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Birthdays are special days, especially when you are sharing the birthday of someone you love and care about. You always want them to feel special; you send them cards, gifts and anything that makes them feel loved. You always go the extra mile for them. Birthdays are celebratory times. So what does one do when you forget or miss their birthdays? You feel terrible, but they don’t know that, so you try everything you can to make it up for them. But how can one truly show them you would really like to make it up to them? Sometimes a short message might help, here are some examples.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes. It’s Not Too Late!

  • Happy Birthday dear! I know it’s late but please accept my wishes with my deepest apologies and heartfelt warmth. I love you a lot.
  • I am so sorry that I forgot your birthday, I had marked it on my calendar, but I guess I just forgot. I love you a lot. That has never changed. Forgive me, happy birthday
  • Time moves by so quickly, I cannot help but feel sad that I missed your birthday. I hope you enjoyed it though.
  • Sorry for the late birthday wishes, I cannot come up with a perfect excuse to make you forgive me, happy birthday dear. I hope you had a blast.
  • Happy belated birthday dear, I am sorry my wishes arrive late, but as they say, better late than never, I hope you enjoyed the day to the maximum.
  • Happy belated birthday dear, I know it’s late but that doesn’t mean my feelings for you have changed. I love you so much.


  • It’s coming late, but it’s better than none, there are some memories attached to your birthday, I remembered but I couldn’t forward a message at that time. Happy belated Birthday dear.
  • This message is coming late though, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t matter to me; I actually find it hard to believe I actually forgot your birthday, forgive me. Happy belated Birthday dear.
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  • I’m sending you this message a day after your birthday, but know this, that your gift will be bigger than what I had planned for. Happy belated Birthday special friend. Enjoy your great day.
  • I will never miss your birthday for anything, I can remember late, but I can’t forget. This is due to your impact in my life to get here. Happy Belated Birthday Role model.
  • It hurts me so much that I didn’t remember your birthday on time, it’s a regret on my path, but the least I can do for now is to wish you well. Happy belated Birthday.
  • I hope you forgive me for the late wishes, but as they say, better late than never. I love you a lot, happy belated birthday!


  • Sorry I missed your birthday. What strange, right? This only happens to me once a year. Happy Birthday.
  • If I could turn back time, I would. But unfortunately, I am only human; I hope you did enjoy the day though. I know I missed a lot. Happy belated birthday, I love you.
  • Sorry, time just flew. I hope you’ve spent a great time. Happy Birthday!
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  • You have made each day worth looking forward too. I know I was near to wish you a happy birthday, but I hope you saw the little effort in trying to be there. Happy belated birthday!
  • You are an amazing person, and as amazing as you are, I know you understand why I couldn’t make it to your party. I hope you had fun though. Happy belated birthday dear, I love you.
  • That awkward self. I missed your birthday. What was he thinking? I hope you have been super fun.
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  • You are the best thing to ever happen to my life, I am super sorry I missed your birthday. It was never intentional. I hope you forgive me, I love you a lot. Happy belated birthday!
  • I wish I could show you how apologetic I am, I know I am still far but you are never far from my mind and heart. I love you a lot, happy belated birthday!
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  • Happy birthday dearest, sorry they are late; I hope you enjoyed them still. I see you have become more beautiful than I left.
  • Happy belated birthday, I hope what you wished for has already come to pass. I hope you also enjoyed the day to the maximum.
  • I have been struggling to reach here just to wish you a splendid birthday!!! I know I am late but please accept my wishes.


  • You are an amazing person and I hope everyone made you feel like a queen, I love you to death. Happy birthday dearest, I am sorry they have arrived late.
  • Happy belated birthday, I hope you did have fun on your birthday. My wishes for you are forever, may you always get the best in life. I love you.
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  • Happy belated birthday dear, I do feel terrible I missed out on the most epic day of the year. You are that important to me, I love you a lot.
  • You are a sweet and kind hearted soul, I wish you the very best in life, have fun, make friends and most importantly, make memories that you will forever cherish. I love you, happy belated birthday!
  • There is nothing more I would like than having you close to me, you are an amazing person and I would love to whisper that in your ear. I hope I am forgiven. Happy belated birthday!


  • I have tried so many ways to wish you a happy birthday that I forgot to really wish you a happy birthday. I hope you had fun, happy belated birthday.
  • I will try my best to make it up to you. I don’t know how, but I will think of something epic. I am so sorry I didn’t wish you a happy birthday. I love you still happy birthday.
  • Oh my god, I missed your birthday for a few days. I hope it has been fun.
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  • I thought you were not going to celebrate your birthday and after you turned 29. Maybe my calculations did wrong and you turned 29 this year. Excuse my delay. Happy Birthday!
  • I am late. I’m late for a very important event: your birthday. Happy Birthday!
  • My feelings for you have never changed, happy birthday dear, I hope you enjoyed it. I am so sorry for these late birthday wishes.
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  • I may have been late to wish you a happy birthday, but that doesn’t mean my feelings for you changed. I love you, happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday dear, oh, I was never late I just wanted a separate day to show you how much you mean to me, I sincerely love you. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday dear, I am sorry it’s late; I hope you will accept it still. I love you; I just want you to know you will forever be the most important to me now and forever.
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  • Happy birthday dear, you are my one and only and I do appreciate everything you have done for me so far. I am sorry I forgot your birthday; no wonders can make up for it. I will make it up to you though.
  • Happy belated birthday dear, I was so caught up, I forgot how important the day was for you. I am so sorry, happy birthday!
  • Will you ever forgive me for forgetting the most important day in your life; I hope you have because I am not able to face you. I forgot the most fantastic day of your life, happy birthday!


  • Sorry we cannot update your birthday. I hope you have been phenomenal. Delayed Happy Birthday!
  • Have all the wishes come true. I know I wasn’t around, but that doesn’t make up for me not wishing you a happy birthday, that is why I took the liberty to deliver my wishes personally.
  • Happy belated birthday dear, sorry they are late, I hope you are enjoyed the day. Sorry I was not around; I just hope that never stopped you.
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  • We have a problem. I walked on the moon and I missed your birthday. Happy Birthday!
  • I will never forget. But it happened to me on your birthday.
  • I know how much you hate being told happy birthday, so u thought saying them late will make you smile. Happy birthday dear, I love you.
  • Happy belated birthday, it might not count, but I know that you are special and you deserve the very best, I am sorry my wishes came late.


  • This will never happen again I promise. I hope you did have fun at your party, I wish I was there to compliment you every hour of the day. I love you, happy belated birthday.
  • Today might not be your birthday, and I am so sorry I missed it. Give me a chance to make up for it, I love you so much, I wouldn’t want to lose you. Happy belated birthday darling!
  • Sorry for belated message, but they say Better late than never. Happy Birthday to you.
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  • I am not always perfect, but for you, I would definitely try to be. Forgive me for missing your birthday. Happy belated birthday! I love you.
  • A wise man once said. It’s better belated than none. Happy belated birthday.
  • You are an awesome person, you bring meaning to my life and I wouldn’t ever want to change that. Happy belated birthday sweetheart, I love you.


  • Next time, hope you don’t get born during the festive season. Happy belated birthday.
  • It was your day; I did not intentionally forget your birthday. I am so sorry. I love you each day you grow. I hope you had a blast, happy birthday darling, I hope you got to enjoy the day!
  • Happy belated birthday wishes dearest, mine come late, not because I care less, but because I could not get the right words to say. I hope you got all you wanted. Happy birthday!
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  • Miles aren’t a good excuse as to why I was not there on the most special day of your life. Happy birthday dear, I will forever have you in my heart. I love you.
  • I mean it when I say I am sorry for the late birthday wishes, I hope you got to enjoy the day. I also celebrated it without you; I just hope I would have celebrated it with you. Happy birthday dear!
  • Happy birthday beautiful, I know it is late and I know there is no excuse that will make you forgive me. I hope you eventually will. I treasure you a lot, happy birthday!
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  • Am sure you had a blast. Sorry I didn’t make it. Happy late birthday.
  • I know I wasn’t there, I know I have a lot to make up for. Please accept these birthday wishes, they may not be much, but they are deep within my heart, happy birthday sweetheart.
  • Happy belated babe, I know I didn’t make it on the official day. No excuse can surely make up for it, but I will try my best. I love you.
  • Happy belated birthday dear, I am so sorry I wasn’t physically there. I never forgot though, I tried hard to reach you but I guess you were having too much fun. I am glad you enjoyed the day, happy birthday!
  • I had a feeling I forgot something. Happy late birthday.
  • Happy belated birthday dear, I would have liked to be there, but circumstances were against me. I am super sorry, I love you.
  • No words can tell you how sorry I feel that I missed your birthday. I wish I could have been there to see you blow out your candles. Accept my late wishes, I love you.
  • Happy belated birthday dear, I have always been here with you. I hope you felt it. I love you and would like nothing more than to make you happy.
  • I know I wasn’t there for the official day, but that doesn’t mean you were not on my mind. Each and every waking day of my life I think of you, deeply. Accept my wishes, please.
  • Sorry for the late wishes love, took some time to come up with the perfect wish. Happy belated birthday, may you always be beautiful, unique and loveable.
  • Better late than never, promise to be the first one next time, happy belated birthday my dear, you are growing to be a beautiful person.
  • I hope you enjoyed your birthday, sorry for the late wishes, thinking of you, hearty belated birthday my dear.
  • May the stars shine brighter for you each night, sorry for the late wishes, Happy Birthday dear.
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