Infants are the most innocent creatures in the world; they know not of any evil but bring a lot of joy to those around them. Birthday messages to an infant can be read to them, they say it is good to communicate with an infant so as they recognize those around them and also help them grow in speech.

Happy Birthday Baby

Sweet birthday messages can go a long way in making their smiles stick to their cute little faces throughout the day. Why not go all the way out, choose a messages from one of these that reflect how you truly feel in your heart. You can never go wrong with a sweet little message to an infant.

Happy Birthday Messages for Cute Baby

  • Happy Birthday dear baby, holding you in my arms makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world. I never want to miss a chance with you. I love you.
  • My joy, my pride, my future, my happiness, I wish you the most fulfilling first birthday today. I love you with every part of my being.
  • There are gifts and there are great gifts, you are simply the greatest gift to your parent baby. Happy Birthday to you. May God bless you.
  • This birthday wish goes to the most amazing infant in the world. My wish for you today is you may never know sadness, for your cheers are enough to dry any tear.
  • The flow of love is endless; all I see in your eyes is sweetness, greatness and strength, glow on my love. Happy Birthday baby.
  • This is the day I have been looking forward to, to see my princess celebrate her first ever birthday.
  • It’s your birthday my cute little newborn, I will always be here for you, you have come into my life and with you, I feel I have a purpose, I love you sweetie.
  • Life won’t bring you several opportunities to become a one-year-old boy again, but I do hope you’ll enjoy this special celebration of yours.
  • You’re charming, lively, lovely, witty and pretty cute. You are a perfect human to me. I hope you’ll develop to become that.
  • On your magnificent day, always keep in memory of how lucky you are to be encompassed by lovely people who love you very much. Eat your cake, be happy, and view all your presents. Please have an amazing birthday.
  • For one angelic baby, I sincerely wish a wonderful, gracious, lovely and a beautiful Birthday!
  • You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. May they always see the good in people, be hearty darling.
  • Happy birthday little one, yea it is your day, but more importantly it is a day for us to celebrate God for giving you to us. Happy Birthday to our cute baby.
  • To this birthday and most definitely more to come, grow healthy, wise and strong my dear child. You are specially loved by me.

Happy birthday to the cutest face i have ever seen

  • We all know a child is a marvelous gift from God. I pray that your beautiful child lives long and grow in health for life.
  • The greatest need of a human of your age is endless love and cuddles, that ain’t a problem, you’ll get lots of them. Happy Birthday cute little girl. Stay blessed and enjoy.
  • I want to kiss you all day every day, you are the cutest newborn I ever saw and I hope I can share in each and every event in your life. I love you so much.
  • Your birthday celebration is equal your uniqueness and beauty. A wonderful kid deserves an awesome birthday.
  • It’s a beautiful day to be celebrating the birthday of such an awesome newborn, I know you don’t understand much, but I hope you see how much you mean to all of us.
  • God has sent you to us like an angel to comfort us in this period. Happy Birthday to our pretty little princess. Enjoy your special year as you keep growing.
  •  Let the Almighty shower all His blessings over thee Happy Birthday my child, I earnestly pray God to send down His love, wisdom, guidance and grace on you, my dear child.
  • To more years, to growing older, to being a happy healthy little baby, Happy Birthday my dear infant, may luck always be your friend.
  • Your little bundle of happiness is turning into a year old- today; I wish you more of happiness and joyous celebration.
  • As young as you are, I see a lot in you and my only wish is that you grow to change the world to good. I love you dear baby, enjoy your birthday.
  • It’s really amazing how neighbors come to visit us just to see your smile. You are really a blessing to us in our family. Happy Birthday little baby. Enjoy your day.
  • There are lots of hopes and high expectations when a child is born. I wholeheartedly wish that this child grows up to surpass your expectations; you will continue to see his beautiful and amazing future.
  • You are a cute baby with so much in you. You are ever surrounded by people who would do anything for you. I love you so much baby.
  • Happy birthday to our cute little thing, our greatest wish for you today is to keep being happy for the rest of your life. Have a beautiful Birthday baby.

Happy birthday my love. you are special to me and i will do anything to see you happy

  • May this birthday be the beginning of many more to come, may you enjoy the creamy part of the cake and may you grow to be a toothless oldie. I love you.
  • You do the opposite of everything we do for you because it’s your time to enjoy; you poop everywhere because you don’t care heheheheh. But we care.
  • Seeing you spreading birthday cake on your face gives me inward joy as a mother, I am tickled to joy when I see smiles on that cute face of yours. Go on and enjoy your first birthday my child.
  • I hope you’ll take pleasure in becoming the next miss world, because I’ve not seen an infant with so much love for fashion like you.
  • Happy Birthday to you dear infant, this must be the best day of the year, just being here with you sets fireworks to my heart and I cannot help but explode with joy.
  • It is very funny how kids like you get away with spoiling precious things. Heheheheh. Now you’ve messed up your birthday cake. Happy Birthday kid. You’ll pay for it when you grow up.
  • My love for you little prince is beyond the ocean deep, because your arrival make my world good. I hope you’ll be protected by the most supreme God.
  • May your birthday open doors for you dear infant, may you grow wiser each day, cuter and may all your wishes come true, now and forever.
  • May your life on earth bring joy and happiness to a lot of people that are living without it. Happy Birthday little baby, may God guide you as you grow up.
  • Your growth is delightful to watch, I love some of the attributes you display of late, it’s more like me and it makes me happy. I hope you’ll become even better.
  • The source of river never dries, you are our source of joy, may you never become something else. Enjoy your special day little son.
  • My little baby, your smile lighten up my mood whenever I’m sad. You’re my gauge for happiness. Enjoy your year little girl.
  • My wishes go to the joy of my life, since you were a lump in your mum’s belly, I knew you would be my reason to smile each and every day.
  • May this happy moment never seize, May this child’s happiness bring joy to all who are celebrating with her today. Wish everyone joy and happiness.
  • Happy Birthday my love you are special to me and I will do just about anything to see you happy healthy and fit. I love you.
  • Angels are beautiful, they have pure spirit and untainted soul, that is who you are to me my angel. Happy birthday dear, enjoy your glorious journey on earth.
  • No matter how young you are, you have occupied a space in my heart that cannot be filled by anything else. Happy Birthday my infant!
  • Impacts are not made on a long run; effectiveness is the thing that brings about impact. You’ve impacted us with joy since you came.
  • Infants are the creature that brings so much of joy to parents. Their innocence and their beautiful body is awesome to feel. Happy Birthday infants. Keep growing.
  • I hope this birthday can find a way to be stored in your mind, because you’re really fun to be with at this age. Happy Birthday cute little angel. May God watch over you.
  • So much future in your eyes little precious angel, I hope no one ever corrupts your innocence and fragility, you are blessed. Hearty birthday my dear infant!
  • You being here changes everything little infant. I want to protect you, love you, care for you and always be here for you. Have a great birthday my little cute baby, I love you!
  • Happy birthday, you make everyone happy when you giggle, we will support you in all things, much love baby!
  • Hello cute hero, May your Birthday be a blissful one filled with joy and lots of love.
  • New pages for a new person, you are a special infant and I love you very much. You make me want to be the best so you can always have someone to look up to.
  • Happy first Birthday to the smartest kid in the entire universe today.
  • This is the beginning of your life little one, may you be satisfied by every good things that life will bring to your way. Happy Birthday my little baby.
  • It is really lovely how your whole five fingers hold one of my fingers firmly. It really delights me. May your life be insured with all goodness of life.
  • Thanks to God you’re not really conscious of the thing happening today, but despite that, we will make you feel good than other days.
  • Happy birthday to you, handsome baby boy, may your unique day be filled with sweet and genuine smiles and a wonderful moment!
  • May your little precious angel grow in strength and love under your guidance.
  • I want to personally congratulate the parents of this new infant.
  • Happy Birthday dear infant, may you grow to be a person you will be proud of. I love you so much dear!
  • How precious you are little one. How precious are your parents. How beautiful you are. You have completed a family!
  • Hello pure-hearted one, from my inner love, I wish you an awesome birthday
  • A happy birthday to our amazing little angel, we cherish you very much.
  • To the liveliest kid in the whole world, your charm is really hard to resist and your cry is difficult to neglect. May God bless you.
  • Hello cutie, today is your birthday, be merry for you are well loved. Happy birthday.
  • A Baby is a divine gift. Cuddle him with love, preserve him care, brace him presents and embrace him with your heart.
  • You’re the hope and future of your generation, so we’re happy as you age closer to achieving your dreams.
  • May your birthday be as awesome as you are, you’ll grow to become a good kid, and I know you’re going to be great.
  • I hope all your birthday wishes and expectations come to fulfillment as you blow the candles on your cake. You’ll be an excellent lad.
  • There’ll be a lot of cakes and drinks flying around today because of your birthday; I’m anxious to watch the clown do his tricks.


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