I love my friends, they are the greatest people on earth to me and that is why when they find that special someone, they become part of my life too. When my friend’s wife is celebrating her birthday, I make it a point to send her a little message, to show I care and respect her and that she is also an important person in my life too.

Happy birthday to your wife

Birthday messages are a great way of making people connect; they are sweet, brief and in this case straight to the point. Share a birthday message with your friend today and appreciate her for what it’s worth, here are some birthday messages you can send to a friend’s wife.

Birthday Messages for the Wife of your Friend

  • Your wife is truly your greatest asset and I can tell that you’re a lucky man to be owned by that precious woman. Happy Birthday to your good wife my friend.
  • Waiting impatiently for this good day. All I want to do is wish my friend’s wife a happy birthday. You’re the light in our darkened world. You’re the beauty in our garden. Happy Birthday dear.
  • The only lapidary knows the identification of a diamond as my friend did. He picked you from all the stones. He is truly a wise man. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dearest friend’s wife.
  • Happy Birthday my friend’s wife, you are a great person who deserves to be appreciated, may you age gracefully each and every year you turn a new age.
  • Another year another blessing you have proven to be more than just my friend’s wife, have a hearty birthday and a great one as such.
  • Life’s greatest support to a man is a good woman in all ramifications. I’m glad that you have your own support in that precious woman. Happy Birthday to her. May you both be blessed.

For as long as I am here you will always have the best birthdays friend’s wife,

  • I pray God grants you your heart desires. I pray God takes you higher above your qualifications. I pray he gives you more understanding in all areas. Happy Birthday my friend’s wife.
  • You have been there for me so many times my friend’s wife and I promise to do the same for you are now part of my friend’s list too. Be blessed and enjoy your birthday!
  • May this birthday be the beginning of good times, unforgettable moments and cherished memories. Happiest birthday friend’s wife!
  • The only peace a man can have is staying with a woman who loves him so much and who will sacrifice a lot for him. You’re really lucky man. Happy Birthday to your darling wife.
  • I met that woman who is your wife today and she is so great. Still couldn’t figure how I let her go, but I’m glad you my friend has her. Happy Birthday to your wife.
  • Thank you for being strong enough to be a part of this family, whenever you are in need just call us and we will be there for you. Happy Birthday friend’s wife!

Happy birthday to you

  • For you are not only my friend’s wife but a little sister I have come to love and owe so much too. Happy Birthday friend’s wife!
  • Very wonderful and unpredictable, how strange people come to meet and then become family forever. I’m so happy for you to be madly in love with your wife. Happy Birthday to her.
  • Love has changed a lot about you and I’m really pleased that it came from the special woman whom you’ve married. Happy Birthday to your wife. May you both live long.
  • If there’s a next life be rest assured that it’ll be me that will have you and not my friend. But I’m glad he had you. Happy Birthday Friend’s wife.
  • You are a strong beautiful and intelligent woman, my friend surely found a life partner in you. Have a hearty birthday full of love, may it give you 101 reasons to live.
  • May the angel that has been watching you for the last couple of years continue to do so, be blessed be happy and have an unforgettable birthday friend’s wife.

be blessed be happy and always be thanked.these are my wishes to you as you turn a new age friend's wife.

  • I wish we would together. I wish the age of our friendship would never end.  But time has to be passed in any case. I miss you a lot. Happy Birthday.
  • Life is not stagnant. It changes and twisted all and all. But my love for you will be the same. It will always be loyal for you. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dearest friend.
  • It is so strange how women seem to be different even when they all look alike. You’re such a different woman with endless qualities that will always attract men. Happy Birthday to you Friend’s wife.
  • Whatever you have, it’s also mine. You having a lovely, loving and wonderful wife means I possess her with you. Hahaha! I’m glad you found her. Happy birthday to your wife and my wife. Lol.
  • Happy Birthday to my friend’s wife who brings out a lot in him, may you always be happy and glad.
  • You are a great friend and I hope you always enjoy your born day, you are a special gem and I am glad that you’re not only my friend’s wife but my friend also. Hearty birthday!
  • A loving wife is a pride of a lovely husband. Surely, their children will be blessings to world and their generation. Your family is an example of this. Wish your wife happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you friend's wife

  • You are not only the dearest wife of your husband but my best friend too. I still remember all the old days of our friendship. May you have a perfect life. Happy Birthday.
  • You are my closest and most loyal friend. I always see respect and true happiness in your eyes for me. I wish you a wonderful life. Happy Birthday to your wife.
  • That special day my friend and I saw you still remains a mystery. I was the one who saw and admired you. But he was the one who married you. Lol! Happy Birthday friend’s wife.
  • This is your day, do it justice by getting the most out of it, you are truly a remarkable woman friend’s wife. Hearty birthday to you!
  • As you celebrate the day, May things that make you glad be the only thing on your mind, he sure made a good home when he chose you for a wife, hearty birthday.
  • You, my wife and my mother are still the greatest wives and mothers I’d ever seen. You’re a pillar for my friend. You’re the reason he laughs. Happy Birthday. Wish you best in friend’s home.
  • May your married life always shine like stars and as bright as the sunshine. Have a wonderful Birthday, my dearest friend’s wife.
  • Don’t worry what you are bearing. Always see the positive picture of life; it will make you more relaxing and pleasurable. Wishing you a very happy birthday, my friend’s wife.
  • May Almighty God bless you in all your endeavors. As you’re a source of joy to my friend, I pray your source of joy will never diminish. Happy Birthday to you my humble friend’s wife.
  • Thank you for accepting me into your lives, may I make the future better and always be there to wish you a hearty birthday friend’s wife, you are special to us all.
  • For as long as I am here you will always have the best birthdays friend’s wife, just ask your husband, he knows I bring on the fun!
  • Happy Birthday to you. I don’t just give away wishes. I give them to those who deserve them. My friend got a great wife in you. I’m glad you met each other. Enjoy your Day.
  • A man without a wife is incomplete. A man without a good wife is miserable. I’m glad my friend found you and you turned things around for him. Happy Birthday to you friend’s wife.
  • I am so surprised to know that my friend’s husband is my friend too. What a real coincidence. Wishing you a very happy life for both of you. Happy Birthday.
  • Your attitude and way of living prove that you are not just a great wife but an awesome friend too. Wishing you a very happy birthday, my sweet friend’s wife.
  • Today, you’re plus one. Having you around has been a great honor. I enjoy your company all the time I see you. I’m glad to wish you happy birthday. Please, keep been my friend’s wife.
  • Trust me; I can’t believe you still can be my friend’s wife. This shows how accommodating you are. You are indeed a Precious wife that every man deserves. Happy Birthday to you.
  • Hey man! You’ve got one of the greatest assets in life. Your wife is a good property you have. Never trade her for anything. Glad she’s yours. I wish her a lovely birthday today.
  • Happy Birthday wouldn’t be enough to show my appreciation to a Friend’s wife. Singing for you won’t show how important you are. Nevertheless, I wish you a happy birthday in a cool voice.
  • I am so happy to see you happy with your partner. Stay blessed and happy with whom you live. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  • I wish I would have a magic. I would choose you as my life partner, not as my best friend. I feel so relax in your company. Happy Birthday, dear friend’s wife.
  • Be blessed, be happy and always be thankful, these are my wishes to you as you turn a new and graceful age friend’s wife, hearty birthday!
  • May the angel of prosperity, good faith and happy times walk by you now and always, hearty birthday friend’s wife, you are a blessing.
  • Be happy for today you not only grow wiser, you grow happier, healthier and more loved, I hope you always remember this birthday friend’s wife.
  • Wishing you a very happy birthday. I hope you enjoy the beauty of life with your husband and try to make your every moment beautiful. Have a beautiful day.
  • You are my best friend. I won’t leave you in any condition. Please be with me whether you live with anyone. Happy Birthday, friend’s wife.
  • Good were the days when we were together. Now you are married and you choose your own way. I wish to God, you get all the happiness and unconditional love from your husband. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world. One year back we have celebrated your birthday with full integrity but this year you have become someone wife. Only I can wish you a happy life.
  • You are one of my special friends and on your special day, I wish you all success and happiness. Love you so much, my friend. Happy Birthday.
  • Whether you chose him as your life partner but we three will remain good friends too. I wish this friend’s triangle never dissociate. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • I feel regret for my past that I should not have betrayed you. I lost you and your priceless friendship. Now you are my friend’s wife. I wish you live a happy life. Happy Birthday.
  • I am so happy to see that all your dreams have been fulfilled after marriage. I wish this happiness may become your destiny. Happy Birthday.
  • I may not know everything you learned this year. But whatever it is will propel you to the best year yet. Have a great day!
  • Love is a sign of greatness. You shall continue to experience all round increase and grandeur as you increase in age. Happy Birthday.


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