Lovely Birthday Messages for Granddaughter

A grandparent should always remember their grandchildren’s birthday, so there is no excuse not to reach out to them on their birthdays. You might not have an expensive gift that will most likely spoil over time but a painstakingly written birthday message can linger in the heart of the recipient through their lifetime, so tap into the trick and make your princess a happier girl by choosing the best words for your Granddaughters birthday from our cool collection.

Best Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter

  • I am proud to say on your birthday that you are one of the best people that I ever met. Happy Birthday to you lovely granddaughter.
  • Granddaughters are the best bunch in the world because they are so sweet and adorable; luckily, I also have one and today is her birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to my princess Granddaughter, keep glowing as much as possible because it is your birthright and do not let anybody take your happiness.
  • Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter
  • I love having you around me, my dear Granddaughter, so even if I cannot make it to your party, I will offer my support so you can have enough for the birthday.
  • Today I celebrate a special day marked by a little girl with the most beautiful eyes being born into the world. Happy birthday to my lovely granddaughter!
  • Wishing you a day full of cheer and all the toys you could ever want. With all our love, Grandma and Grandpa.


  • Although I have your mom, you are life’s second chance to have the unique joy little girls bring. I will always love you for the way you make my heart sing.
  • You’re too old now to sit in my knee but my arms will always be open no matter how old you get. I love you today, tomorrow and forever.
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  • Sweet treats and fishing trips would never be as exciting without sharing them with you. You’re not only my dear granddaughter but also my friend. You are the best!
  • Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter from Grandpa
  • You are super Granddaughter from your childhood days; you always try to save the day, therefore, it is time for me to save your birthday, send me your account details.
  • Congratulations to my charming Granddaughter for beating another year’s challenges and celebrating her victories with another birthday celebration.
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birthday wishes for a granddaughter

  • My dearest Granddaughter, happiness will always exist in your life after today’s birthday until forever because you are a faithful girl.
  • May you get a double portion of the care and affection you show me on your birthday. I love you from the depth of my heart, my sweet Granddaughter.
  • Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter from Grandma
  • There are many people on earth, but you are my favorite, you are more than a Granddaughter to me, you are like an angel from God. Happy Birthday.
  • Hello, my priceless Granddaughter that is a year older today, may your tears turn to laughter and the angel protect you from the darkness of the world. Have a good day.
  • On your special day, a world of words could never tell how much happiness it brings to have a granddaughter like you. Happy Birthday.


  • My granddaughter is lovely, vibrant and full of life. I wish you one more lifetime to love you twice. I wish you a happy day!
  • You are small today but you are absolutely great. With all my hugs and kisses I wish you the happiest birthday.
  • My granddaughter is rare, unique and the best in the whole wide world to me. Have a very happy birthday.
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  • You remind me of cherry blossoms floating on a summer breeze – pretty in pink, light and free but most of all, the sight that makes my heart happy.
  • I hope to witness many more of your birthdays to spoil you silly because you deserve all the love from me as my Granddaughter.
  • We are inseparable probably because you are my Granddaughter and you love my money. Therefore, my birthday wishes for you will stick on you forever.
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granddaughter birthday cards for facebook

  • Happy Birthday, Granddaughter. God gave you to me as a response to my unanswered prayers because ever since your birth, things began to fall in place.
  • I witnessed many birthdays in my life, but very few compares to my Granddaughter’s birthday. You are the heart that keeps me alive.
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  • Fairy dust doesn’t sparkle as you do. Cotton candy is never as sweet as your smile. I hope your day is filled with laughter, many presents and butterflies.
  • To the birthday girl whom my heart loves so much, May your day be touched with love and happiness that you give to all the people in your life.
  • Sending love, peace and joy to you today and everyday thereafter! Happy Birthday my precious granddaughter.
  • I wish you the very best as you celebrate a new year. I hope this year will be phenomenal, thrilling and the most successful yet.

birthday messages for granddaughter from grandpa

  • As we draw near to celebrate your special day, I want you to know I am super proud of the wonderful woman you have blossomed into.
  • Many people like you but I love you more because you are my Granddaughter; I thank God for added another year to your age.
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  • My Granddaughter is a year older today, so I can only be grateful to God for a wonderful opportunity to witness today’s event with a happy heart.
  • As you are a year older today, so shall your blessings continue to increase above your age. Happy Birthday, Granddaughter.
  • Today is your birthday; I am grateful for the gift of life and an amazing Granddaughter. We promise to be there for you through thick and thin.

happy birthday messages for granddaughter

  • I miss your tiny hands but I cherish your bear hugs. You shine even brighter as time passes by.
  • I’ve loved you all your life and I will love you still. There is no gift in the world that can compare to you being the favorite little girl in my life.
  • Have a wonderful day. Don’t forget to smile because no matter how old you get, my love for you will never die.
  • From your first day of kindergarten to your walk down the aisle, for as long as I live I will be by your side because I love you.
  • Happy Birthday, Granddaughter. Your beauty and brain seem to increase, as you grow older. Thus, the future is bright for you if you keep up.
  • Granddaughter, you play an integral role to make me happy continually and I cannot fully repay, but I will try by saying thank you and Happy Birthday.
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birthday messages for granddaughter from grandma

  • A million kisses and hugs to my Granddaughter on her birthday for she is a jolly good fellow and an ideal example of a girl child.
  • Each new day makes my heart sing because I get to spend it with you. Stay sweet, adorable and fun my dear granddaughter. Have a lovely day.
  • Birthdays are special everywhere but none of them are as special as yours. Go make this New Year ahead as fantastic as you are.
  • No matter how much you’ve grown or how far away you may go, always remember that my arms will be here to hold you. Wishing you a lovely birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! I wish blessings abundantly to be showered upon you.
  • The first day I held you, I thought it amazing that my big heart was moved to tears to hold such a tiny, precious being. You’re still precious and dear to me.

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