Happy Birthday Messages for Niece

I have to say, nieces are the sweetest, cutest and most amazing little women the world can produce. They bring so much cheer and joy into one’s life that it’s hard to imagine life without them. Having a niece is a wonderful experience for anyone and just like they bring so much into our lives, we give so much back and it’s important for us to do so. When their birthdays come around, sharing a cake might not be enough, write down a birthday message to go along with it and a present for good measure because we know how much girls like gifts. Below are some birthday messages you can send to your niece to give them a smile.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Niece

  • You have given me more than I ever bargained for my wonderful niece and for that I will always be indebted to you, have a wonderful birthday.
  • I appreciate everything you are and I am always proud of you my wonderful niece, you make me happy and that says a lot about you. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • I thank God for you each and every day, you are not only my niece, but my daughter and I love you so much, have a fantastic birthday darling, may all your wishes come true.
  • Each birthday I get to celebrate you is a gift I can never take for granted, thank you for being wonderfully made, I love you my lovely niece.
  • Enjoy this birthday and all the birthdays that come your way my beautiful niece, may you grow to be an amazing person, you are always in my heart.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Niece

  • May you grow to be as toothless as your grandmother and as wise as your favorite uncle (me), have a fantastic birthday my beautiful niece, I love you.
  • Time fades fast my beautiful niece and I can’t wait to chase boys away from you, don’t worry, I’ll try to be a little bit patient with your husband, have a great birthday dear one.
  • May this birthday have enough candy to make you lazy and sleepy so I can steal your gifts from you, just kidding, have a great birthday my awesome niece.
  • The older you get the more wrinkles appear on your face, have a great birthday my darling niece, remember, each birthday is a gift and each gift is a gesture of kindness.
  • Age is a relative term and as a relative, I am here to remind you of how old you are, hearty birthday my niece, you are growing old!
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Birthday Wishes for Niece from Aunt

  • Happy Birthday to this brilliant niece of mine. I knew you were scholarly right from your little age. I hope you’ll become a professor soon. Have a beautiful day.
  • School. Early Now that you’re well grown, I hope you’ll discuss with me when you first boyfriend comes. I so much cherish you niece. Happy Birthday to you.
  • All wrong decisions always come with a great beauty. My sister said you were not planned for but you got to be the brightest among the stars. Keep shining, happy Birthday niece. Love you.
  • If there’s a niece I can die for it’s obviously you, your charm melts my heart on several occasions. It’s a blessing to be your aunty. Love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday niece.
  • I was there when you drew your first breath, and I was there when you spoke your first word. I’ve been very lucky to see you do beautiful things; I hope to be there for you always. Have a very happy birthday.

birthday messages for niece from aunt

Birthday Wishes for Niece from Uncle

  • A grand birthday party is what you deserve my sweet niece. As you grow a year older today, may you enjoy every day as they come. Happy Birthday to you niece.
  • Congratulations to my former little princess who is rapidly growing to be a queen. May you keep being the royal you. You’re loved so much. Happy Birthday niece.
  • It’s a beautiful gift that you came into this world when I never knew I could be an uncle again. Your old uncle loves you a lot. Happy Birthday to you niece.
  • Happy Birthday to a niece who has earned all of our love and respect. May you abound in joy and happiness. We are always here for you. Enjoy your special day.
  • There’s not much money right now to buy you the kind of gifts that you deserve, but all the love in the world is for you today. Happy Birthday niece.


Short Birthday Wishes for Niece

  • May this birthday give you more reasons to be happy and cheerful my beautiful niece, you are my treasure.
  • Never change who you are for anyone, because to me, you are perfect. Have a beautiful birthday my niece.
  • May each and everything work according to your desires on this special birthday my niece, you make me smile.
  • I hope you never forget that I will always be here for you my beautiful niece, so enjoy your birthday and all the smiles it’ll bring.
  • I can never get tired of the smile you put on when you are pleased, I hope this birthday pleases you my cheerful niece.
  • You are a piece of heaven that I am glad to have in my life, thank you for coming to this world my beautiful niece, hearty birthday.
  • Hearty birthday my amazing niece, may all the desires of your heart be met as you blow out the candles on your cake.
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birthday messages for niece from uncle

Birthday Wishes for Older Niece

  • Happy Birthday to you niece. Gone are the days when you used to be little, no matter how old you are right now, I’m still your uncle. Enjoy your special day.
  • How big you’ve grown Beautiful niece. I’m so proud to be an uncle of a grown niece; it shows I’m also growing. Happy Birthday to you.
  • Growing up requires some level of work even though it’s not visible. I’m glad you’re well grown niece. Happy Birthday to you, enjoy your special day.
  • My only niece, no wonder you’re my favorite niece. I wish you have some competition, but it’s just you. Happy Birthday to you niece.
  • Glad you had a successful childhood; it really impacted your development into a fascinating lady. Congratulations on this day niece. Have fun.


Birthday Wishes for Little Niece

  • The last time I was there, you were in your mother’s womb but now you came into the world making it beautiful on a daily basis. Happy Birthday niece.
  • You only kicked whenever I am around not even when your dad came home, I am glad you chose me as your favorite uncle even right from the womb. Happy Birthday niece.
  • Congratulations to you little Niece, you really don’t recognize anyone right now, but I’ll be right here for you when you can recognize people. Happy Birthday little niece.
  • Happy Birthday little niece. Everyone loves you whenever they meet you, you’re just so adorable, I’m glad to be your uncle. Enjoy this great day.
  • Your consistency in making friends is unbelievable thinking that you’re still little. I hope you keep the spirit till you’re grown. Happy Birthday little niece.

birthday messages to my little niece

Late Birthday Wishes for Niece

  • No one can deny the fact that you’re beautiful, whoever will have you will need to have words with me because I cherish you so much. Happy Birthday niece, sorry it’s coming late.
  • I almost forget your birthday, but I dare not, it’s almost impossible to imagine a world where you don’t exist. You’ve added a lot of gracious things to us in this family. Happy Birthday niece.
  • Happy Birthday to you niece, I think of you every now and then because I feel like you’re my daughter. I hope you’ll keep growing in grace. Sorry it’s coming late; I’ve been at work.
  • The standard of your style is second to none; I hope someday you could become the noble queen. Happy Birthday to you niece. I remembered late, but I am glad I could remember.
  • My work won’t make me wish you early. Happy Birthday to you niece. I hope you will live by the standards you inherited from your mom. She’s just the perfect mom for you.
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Cute Birthday Wishes for Niece

  • You are not alone on your birthday, I do not know of others, but I will give you all the moral and physical support whenever you need it.
  • They say that age breeds wisdom, but I beg to differ on the famous saying because you are excessively stupid for your age.
  • I know you are turning into a grumpy teenager now my cute niece, but wait till you are a grumpy old grandma, I hope I’ll live long to see that day. Smile more, it’s your birthday!
  • You are an angel and I love each and every shade of you, may this birthday be the reason you are glad and happy, you are a wonderful person.
  • There’s no gift that could express how deeply we hold you in our hearts but we will shower you with them regardless.
  • May God bless you on your birthday for my sake because you are a niece that acts like a sibling to my children, I consider you one of my own.
  • You are not just a candidate but a worthy recipient of The Niece of the Year award for being miles better than your counterpart on your birthday.
  • I already rescheduled all my appointment for today to enable me to witness your birthday party. I hope it is enough to show that I care about you, niece.


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