Birthdays are special days, especially when you are sharing the birthday of someone you love and care about. You always want them to feel special; you send them cards, gifts and anything that makes them feel loved. You always go the extra mile for them. Birthdays are celebratory times. So what does one do when you forget or miss their birthdays? You feel terrible,

Happy Belated Birthday. better late than never.

but they don’t know that, so you try everything you can to make it up for them. But how can one truly show them you would really like to make it up to them? Sometimes a short message might help, here are some examples.

Belated Birthday Wishes and Messages

happy belated birthday. Apologies for my late wishes.

I know it’s late but that doesn’t mean my feelings for you have changed

I know it’s late but please accept my wishes with my deepest apologies and heartfelt warmth

No words can tell you how sorry I feel that I missed your birthday


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