Top 100 Wedding Messages, Wishes and Greeting Cards

You have just learned the good news, a couple of friends just told you, by email; they planned to get married in a few months. You are happy for them and want them to know. This requires that you write a response to this happy news. You can reply with a return email, a text message or a handwritten letter mailed to congratulate them for that upcoming wedding. Cannot find the words? Do not panic! The team of idea text is cut the head to you and offers examples of texts of congratulations for a wedding. You can also use these examples of text to fill a guestbook wedding day or send your congratulations to a couple who just got married.

Wedding messages

  • Congratulations to all honeymooners. It was a joy to share this great day and be present at your side. May all your wishes come true.
  • Our thoughts are with you and we hope that this unforgettable moment will remain forever in your memories and in your hearts. All our congratulations.
  • Let this day be filled with happiness and love as the rest of your life together. We wish you all our best wishes. Congratulations and good things for your future family life.
  • What a beautiful moment, Your union is an example to follow for all couples. That moment was magical and I think it will remain forever engraved in my memory.
  • I wanted to congratulate you for the beautiful wedding but also thank you for this beautiful moment.
  • I want to congratulate the couple for this sublime moment, that it’s the union between two people who love each other.


  • Today is the day of your marriage, and I congratulate you on behalf of my family, I wish you both happy, long marriage life forever.
  • The light of God always enlighten your path. We join you on this day of celebration.
  • With this simple message, we want to wish all the happiness you deserve. May you live in joy and love forever.
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  • In a nice couple like you what you can wish? Happiness, joy, fun, love … and so many children!
  • There is hope that the life of a rose would be too short or the life of a star that would be too long; I wish, however, to have the splendor of a star and the beauty of a rose and that you’ll always love you like today.
  • Your life today is united by a single word … Love. Know grow it, make it grow and always feel his magic in your hearts.


  • That the star of affection and love that accompanies you today, shines on your beautiful couple, every day, for life.
  • In this wonderful day, celebrate the victory of an eternal feeling and rewrite the first concept of love in youth formulated.
  • Finally your dream has crowned. Always be happy and, if it will arrive some cloud, trust that the sun will return soon.
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  • Walking along the road of life may seem difficult, but your love will suggest, day by day, how to do it.
  • Happiness today to accompany you along the path of life together giving you the ability to understand you and love you always.
  • The joy you feel now accompany you for life and this day remains, for you, an unforgettable memory.
  • It may actually be the most beautiful of dreams that have brought you to the altar today: this is our warm congratulations on this day of celebration.


  • This day will seem to fly away fast, but tomorrow you will soon realize what you have done magnificent gesture. With great joy we wish you all the best in the world.
  • Living together will be a pleasant surprise; signs, habits, pleasures … that we wish to do so always with humor and fantasy.
  • Do not let love end in itself, but cultivate like a fruit tree because it, too, like a tree, because it gives sweet fruits and fragrant, it should be monitored and treated in time. Always remember that.
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  • United by the great power of love we can overcome any difficulty making even stronger your feeling. Infinite wishes for a peaceful and happy life together.
  • Sometimes life gives you things you would not expect, I got your love, you are my soul, I love you in good times and bad.

Wedding Messages, Wishes, Text SMS

  • Each flower, despite its beauty, is destined to die. Every century, despite its length, is destined to go … but what I feel for you is going to last forever. I love you.
  • When I look at your eyes I see the flame of your love, I hope, it will burn forever to make us both happy.
  • Whenever I think of you, I am reminded of a radiant sun and that you are my light source. I hope that by this consecration, in life, there are only moments of joy as those who, from what I’ve known you, you have made me live.
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  • Whether in times of joy than pain, nothing will separate us because you are my beloved bride, the one that I want to cherish forever.
  • You’re my ray of sunshine that never ceases to shine in the sky, insomnia that keeps me from sleeping, but from which I will not ever heal.
  • In every moment of life I want to remember the magic light of this day and the aroma of this promise eternal love.
  • Two people and two souls. Sweet surrender to passion, to share, to love. New way to the future with memories that fill the soul.


Wedding Wishes

  • I wish you all the happiness in the world and to live a good life, Congratulations to both.
  • May you are covered with blessings, happiness and harmony and that new life is always for you paths of flowers and hope and the establishment of a new family always within the purest happiness.
  • We wish to be happy together in the next hundred years.
  • Our best wishes for a life full of happiness and love. You are a beautiful couple.
  • The Lord bless you with every gift from heaven. Best wishes.
  • Our best wishes for a wonderful couple in memory of your special day.
  • May the Lord bless your wedding with much joy and serenity.
  • Your union is peaceful and lasting. with Our most sincere wishes.
  • I wish with all my heart that everything happens in your life and in the world of mathematics: the pains subtracted, added the joys, love multiplied and divided by two!
  • Best wishes for your wedding! Now we expect the dinner invitation with photo and home movie to watch!
  • Our hope is that, many years from now, we can still say: “It’s still good as the first day.”
  • Best wishes for a happy life together is never enough: the road of life is long but do not be afraid, join hands and walk together forever.
  • Two angels marry wings laying, for earth, overwhelming passion. Best wishes.
  • We hope that the stars shining in your eyes today will always give you the serenity to face your life together.
  • Love is a living thing, and like any living thing, needs to be nurtured and cared for. Nourish your love so that his health could be reflected in your eyes forever. Best wishes.
  • It will not be an easy path but always love that unites you will help in the journey. Best wishes.


Wedding text sms

  • Serenity, happiness and complicity there are companions for life. Heartiest greetings.
  • Love and happiness make your way clear. A sincere wish.
  • May the joy of today will bind to each other for life.
  • The passion, the love, the estimate will always bind to each other as in this day of celebration.
  • Your future is bright as this day. Best wishes.
  • Our future is full of joy, love and health. A sincere wish.
  • God gave you a special love to share, because he knew how much would you have held dear.
  • That the sun will always warm your hearts and may God always enlighten the path of your life together.
  • Congratulations crowned your dream. Heartiest greetings.
  • That your love may always increase: such as taxes.
  • That your kisses are countless: such as amendments to the government.
  • Good trip … Towards happiness !
  • Finally I come to celebrate your wedding! Wishes for you much happiness!


  • That every day of your wedding is for you a sip of happiness and joy.
  • You can be two new stars that shine in the firmament of love. Be happy.
  • Be spouses, lovers, friends and be happy.
  • As long as the roses have thorns your love will never end.
  • Faithful in love will live happy. Heartiest greetings.
  • The joy of your hearts united in the best day to accompany you for a lifetime.
  • You met … you’re taken by the hand … now walk together … today and always.
  • Finally the big day arrived. We hope you find what you want in life. A sincere wish.
  • May the love never cease. Together forever we are what we hope for you.
  • A man, a woman, two hands together towards a path of infinite joys and happiness.
  • It’s the day when we shared emotions and love you and I; Greeting love to this day.

Wedding Messages, Wishes, Text SMS

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