Happy Birthday Messages for Nephew

Nephews are a blessing to any aunty or uncle, with their smiles that cheer you up when times get tough, and the way they seem to care even though they don’t know you very well. Nephews are a blessing, and as such it is important to celebrate them when their birthdays come around, show them how much you care by sending them a little gift with a beautiful message to go along with it. Messages can always remind them of you whenever. Here are some wishes you can send to your handsome little nephew (regardless of the age) to put a smile on their face on their special day.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Nephew

  • You are part of the reason my heart still beats my nephew and I am glad that I am part of your birthday. May you grow to be an amazing man.
  • I thank God for you each day, you are not only my nephew, you are like my son and I would do anything for you. Enjoy your birthday kiddo.
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  • May you always find luck and may you never lack, and if you ever do lack, don’t be afraid to contact me. I will always be here for you my nephew. Have a glorious birthday!
  • Hearty Birthday nephew, you are part of the reasons I wear this smile everywhere I go. Thank you for coming into my life and for changing it. I love you so much.
  • Happy Birthday To You Nephew
  • You will someday be the man I know you are and I will always be proud of you my nephew. For today, enjoy this festivity in your honor. Have an unforgettable birthday!
  • Words alone cannot describe how important you are to me dear nephew, have a blessed birthday and may all your desires be fulfilled today.
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Funny Birthday Wishes for Nephew

  • Have a hearty birthday my little menace, you make me happy and I love you so much. But don’t eat too many sweets; you might end up toothless like your granny.
  • You make each day a nightmare, but don’t worry, the older you get the older I get and soon I’ll be the nightmare. Enjoy your birthday my nephew.
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  • I know mum is making your birthday a healthy themed one, but don’t worry, I have some sweets hidden somewhere for you. Just ask me nicely. Too bad you can’t speak my nephew!
  • Enjoy your birthday now my dear nephew, someday you’ll be as old and as frail as me, and I will just laugh at you, but don’t worry, I’ll still love you regardless.
  • You have a very handsome face my boy, use it wisely, the ladies will love it. Have a great birthday my nephew, you make me proud.


Birthday Wishes for Nephew from Aunt

  • You grew so fast that I could not recognize the little boy who runs around. Happy birthday little nephew, I cherish and adore you.
  • You are a great personality going places to influence the world. Just remember always that your aunt loves you so much. Happy Birthday.
  • I love you beautiful nephew; your birthday is filled with smiles and shining bliss. Happy birthday Nephew, from Aunt.
  • Birthday Wishes for Nephew from Aunt
  • No matter how old you get, you will remain my favorite baby. I love you greatly. Happy birthday nephew, from Aunt.
  • You are a shining star to be seen by the whole world. I love you greatly nephew. Happy birthday, from your Aunt.
  • You will continue to rise in wisdom and all the good things of life will come to you. Happy birthday little nephew.


Birthday Wishes for Nephew from Uncle

  • Happy Birthday, genius. You have always shown a higher level of wisdom than your age group. I love you, from your uncle.
  • You rock my young world nephew. You are such a brilliant chap. I love you and happy birthday. From your uncle.
  • I wish you a beautiful birthday celebration on this particular day. Continue glowing in greatness and peace. Have a beautiful day.
  • Birthday Wishes for Nephew from Uncle
  • To a fantastic person who has been a source of joy and comfort to me, I say big happy birthday. From your uncle.
  • You will continue to experience higher growth in wisdom. You are a blessing to the family. I wish you a happy birthday from your uncle.
  • Happy birthday, you shall continue to have all of life’s blessings as you grow higher. Amen. Happy Birthday dear nephew.
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Short Birthday Wishes for Nephew

  • You are a huge part of me and I love you so much my nephew. May this birthday be more epic than the last!
  • You have the smile of a king and the heart of a solider, hearty birthday nephew, I love you.
  • Being brave doesn’t mean you have to fight, fight for the right things dear nephew and the rest will fall in place. Have an amazing birthday!
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  • Your smile brightens my day each time I see you. Have an awesome birthday and may you always be blessed.
  • Thank you for coming into my life, I love you so much, enjoy your birthday little prince.
  • May this birthday fulfill all your desires dear nephew. You are truly loved and appreciated.
  • Happy Birthday nephew, you are a sweet and grateful kid and I love you so much.


Birthday Wishes for Older Nephew

  • You are older and more prominent and have been an inspiration to me. I wish you a big celebration. Happy Birthday.
  • May this day mark a significant turnaround in every area of life where you feel difficulties. Amen. Happy Birthday older nephew.
  • Birthdays are days for joyful noise. Hence enjoy all the birthday noise all around. Today is for you. Have a nice day.
  • You have been a great inspiration to me. I wish that your birthday is as cool as just as you are. Happy Birthday to you big nephew.
  • Your birthday will mark a turn of magical happenings for you. I wish you lots of fun. Have a beautiful day nephew.
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Birthday Wishes for Little Nephew

  • Happy Birthday little nephew, may the brightest star always shine in your path now for the rest of your life. Amen.
  • You are so warm in your heart and smiles lit your face. Happy birthday to you my beautiful nephew.
  • Enjoy every second of this journey of life which you have begun. Angels are all around you to help you make the right decisions all the way. Have a nice day little nephew
  • You are a brilliant child. I appreciate all the times we have spent together. I love you younger nephew. Happy Birthday.
  • Love runs in your blood. You will never lack anything you need to move to the next level. Happy Birthday nephew.


Late Birthday Wishes for Nephew

  • I am sorry this is coming late; I got caught up with office work. But it is better late than never. Happy Birthday nephew
  • You have been a great inspiration to the family. I am sorry this is coming late. I love you. Have a great day, nephew.
  • I promise never to forget your birthday, and I didn’t. Just got held up with some work. Happy birthday nephew, may your star never grow dim.
  • You are more significant than all the circumstances around you. Every moment of your life shall be spent in hope. Sorry, this is coming late. Happy birthday nephew
  • Sorry, this is coming late. I love you greatly, and I know you know that. More strength to you as you add another age. Happy Birthday to you nephew.

Cute Birthday Messages for Nephew

  • Life is filled with cheer every time I see your smile. It brings me joy to celebrate the most beautiful soul I know. Happy Birthday! I’m happy to celebrate one more year being next to you.
  • Happy Birthday to you, nevertheless send the location and address for your party, so I do not miss the food.


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