishes for mother

  • You are an amazing woman, you gave birth to me, cared for me and became more than my mom. You are the best mom in the world, I love you so much. Happy Birthday!
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  • Thank you for everything, for the care, for the love and for being understanding. I love you mom, I am so proud to be your child. Happy Birthday!!
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  • Happy Birthday mom!! I get to share this day with you. That is more than I could ever ask for. I get to appreciate the advice you gave me, and another year with you, I love you mom.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Elderly
  • Dearest Mother, today is your birthday. I hope I get more years to share with you; I love and appreciate everything you have done for me. I could never take you for granted, I love you mom. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear Mom, I wish you a happy birthday! Thank you for your infinite patience, but mostly, for the great love you show me always.
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Happy Birthday to you Mom

  • I am happy because I have a mom who cares, loves and is by my side each and every step of my growing up. I don’t know what I would do without you. I love you. Happy Birthday mom.
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  • I can look but I know I will never find someone like you mom; you are stronger than all my girlfriends, closer than anyone in my life. I love you mom. Happy Birthday.
  • Birthday Wishes for Mother-In-Law
  • Happy Birthday mom, you have been there for me since the day I first laid my eyes on you. You have been my closest friend and I appreciate you more each day. Enjoy this day mom, you deserve it.
  • Birthday Wishes and Messages for Grandma
  • Happy Birthday mom, I love you so much. I hope you get to enjoy each and every minute of this day, may you live longer than your ancestors. I love you mom.
  • I could never replace you, I can never find someone as good, as caring and as loving as you. Happy Birthday mom.

birthday wishes for mom from daughter

  • Happy Birthday to the most wonderful mother in the world, you are growing older and I am happy to see you at this age, may you blow a million candles. I love you mom.
  • For all the times you made my birthday special, the cakes and friends. The parties and each and every time you sang the birthday song to me. Now I get to do it for you, I hope I can make it as memorable as you made mine, I love you mom. Happy Birthday.
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  • My friends are jealous because they cannot share what we share. They may be close but you are the closest. I love you mom. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • I am happy to be with you today, you have been beside me since the day I was conceived, I love you and I appreciate everything you have done for me. Happy Birthday and may you enjoy this day.
  • You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, I love you mom, and happy birthday to you. I hope you get to enjoy this day.


Birthday Wishes for Mom from Son

  • One of the most irreplaceable things in the world is a mother. Nothing can take the place of a mother; they are special to every child. Happy Birthday mom. I love you so much.
  • Mothers are gods that should be worshiped because it is only a god that will always take pains for others to benefit. Happy Birthday my great mother. I really love you.
  • I’ve spent beautiful moments in your womb. I’ve spent beautiful times in your arms. I’ve spent beautiful moments while you carried me. Every day with you is beautiful. Happy Birthday mom. Son loves you.
  • Birthday Wishes for Mother from Son
  • It’s difficult to tell how much you mean to me. I am who I am today because of who you are to me. Happy Birthday to you mom. I love you a lot.
  • A man would never ask for another mother when he has you. A great mother builds a great son to become a great man. And that’s whom I’ve become today. Happy Birthday Mama. Thanks.
  • A son like me doesn’t deserve to have a mother like you, but your persistent and unconditional love has had an indelible mark upon me, I can’t thank you enough. Happy Birthday mom, love you.


Birthday Wishes for Mom from Daughter

  • The perfect friend for a little girl like me is her mother; you make things easy for me that I can’t think of a day without you in it. Happy Birthday mother. I love you.
  • I’ve always wished to become a woman like you when I grow. You’re really strong and hopeful. You stood with dad when he needed someone the most. Oh mom! Happy Birthday. Love you.
  • Mum, my husband told me how good I am. Then I told him how good you are to my dad. You’re the greatest role model. Happy Birthday mom, you’re the best among the rest.
  • Birthday Wishes for Mom from Daughter
  • I’m writing with teary eyes. I’m writing with a heavy heart. I’m writing with shaking hands. I’m writing because I don’t know how to payback your kindness. Happy Birthday mummy. You’re simply the best.
  • After angels, God’s fastest way of attending to every human’s need is through a mother, you have been a mother to me in every way. I will never forget that. Happy Birthday mom.
  • May your strength never fail you at this point that you need it the most, you have sacrificed a lot for me mother, I owe you a lot. Happy Birthday mom. Stay blessed.

birthday wishes for mom from son

Funny Birthday Wishes for Mom

  • Soon you’ll start wearing wigs to hide your gray hair, but don’t worry; I’ll still walk with you distantly. Hearty birthday mom!
  • You are now officially an old timer mom and I couldn’t be happier. Have an amazing birthday and may all your wishes come true.
  • May the teeth in your mouth be there as you eat cake today mom. Have a fantastic birthday. I love you so much.
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  • I hear the older one gets the less naggy she is. Have an unforgettable birthday mom; you are my ray of sunshine.
  • Enjoy this birthday before your hips stop lying (Shakira – hips don’t lie). Hearty birthday mom, you’ll always be young at heart to me.
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Short Birthday Wishes for Mom

  • Dear Mom, I love you with all my heart and I thank you for always being so nice to me. Happy Birthday.
  • On this special day, I thank God for giving me the best mother in the world, I love you. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Mother, I promise you that every day I will strive to be a better man and make you feel very proud of me. Happy Birthday.
  • I hope you enjoy this wonderful day and make it unforgettable. Happy Birthday to you mom.
  • Today, I share the birthday of the most amazing woman in the world. I love every little thing you do for me. I love you mom.
  • Forgive me for the times I have behaved badly, I’ve always admired you despite. Have a very happy birthday.
  • You are the most amazing woman in the world, what more could I ever ask for? I love you mom. Happy Birthday.


Sweet Birthday Wishes for Mother

  • Mom, this is a very special day for you and the rest of the family, because it celebrates another year of your arrival to the world. You are a woman with a great heart and you are a great example to follow. Have a glorious birthday.
  • Have a wonderful birthday and may you feel the love and affection from all your loved ones, I hope you really like the little gift I bought you. Happy Birthday my mother.
  • My mother. It is a privilege to be at your side and enjoy every day with you. You know that I love you and I thank God every day for all the beautiful moments we shared together. Happy Birthday mom.
  • I wish you a very happy birthday. I love you Mom, and every day I ask God to bless you good health. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • A mother’s love knows no limits, no barriers. You give me all I need and more, and that’s something I will appreciate forever. Happy Birthday mother.

deep birthday wishes for mom

Long Birthday Wishes for Mom

  • You are my most favorite person in the world, you know me better than anyone else. You know my flaws, and I love the fact you don’t try to make me perfect because I can see I am perfect in your eyes. You are perfect in mine too. Happy Birthday mom, I love you.
  • You have never rejected me, even when I was too tough to handle, you stood by me while others scorned and persecuted me. You tried to make everything better, you did make it all better for me mom. I love you. Have a beautiful birthday.
  • Dear Mother, on this day you came into this world and you became the joy of my grandparents, now you have a beautiful family and will do everything possible so that we lack nothing. Thank you for being so wonderful, may you have a hearty happy birthday.
  • You have made each day a blessing, each moment memorable. No matter how many times I may get mad at you, you always make the right move; I can never stay mad at you. You will always be in my heart, I love you mom. Happy Birthday.
  • Mom, you are the most important person in my life; you have seen me at my best and at my worst. No one knows me more than you do, I love you for that and I am happy that I get to see you grow older. I love you mom. Happy Birthday.


Birthday Wishes for Mother Who Lives Far Away

  • Nothing, not even distance can make me forget your special day mom. I hope I’ll be there when you cut your birthday cake. I miss you.
  • Have fun as you celebrate another year of your life mom. We all love and miss you so much. Thinking of you today!
  • You will always be close to my heart even though distance separates us. Have an amazing birthday mom, we love you.
  • My mom is the best woman in the world and now that she’s far, I know she’ll be touching hearts on her birthday. Have an amazing time!
  • I miss you so much and I hope I’ll get the chance to see you soon mom. Enjoy your birthday and all the joy it will bring!


Birthday Wishes for Mother-in-law

  • Wishing you the very best in your new profound age mother-in-law, you are a great woman and celebrating you is an honor.
  • You are a kind and gentle soul and I love your grace and poise. May those grow as you grow older. Have a blast on your birthday!
  • You have been like a mother to me mother-in-law, and I am so happy that you are part of my life. You are loved, heartfelt birthday!
  • You are what I aspire to be as a mother, mother-in-law, you are an amazing woman and I wish you a long and happy life.
  • May the angels above sing a special tune for you as you become blessed with another year of grace. Happy Birthday mother-in-law!


Birthday Wishes for Stepmom

  • I know you are a special angel sent by my mother from heaven to take care of us. Have an amazing birthday stepmom.
  • You have brought back happiness and joy to this family, and we love and appreciate you for that. Wishing you a long and happy life stepmom!
  • May you always have luck and may you never lack dear stepmom, I appreciate you for the amazing woman you are. Epic Birthday!
  • You are more than an addition to the family stepmom, you are a part of who I am and I thank you for your patience and good will. Blessed Birthday!
  • Have a great and awesome birthday stepmom; you are among the people I’d like to like when I grow up. Thank you for being an inspiration.
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Birthday Wishes for Grandma

  • You are a special woman and I love and appreciate you always. I hope you live longer so I can gain more from you grandma, I love you!
  • May this birthday be the best one yet old timer, I love that you are always cheerful and that you appreciate life with no regrets. Have fun!
  • Grandma, you are the most prized treasure I have in my heart and all I wish for you on your birthday is that you’ll always be happy.
  • May this birthday give you unforgettable times, amazing cheerful moments and a never ending smile on your wrinkly old face. I love you!
  • You are the parent I will always love and appreciate grandma, thank you for taking care of me and for being part of my life.


Sentimental Birthday Wishes for Mom

  • Mother, may your ways be prosperous beyond the imagination of man. The next three hundred and sixty-five days will be the best that you ever spent.
  • Cheers, beautiful and wonderful mummy for your new age. You are not alone for today’s celebration; I will come with the family.
  • I got the perfect mom without having to choose, so I know we have a bright future ahead, but we have to start the new adventure by celebrating your birthday.
  • Loving you is the least I can do like a little compensation for your infinite affection towards me. You will remain my favorite mummy. Happy Birthday.
  • My best regards to my mother on her birthday, you are an unshakable rock behind me, so I owe you a lifetime of gratitude.
  • I am a very lucky boy to have a special mother like you, today you meet another year of life, want this to be a day full of joy and happiness for you. Have a great birthday.

Deep Birthday Wishes for Mother

  • I hope this day becomes one of the most beautiful of your life and may God bless you so much for all the sacrifices you’ve made throughout your life to give me the best. Have a wonderful birthday mom.
  • Dear mother, wholeheartedly I wish you a nice birthday, thank you for your unfailing love and your dedication. I’ll never stop loving you.
  • Happy Birthday mom, I love and appreciate all you have done for me. I may not be the best child in the world, but with your guidance and support, I am the best. Have a lovely day.
  • I get to share this day with you, I love you more than life itself, because you are life mom. Happy Birthday mom, I love you.
  • You mean so much to me, I may never have turned out as I have for that I love you dearly. Happy Birthday, please enjoy this day.
  • I will forever strive to make you proud, for you have made me proud. I love you so much. Happy Birthday to the best mother in the world!

Many More Birthday Wishes and Messages For Mom

  • You have been with me through each and every moment of my life. You are important to me and I will never take you for granted. I love you mom. Happy Birthday to you.
  • You are the glue that holds this family together, you are selfless, considerate and always around. You are a blessing, happy birthday mom, I love you.
  • You are beautiful, poised and safe, I seek your approval for everything, not because I don’t believe in myself, but because your eyes see better than mine. I love you mom happy birthday!
  • I thank God for every moment I get to see your face, every time I get to hear your voice and every time we laugh together. You are my rock and my comfort and I love you so much. Have a glorious birthday mom.
  • Happy Birthday mom, I hope I get to be just like you, that I may have the abundant love you have, your friendly smile and your grace, I love you. Have a wonderful day.
  •  Happy Birthday mom, I hope I can make this day special for you. I may not have much but having you is enough, I can never get lost in this world because, you always find a way to track me down, I love you.
  • God bless you a lot in this day and always and may He grant you many more years of life. I feel very proud to be your daughter. Happy Birthday mom.
  • Thank you so much, Mom, because you’re an extraordinary woman who is always concerned about my welfare and wants the best for me, today and always you deserve all the happiness in the world.
  • My mother, my friend and my mentor, that is what you are. I don’t have to share my problems with you, yet you give me solutions even without me asking for it. Thank you mom. Happy Birthday.
  • Mom, on this day you meet another year of life, I send you this special greeting to tell you that I love and admire you for everything you’ve ever done for me.
  • Mom, It’s your birthday, I promise you that I will always be with you because it’s the least I can do to thank you for everything you’ve given me. Have a lovely day.

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