Happy Birthday Messages for Cousin

Cousins are very close relations other than siblings, the proximity in age sometimes makes cousins closet family allies, who else would you want to cover your back when you commit an offense that none of your parents or siblings has to know?. Therefore, it is paramount to replicate the love and enthusiasm shown to our siblings on their birthday because they play an integral role in our lives if given a chance. You should not only choose and send a birthday message from our beautiful collection below, but it is also ideal to make their day as memorable as possible. I guess that is what family should do for one another.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin

  • There is little difference between cousins and siblings, so today I feel like it’s my birthday and not yours. I hope you include me on your birthday plans.
  • I will uniquely celebrate your birthday because you are the best cousin in all seven kingdoms. I hope you know it.
  • Happy Birthday to you Cousin
  • Since it is your birthday, I will have a ton of fun. I do not have a foggy idea that it is anything but awkward to be cheerful on a cousins day.
  • You are unquestionably the coolest cousin, and I trust we share the best time together like on your birthday.
  • You are extremely a blessing to us! I am happy to have you as my cousin. Do have a splendid birthday and always remember that we love you endlessly.
  • My life is sweet due to the nearness of individuals like you who is dependably there for me, in distresses and bliss. Enjoy your Birthday, cousin.


  • This is your birthday message. A person has a choice of being a friend or an enemy, but you are an ally and a spectacular cousin.
  • People see us as cousins, but we are more than what they see. Our eternal bond makes us the best cousins around. Happy Birthday.
  • Best Birthday Wishes for Cousin
  • It is your birthday my dear cousin. A cousin is somebody who thoroughly understands you in any case without being present.
  • My cousin is a year older, and everyone else is excited but me merely because I feel that way daily, and I am used to it.
  • Regardless of whether we will always be cousins, I need you to realize on your day that I think about you as a standout amongst my closest companions.
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Happy birthday to you my lovely cousin

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Cousin

  • You are so priceless to me, my dear cousin, and I wish you a beautiful birthday that will linger in our memory forever and after our existence.
  • Dear cousin, A little jinnee revealed to me you are commending a birthday, and I trust you have a fantastic and memorable birthday outing.
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  • Heaven sings for your birthday. I count on you my dear cousin to make today a birthday to remember. I do not expect anything less to celebrate a jewel.
  • I need the sun to sparkle more today, and the flying creatures to sing the most intense songs because today is unique amongst the most extraordinary days to my cousin.
  • You are at last turning into a grown-up, my cousin. I wish this birthday is memorable amongst your most significant ones.

Birthday Cousin Messages with Images

Sentimental Birthday Wishes Cousin

  • I commend my cousin on the success of being a year older; it is not an easy feat judging based on the high level of mortality rate.
  • I am terrified to think about the things that I could miss on if I had not grown up with an astonishing cousin like you. Happy Birthday.
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  • Hello cousin, may you have a happy time on your birthday celebration and I wish you more birthday celebrations to come in the land of the living.
  • You are the coolest cousins anyone can ever wish for, and I hope you an awesome Birthday celebration full of merry and excitement.
  • I do not need to search for thoughts on the most proficient method to state or better demonstrate my feelings for my cousin’s birthday because my love is evident.

Funny cards for cousin birthday

Wishing Luck to your Cousin

  • Hating on such an extraordinary cousin would be impossible. I wish you bliss, great well being, and more accomplishment in your life. Happy Birthday.
  • I wrote many beautiful birthday messages for you my cousin, but I know that words cannot express my real feeling on your special day.
  • May you have a cheerful Birthday; cousin, may every one of your deepest desires work out in due time and the appropriate season.
  • Inspirational Birthday Wishes
  • As Cousins, we are indeed a family, so I wish you long life and prosperity on your Birthday. I am so glad I have you.
  • Having a cousin like you who can share my delights and distresses is unquestionably a gift to my life. I wish you an exceptionally upbeat birthday.
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Happy birthday cousin

Long Birthday Wishes for Cousin

  • My dear cousin, I owe you a debt of gratitude. How you dress, plan and you hold yourself taught me a lot even before your birthday.
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  • Your presence in my life is a wellspring of bliss. You are my most useful cousin. Nevertheless, do not tell others I told you on your birthday.
  • May every one of your birthday desires work out as expected today because I look forward to a great year with fewer complications but surprises.
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  • I owe God a lifetime debt of gratitude for blessing me with such a decent cousin, and I trust you have a birthday you will recall for the rest of your happy life.
  • I need you to probably live everlastingly, and satisfy my selfish urge to have you as my cousin forever; I am thrilled for your birthday.

funny birthday wishes for cousin brother

Short Birthday Wishes for Cousin

  • Do not let anybody high jack your birthday because it is all about you and you alone. As cousins, we should look after each other and that what I am doing.
  • It would be ideal for the world best cousin to make the most of an extraordinary day to thank God for the gift of life.
  • I will give you all my selfless support to make your birthday sweet. I have not forgotten the slogan, which reads “cousins from the start to the end”.
  • I love it on your birthdays because I enjoy contributing towards your happiness and I hope I do an outstanding job to show you indeed that you are an essential cousin.
  • It would be ideal if you, my cousin, to pause for a minute to think about the superb birthday moments that we shared as the major players.
  • You are in almost all my important pictures, so I will reciprocate today by making sure I appear in most of your birthday pictures, that why we are cousins.
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Birthday wishes to the coolest cousin

Happy Birthday Cousin Wishes List

  • You will forever remain an integral part of my life and family by being my cousin, so I planned a birthday twist that will amaze you.
  • I am sending the greatest birthday wishes to my adored cousin. I trust your day is beautiful and noteworthy as that of the queen of England.
  • Happy Birthday, cousin. Continue doing beneficial things throughout your life, and keep filling your life pages with knowledge and great deeds.
  • Dear cousin, favored is the day that you landed on planet earth. Today is irrefutably the best time to cheer for another added year.
  • May we remember today as your breakthrough birthday you are indeed an awesome cousin, and I am perpetually appreciative to have you in my life.
  • Much love to the happiest cousin of the moment, may you have a breathtaking birthday festivity that will surpass your expectations.
  • I have another reason to celebrate you, it is your birthday, and I wish you the best in life.
  • I got you a birthday gift that we both like but sorry I keep it all to myself, you do not expect me to love you more than they do not expect me.
  • Stop messing with my head as usual on your birthdays; I cannot seem to get my mind off you; it is probably because you are my cousin. Have the best birthday
  • Have the loveliest birthday ever with or without your favorite cousin in attendance, you know I will do everything within my power to get to you.
  • If I had to count all the days when I had slept off on your arms, when you listened to my problems and offered me advice, then I might count forever. I love you for always being there for me. It is my turn tonight. Happy Birthday.
  • I know of a beautiful young girl, who always knows how to laugh. Who is sometimes mischievous but would always give you a reason to smile. Happy birthday to that cousin I love so much.

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