Happy Birthday Messages for Daughter

Having a child can be one of the most wonderful experiences ever, you get to see them grow, correct them when they are wrong and overall be their guardian, mentor and so much more. Girls are known to love their birthdays very much because it is a time that they get to celebrate themselves in all possible manners. Sharing a birthday message with them is really important as it will always remind them of the special time they had as they turned a year older with the people who love them around them. So chose one of the messages here below and appreciate your daughter in a way that will send joyful tears down her beautiful, innocent and loving face.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • If they’d told me I would have a daughter as beautiful as you, I’d think they were lying, may you continue to grow beautiful as you grow older darling. I love you!
  • You are the best my dear daughter, and there is not a day that goes by that I won’t remind you of that. Make your birthday memorable dear!
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  • I am blessed because I have a daughter as awesome, as beautiful and as amazing as you, may you live longer than the seasons my dear, I love you!
  • I will always be here for you my daughter for you are the best thing to ever come to my life. May this birthday only give you smiles!
  • Happy Birthday to you Daughter
  • Your mother and I have never been so blessed in both our lives combined, you are our gem and we love you so much. We pray you live very long!
  • Hearty birthday my beautiful daughter, you are special to me and I couldn’t be prouder to have you as my daughter. Have a great birthday!


Funny Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • I can’t believe you’re the same little girl who used to cry over little things, you’re growing to be one beautiful girl and I couldn’t be happier. Enjoy your birthday my daughter.
  • Someday, you will grow as old and as wrinkled as your grandmother, so enjoy your youth my beautiful daughter, before you grow toothless. Blessed birthday!
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  • I have never seen a little girl eat so many sweets, be careful my beautiful daughter. Too much sugar can make you ugly, just kidding, hearty birthday!
  • May this birthday give you immortality, youth and lots of frogs you can kiss, just kidding, you are my princess and I will forever love you my daughter!
  • I can see your smile is getting as broad as a frog’s my dear, that’s really scary. Wishing you a fantastic birthday my daughter.
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Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

  • You must have wondered why I always got your back even when you are wrong, you will have a better understanding when you are a mother. Happy Birthday my princess.
  • Witnessing you grow into an adorable lady has always lightened me up, may your birthday serve as a continuation of the wonderful work in progress. Mommy loves you.
  • Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mother
  • I am glad to have a daughter of my heart, you are my answered prayer. Your birthday reminds me of your conception and birth.
  • Daughters could be a handful but you have shown me the importance of a daughter in one’s life. I crave the opportunity to be your mom in the next life. Happy Birthday.
  • You are like a replica of me not because I am your mom, your actions and ways bring back beautiful memories of when I was younger. Happy Birthday, pumpkin.


Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad

  • I was happy when the doctor announced that my wife gave birth to a girl. Life has offered me the chance of having more caring women in my life. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday to you my beautiful daughter; you have proven that a female child is equal to a male. Warm birthday wishes.
  • Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Father
  • Thank you for your extra love and care; you are a daughter with an angelic mind. I am always proud of being your father. I will buy you anything for your birthday.
  • I join other in the celebration of my little jewel, may your birthday celebration be the best in previous years. You can always count on daddies cash.
  • I will always care for you as I care for your mother. I am a happier father because of you and I have never had regrets on you. Enjoy your birthday to the fullest.
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Short Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • Have an amazing birthday my darling daughter, you have given me so much to be thankful for. I love you!
  • With you in my arms I feel like the greatest person in the world, have an amazing birthday my beautiful daughter!
  • I could never trade this feeling for anything in the world. You are the daughter I am proud to celebrate today and always.
  • I thank the heavens you’re my daughter always, enjoy your birthday princess! May all your wishes come to pass.
  • Another birthday with my beautiful daughter is more than I bargained for. I will always love you!
  • I hope your dreams come true today and that they may be as wonderful as you my darling daughter. Love you to the moon and back.
  • It’s your birthday and there is nothing else I’d rather be doing. Have a blessed and awesome birthday my amazing daughter!

birthday message for daughter from mother

Birthday Wishes for Older Daughter

  • Many pray for just a daughter but I have more. As the eldest I share more memories with you, may your birthday add more fantastic moments to our growing collection.
  • You have been a good example to your younger sister; you represent an ideal lady who has brains, mental strength, and beauty. You have made me a fulfilled parent.
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  • I have always counted on you to have a successful future; the bright future I saw has started taking a wonderful shape. Happy Birthday to you my elder daughter.
  • I am satisfied with your style and manners; I never knew that I could raise an amazing daughter. Your younger sister sends her birthday regards.
  • Heaven knew I needed company in my life so she granted me a wonderful wife and daughters. I wish on you many more happy birthdays.


Birthday Wishes for Younger Daughter

  • You are the youngest of my daughters and my precious jewel. You can count on me to always love, respect and protect you. Happy Birthday.
  • I don’t mind having more daughters; you and your elder sister are one of the best things that ever came my way so your birthday is as important to me as water.
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  • Your innocence and purity make me love you more; you will always be my cute little bunny irrespective of your new age.
  • I am happy to witness your birth and your birthdays, as we celebrate another may you flourish in all ramifications.
  • Thank you for being an amazing daughter, you have only made me proud. You deserve all the care and generosity you are shown on your birthday.
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Sentimental Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • It is always relieving for a man to goes back home to the warmth of his family after a stressful day; you have been my comfort. Happy Birthday my beautiful daughter.
  • It’s your birthday and it’s special to not only you but all the family. Nothing brings more joy to a mother of deep understanding.
  • You are finally at the age where you’ll get zits as big as your face, don’t worry, I will still love you regardless. Have a hearty birthday sweetheart!
  • You always find a way of making me smile; I smiled today when I woke up to your birthday. You might be younger but equally important as your elder sister.
  • My little princess is a year older today; your sister says she is anticipating your party to be wonderful. You have my undivided love.
  • Today is your big day and not even your elder sister can steal your groove on the dance floor. I will be coming with my dancing shoes. I might be a bit old but I still got moves.


Heartwarming Birthday Messages for Daughter

  • Have a great birthday experience, which is your reward for being a good friend and adviser.
  • The love of my life is a year older today, so I have a good reason to celebrate; I will still love you when you are old and wrinkled. Happy Birthday to you daughter.
  • Dear daughter, I woke up with a smile on my face after dreaming about you and coincidentally, it’s your birthday, so I already know that you will have a good time.
  • As my daughter, you are my world and my future, and there is not a thing that I would not do to make you happy. What are your plans for your birthday party?
  • Everyone deserves a daughter like you, but unfortunately, you are the only mine which comes as a surprise. I do not know God loved me so much. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to you the angel of my life, I’m incredibly delighted that you added another year in good health and sound state of mind.

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